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Rob Lee comes out in defence of Steve Bruce on social media and Newcastle United fans respond

1 year ago

Rob Lee is an all-time great, a key figure in the Kevin Keegan revolution of the nineties.

The former Newcastle United midfielder/winger has regularly spoken out about the mess at his old club.

Rob Lee not shy of having a real go at Mike Ashley for what he’s done to NUFC, the owner destroying the hopes and any possible expectations of the fans.

However, the former playing great has now addressed the Steve Bruce situation.

Rob Lee saying he can’t understand ‘everyone keep having a go at Steve Bruce’, adding that the ‘real villain’ is Mike Ashley.

No Newcastle fan would disagree with the second part of that statement but as you can see below, when Newcastle fans respond to Rob Lee’s twitter comments, people might not think Bruce is the ‘real villain’ but in general, they overwhelmingly don’t see him as a positive.

The question for many…Is Steve Bruce part of the problem or part of the solution at Newcastle United?…Rob Lee appearing to disagree with the majority of other Newcastle fans when it comes to answering that one.

Rob Lee via Twitter:

“Can’t understand why everyone keep having a go at Steve Bruce, true Geordie who was offered his dream job and took it.

“The real villain in all this is Mike Ashley and his cronies…let’s not forget that!!!

“If you get offered your dream job whatever the circumstances you would take it in the belief you would be the ONE that could turn it round.

“You can’t judge him after 2 games.

“Stop comparing him to Rafa. He has gone….

“Someone has to manage the club, Bruce has dreams he can change Ashley and turn the club around, naively, in my opinion!!

“Who would you pick???

“He won’t relegate us…the lack of finance and good players will!!’

Replies from Newcastle fans:

Taylor not Besty:

‘Ashley is the problem, but Steve knew what Ashley was all about when he took the job, he knew how the fans felt, he knew the issues within the club. He was always going to take it, but he can’t be immune from criticism. Geordie or not, his record speaks for itself.’

London Magpie Group:

‘Rafa had a vision and tried to implement it – walked away when he realised it wasn’t possible. Bruce is walking in knowing full well the discontent with the owner post-Rafa – and that he will be a puppet of Ashley.’

Newts Newton:

‘Can’t understand why anyone would let a master of their craft walk away, then give the job to someone with sh.. reviews and a low score on trust pilot?’

Paul Jarvis:

‘You are right Ashley will always will be the problem, it’s totally understandable why Bruce would take the job.

However look at his premier league record as a manager, look at our opening two performances listen to his post/pre match comments it’s hardly surprising we’re sceptical.’

The Honest Johns:

‘The fact he’s a Geordie is irrelevant. You of all people should know that, contrary to what the National Press like to say, Newcastle fans don’t care where people are from.’


‘Well, he’s not a great manager is he, Rob? His stats speak for themselves. The last two performances had absolutely no sign of a plan or any tactical awareness to make suitable changes during the match.’


‘Because he will relegate us!

His record suggests exactly that. He would have accepted ANY top flight job.

The appointment is a sad reflection of Mike Ashley’s NUFC – and we are supposed to accept it and give him a chance because is a Geordie???? No thanks.’


‘Carver is a Geordie and he got plenty of stick for being shi.. as well. The point is neither should have been anywhere near the toon job.’


If Bruce really cared about the club he wouldn’t have taken the job. Apart from that he’s not even the Manager.

Also he keeps spouting Ashley’s PR lies at every opportunity. Hope that clarifies somewhat for you Rob.’


‘Let’s not forget he’s on record as saying managing Newcastle was never his dream. Aside from that, he’s absolutely useless, Rob. His record in the PL tells us that. This is 2015/16 all over again.’

Dan Nolan:

‘Rob you’re more of a Geordie than Bruce but where he comes from has no bearing on the stick he’s getting.

He knew what he was doing when he got into bed with Ashley.

We look utterly clueless and there’s nothing in his 20 year career that would suggest he can turn it round.’


‘No, don’t start apologising and supporting a man who was warned off by your best mate, is a yes man, has the worst goal difference of a manager in the prem, dropped a club who waited for him, in the sh.., said when he took the blunderland job that nufc was never his dream job.’

David Pick:

Ashley is the problem and Bruce was right to take the job in his position but his lack of humility and mud slinging is making an already impossible job somehow harder for him. He does himself no favours with the sh.. he spews.’

Tino’s fur coat;

‘He turned the job down twice before accepting it this time.

The dream job rhetoric isn’t true.’


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