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Newcastle United fans react to issues facing the club – Especially Mike Ashley

1 year ago

The Mag was the first publication to give Newcastle United fans the chance to express themselves, the paper version launched in August 1988.

Now in 2019 it feels very much like another world, apart from of course the fact that 31 years on and talented individuals are still leaving Newcastle United due to a lack of ambition…

Not everybody wants to write a long/full article, so we have put together a number of so far unpublished contributions we have received this week, enjoy them below.

If you have anything at all to say about Newcastle United, please send it along, long or short, and it will be considered for publication as either an article or part of a selection of comments/shorter pieces (Please send to [email protected]).

Like a lot of other people who came into Newcastle for work from elsewhere in England, Scotland and Ireland.

The Drape family came into the St. Peter’s area of Byker from Cumbria in the late 1880s.

So Newcastle East End and Newcastle United have obviously been a big part of our family’s daily lives…

The games, the stories, the players, the cup finals, the trips to Europe, especially in ’69.

And of course it’s great history etc have been an integral part of our lives since we were kids.

I always think of all those people who have dedicated much of their lives to supporting the unique club that is Newcastle United.

Thousands of these fans are now in the supporters club in the sky and many thousands of others will be staying away until Ashley leaves.

Most of these folk absolutely horrified at what’s happening to their beloved club.

Lets save the club for future generations.

Davey Drape

Many thanks for the post (An ex-pat’s story after leaving Newcastle (United) at the age of seven) from Mr Davidson on Wednesday. I, too, am an exiled Geordie and have been away since ‘66. I feel exactly like him, although I have never been in a position to visit 6 times per season. My visits are much less frequent. Now they are nil as are any thoughts of purchases from Sh..Direct.

I seriously believe that were I resident in the NE, then I would not be renewing my season ticket. That would be the only way, as others have said.

Best to you all from Cornwall and keep up the good work.

Geoff Reynolds

As we all know Cashley thinks money is all that matters.. make a quick buck at the expense of anyone…look how SD works…the way he pays and treats his workers at Shirebrook. He does not care about the history of NUFC. He cares little for the people of Newcastle and especially the fans of our great club.

So we have to stand up to him… he is a slug, a leech, lower than a snakes belly, ( I could go on) that will drain every £ out of the fans and the club. His SD shops show how he crams every cheap item into it to maximise profit/turnover.

The accounts state he/SD will pay £2m for advertising at SJP…will he heck. Where is the incentive for him to do so…..

His yes men will hang onto his coat tails until his money runs out.

AND I predict that will be sooner rather than later…JD Sport are more valuable than SD and they are making profits. The City are saying Cashley uses SD as his own personal piggy bank. When will the City and shareholders revolt against his actions….it looks very likely as SD delayed publishing their accounts and the Belgium authorities want £605m in taxes from SD.

So either the slug will milk the club dry or he will sell. Whatever makes him the most money and at present selling is the first option…

So if we are going to hurt Cashley as much as he has hurt us, we must stand together and boycott any Sky transmitted game…reduce his public presence across the world. Hurt him where he hurts the most…his pocket.

I have already cancelled my 2019/2020 season tickets. Will not go to any home games, only away games and will NOT spend my money of kits etc., that are overpriced and lining the slugs pocket until he has gone gone gone……

Since we first got relegated under this leech I have refused to visit any SD shop or buy from it’s website and have informed all family and friends to do the same.

Martyn J Hancock

I wonder if you could bring to the attention of any Newcastle and Rangers supporters a simple fact if they are thinking of an effective protest.

SD relies entirely on Shirebrook to supply everything MA owns.

In particular those two small roundabouts (see HERE)…


Kevin Harris


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