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Newcastle fans fall into one of these three categories as we tackle Mike Ashley

2 years ago

Seems to me that Newcastle fans fall into one of the following 3 categories:

1. Boycott at all costs and make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good (no matter how hard it is)
2. Support the team but not the regime (by still attending matches?)
3. Happy to keep on going and funding/supporting the FCB no matter what he does (i.e. the Monk!)

I am firmly in category 1 and have been since KK got shafted and surprised that so many continued to keep on going after this (especially when the FCB renamed SJP, which really stuck in my throat!).

That aside, I am pleased that the latest Mike Ashley antics seem to be the last straw for a lot of fans and that momentum seems to be picking up.

This brings me onto my point.

I believe that a high percentage of fans fall into category 1 or 2, with a minority in category 3.

The FCB doesn’t care about squabbling between the fans as he knows all too well that a large proportion of the ground will be filled no matter what he does.

Therefore we need another tactic to really boil his blood and keep the pressure on (and stop squabbling between ourselves).

Sports Direct shares have been tumbling steadily over the last few years and this really hurts him as it’s all he cares about. On the other hand JD Sports (his main competitor) continue to grow and expand as the reputable company they are.

What if we were able to obtain 52,000 free white t-shirts with a large black JD Sports logo printed on them? These could then be given out free to every fan at the next televised Sky Sports match (probably too late to organise for the Arsenal game).

Can you imagine the look on the FCB’s face when he sees 52,000 fans advertising JD Sports inside his own ground!!!

Okay, minus away fans and category 3 fans we should still have around 45,000 fans advertising the company of his biggest rival (depending on how successful the boycott is!). The great news is that he would be powerless to stop a person wearing an item of clothing with a logo on it and the same t-shirt could be worn again and again for every match until he finally gets the message.

It should also keep the category 2 fans happy as well, as they can still attend the match (which they will anyway) and can do their bit for the FCB’s downfall.

The stumbling block is that this would only work if the tops were given out freely, as I can’t see a fan purchasing one for a £5 (which is the rough cost for a blank white t-shirt and a large black JD Sports logo printed on the front).

So onto the next point, how do we get 52,000 free t-shirts?

Well if all the fan bases were to band together and approach the JD Sports marketing team, perhaps they would be willing to supply the t-shirts & logo for free, as it’s a major advertising campaign for them (which will be broadcast worldwide courtesy of Sky Sports at the next televised match). The same fan bases would then need to distribute the t-shirts outside the ground on the next televised match day, with the proper manpower from the supporters groups assisting maybe this could work.

In addition to this, it’s bound to make a few headlines in the national press (as well as MOTD with our friends Mr Shearer and Mr Wright), and will hopefully have the FCB choking on his breakfast when he reads the next day’s morning papers.

How long would the FCB be willing to continue to see his main rival getting their fair share of free advertising inside his own ground, which he has been exploiting for years?

Just a thought!


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