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Where is the anger in the local media over what is happening at Newcastle United?

2 years ago

So here we are, not even two weeks since Rafa Benitez left Newcastle United and the local media are already moving on with getting behind Mike Ashley, Steve Bruce and Sports Direct United.

A recent article by Lee Ryder of The Chronicle encouraged fans to get behind Bruce and that he should be ‘given a fair chance to win fans over’, part of the reasoning being that he is someone who is black and white through and through.

The Chronicle’s Chris Waugh then tried his best to be honest about the situation but only got as far as describing Steve Bruce as ‘not the candidate you would immediately expect new owners to want’.

This begs the question of where is the anger within the local media?

The outcry?

When did we stop telling it like it is?

Actually, at the start of this article I referred to the ‘local media’ but I have actually read two great articles this week from the Shields Gazette and Northern Echo, in which sports reporters actually put together an honest, detailed, researched, opinionated, thought-provoking article.

The first was a Miles Starforth article in the Gazette, where although he stated that he wouldn’t blame Bruce for taking the job (something I strongly disagree with), it was refreshing to read something in the local media that couldn’t be described as clickbait, wasn’t rehashed from previous weeks, wasn’t taken from another news outlet, and y’know, was just written by someone with an honest informed opinion.

The second was Scott Wilson (N Echo), who wrote a somewhat funny and somewhat depressing parody on Mike Ashley’s search for the new Newcastle manager. Again, it was nice to read an article on NUFC that clearly had some thought go into it – a bit of creativity, something that was interesting to read.

It begs the question for The Chronicle – where is the anger?

Where is the passion for Newcastle United?

Where is the hatred towards Mike Ashley?

Lets face it, if you don’t have hatred towards Mike Ashley then you are certainly not passionate enough about the football club you are representing.

A scroll through the website’s most recent articles on Friday morning showed pieces on Steve Bruce, Sam Allardyce, which (completely) unrealistic players Newcastle are linked with, a farewell message from Ayoze Perez’ brother (yes, really), Fabricio Coloccini’s Instagram story and the Newcastle’s physio’s birthday.

In short, at the time I write this, there is no article at all, whatsoever, on the Chronicle’s main website page that is directed towards Mike Ashley, Lee Charnley, or how Newcastle United can rid itself of this despicable regime.

There will be the odd article there somewhere, I am sure, but it is certainly the case that they are written because they feel that they ‘have to cover it’ rather than they want to cover it. Apparently doing what is best for the future of the football club is not as important as the topics in the articles mentioned above.

In the time each of these were done – there could have been another article on another topic ramping up the pressure on the NUFC regime, rather than just the odd article that is rehashed god knows how many times in several different forms.

In the time it takes to put a strange podcast together in which journalists ask themselves their own questions, that they don’t know the answers to, but decide to answer them anyway – another multitude of articles could have been written – interviews with fans on the street, they could have camped outside the training ground, knocked on Charnley’s door, tracked Ashley’s steps in London, visited Justin Barnes, visited KBA Agency.

They could take a stand and be different – different to Sky Sports, different to the tabloid press…but alas here we are – moving on from this summer into what the future will look like with Steve Bruce – blind acceptance of the situation at hand.

Where is the daily pressure?

Where is the daily article citing the ongoing crisis at the club?

There is a plethora of things out there to write about… what happened to the HMRC investigation?

Why the transfer policy doesn’t work?

Why is Mike Ashley taking money out of the club?

Are we being mugged off with the takeover?

Who are the mystery other bidders that the Chronicle seem to know so much about?

Why has there been no proper investment/improvement to the training ground and academy?

Where is the article questioning why Newcastle can spend five or six million on a dinosaur manager but can’t spend an extra 10 million on their player of the season from last year?

Where are the constant questions? It’s mind boggling.

The absolute bare minimum from your local paper should be thought provoking, well researched, opinion led, and most importantly, passionate daily articles covering all things going wrong at Newcastle United and working with fans to find a way to rid Newcastle Untied of the cancer that is Mike Ashley.

Instead we are treated to the odd article here and there so that when people do call out journalists at the Chronicle they can say ‘Oh actually we wrote this once’ or ‘we did this front page once, look look’…

Where is the anger? Where is the passion? Where is the outcry?

Or should I just resign myself to awaiting the release of the ‘Bruce-alution’ with eager anticipation…

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