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We should be trying to unite Newcastle United fans, not divide them

2 years ago

If Newcastle United fans want to attend the matches, then that’s your choice.

I believe we should be trying to unite the support, not divide it.

However…I can guarantee you the people who attend will be booing the team, moaning about individual players for making a misplaced pass, leaving 15 minutes before the end, sitting in the bar after the game complaining about this, that and the other.

Is that what you all call supporting the team, not the regime?

Also, putting money into the club IS supporting the regime, no matter how you dress it up.

The boycotts and protests might not work but we have to try something to get rid of the FCB. Sitting on our backsides, doing nothing, isn’t going to get rid of him. Is it?

The Newcastle United fans attending the matches aren’t squeaky clean either.

Certain people are saying we aren’t real supporters for boycotting, should be banned, stay away forever you are not welcome, deciding that people who emigrated years ago have abandoned the club. Quite literally unbelievable comments (You know who you are).

Why can’t people see the bigger picture here?

We are trying to do something to get our club back from his greedy mitts.

Will it work? Who knows? But we have to try something or at this rate the FCB will be here for another decade at least.

We have, already are, losing a generation of young supporters because parents aren’t willing to pay hard earned money to watch relegation scraps year after year and thus not taking their kids to the matches anymore.

Another thing the FCB is guilty of, ruining a generation of up and coming young supporters, the future life blood of the club. Not only that but the buzz parents get from watching their kids fall in love with this once great club and the look on their faces when we win.

I mean, how mundane are some people’s lives that they can’t think of something else to do for 90 minutes rather than go to the Arsenal match?

Take your lass out, take the kids somewhere, watch the match in the bar with your matchgoing mates, go do some voluntary work, help the food banks with your time, go put your money into a local non-league side (there are plenty of them). These clubs would greatly appreciate your money infinitely more than the FCB would. Then you can also watch a team / club that actually tries to do better.

The simple fact is, it’s better to try and to fail than not try at all.

Ashley Out!!!


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