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The state of the club and the Newcastle fans who support it

2 years ago

First off, it is kinda commendable that there are still Newcastle fans who are sticking with the club through thin and now very much thinner.

Secondly though, why can’t you see that your diehard attitude is harming the club more than you can ever think.

Fair enough go to the games, after all it’s your choice, but in the long run you (and the others attending) are complicit to the demise of the club through backing that fat, greedy, cancerous, leech.

If you want to pay £600 per season to watch an ambition-less shell of a club, your choice.

If you want to watch a side managed by a dinosaur of the game, AKA Steve Bruce, again your choice.

If you want to put hard earned £££ into the fat man’s pocket, again your choice.

But when it all goes to sh.. and the team are playing turgid football and fighting relegation all season, don’t complain or moan about it.

You know why? Because you’re complicit to the demise of this once great club and are equally as guilty as that FCB who is systematically destroying, trolling and asset stripping the club.

People say “Be careful what you wish for”…”The grass isn’t always greener” etc etc etc.

Personally, I’d rather take the chance to see what other owners could do than sit by idly and watch our club be used as a giant advertising board for a tatty, sweat shop run, sports shop and an owner who has nothing but the utmost contempt for the club, supporters, city and region.

Add that lickspittle Charnley into the mix too.

But, but, but, Big Mike has tried to sell the club numerous times.

Tell me this…..If you had your house for sale for 10 or more years and it hasn’t sold, then you have to look at it logically. Either I don’t really want to sell it, I need to revise the asking price as obviously I am asking far too much, or the deal I want is filled with caveats that no one in their right mind would seriously consider.

You may say the Newcastle fans who boycott and protest aren’t real supporters and should be banned and stay away…

The way I see it is…without people like us, nothing would ever change and fat greedy capitalists like Ashley will constantly sh.. all over the people who they deem below them.

Like I say, do as you wish, but when it all comes crashing down and we are relegated for the third time in this owner’s tenure, don’t moan or whine about it.

Ashley Out!!


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