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Sky Sports come out in defence of John Carver and Shola Ameobi after embarrassing comments

3 years ago

Saturday saw Sky Sports interview Shola Ameobi and John Carver.

The subject being the likely appointment of Steve Bruce to replace the now departed Rafa Benitez.

Any Newcastle fan could have predicted that this pair would be approached by Sky Sports, that they would be willing to do an interview and that what they would say would be out of step with 99.9% of the Newcastle United fanbase.

John Carver said (see below) that there are a lot of people in the North East who want Bruce to get the job and that the current Sheff Wed boss has got a ‘good’ record in the Premier League, neither of these things are true.

Shola Ameobi (now on the Mike Ashley payroll) also spoke very positively about Steve Bruce replacing Rafa and stated that ‘the fact he’s a Geordie is the cherry on the cake’…

Also predictably, Newcastle fans have reacted to the comments from the pair with a mixture of anger and laughter.

Both Shola Ameobi and John Carver have a history of being out of step with the overwhelming view of the NUFC fanbase, willing to himilate themselves in defending Mike Ashley and his shameless running of the club.

Newcastle fans now wait to see how long it will be before Bobby Moncur is wheeled out to say what a great choice Steve Bruce is, he is probably being saved for once the appointment is actually made.

Sky Sports, in the shape of presenter (and NUFC fan) Pete Graves, have now launched a passionate defence on Sunday morning (see below) of Carver and Ameobi.

Graves also put out an instant defence of the pair yesterday on Twitter but that was later deleted…

This morning, the Sky Sports man also included Kevin Nolan in his defence of those towing the Mike Ashley line. That just makes it all the worse, Nolan having been outrageous with his claims on Talksport last week (see HERE), made to look all the worse when it was later reported that when he made the comments, he was being lined up to be Sam Allardyce’s assistant if Fat Sham decided to take the job.

No doubt it will be claimed that Sky Sports have featured other people who have been anti-Ashley and who have said Steve Bruce isn’t a good choice for NUFC, as though they are then being balanced in featuring the likes of Shola and John Carver.

However, it is not really striking a balance is it. Out of the hundreds of people with Newcastle United connections, I’m sure you would really struggle to find anybody outside of the phonebox size huddle of Carver/Moncur/Shola/Nolan who would think this is anything but a disaster Mike Ashley is inflicting on Newcastle United.

The thing is as well, John Carver and Shola Ameobi are under no kind of duty to speak to Sky Sports about the Ashley/Bruce situation, they could potentially have just said no comment (a bit like Mike Ashley has done all Summer when keeping Newcastle fans 100% in the dark and even more stressed out, on the takeover, managerial situation, selling players/letting them go and total absence of signings). Instead, they are only to willing to speak out and back up Mike Ashley, knowing full well that the Newcastle United fanbase will think them ridiculous.

As to why they are motivated to do so, only they will know.

Pete Graves of Sky Sports via Twitter;

“Let’s make one thing crystal.

“Shola Ameobi and John Carver are Newcastle United fans who want the best for the club.

“Just because they happened to be at SBR golf day yesterday, they were asked for views on things and are both getting slated as far as I can see for not being completely negative.

“Perhaps they actually believe Steve Bruce (if he gets it) will do a decent job.

“Maybe they want to see their limping football club sort itself out asap.

“I hate that on #nufc twitter, if people breath any positivity they are shot to pieces.

“JC and Shola love Nufc and want what’s best for the club.

“They also deserve their opinions on things.

“I’m seeing former terrace favourites (Shola, Nolan etc) getting turned on for not sharing the popular opinion of fans and it saddens me.

“These guys wore that shirt with pride. Rant over.”

The Mag – 13 July 2019:

John Carver has now stepped into the Steve Bruce debate.

Just when the Sheffield Wednesday boss thought things couldn’t get any worse, they just have.

The self-appointed greatest ever Premier League coach declaring ‘He has got my support’ when asked about Bruce’s suitability for the Newcastle United vacancy.

Maybe a bit of gratitude playing a part with Steve Bruce having provided the biggest ever victory for John Carver in his Premier League management/head coach career.

In his disastrous reign as NUFC Head Coach, John Carver got his first win at Hull when Steve Bruce was in charge there, a 3-0 victory.

It was one of only two wins in Carver’s first 19 games in charge, as he tried to get Newcastle United relegated from what seemed an almost impossible position.

Whilst an overwhelming number of Newcastle fans see Steve Bruce as a joke appointment and summing up Mike Ashley’s overall disastrous running of the club, John Carver thinks otherwise.

His reasons for believing this are because Steve Bruce is…

A Geordie.

From ‘just down the road in’ Corbridge.

Loves Newcastle United.

Has got a good record in the Premier League…

The first three may well be true but the fourth???

Only two people who have been managers for 250 Premier League games or more, have a win record of less than 30%, one is Bryan Robson and the other one is…Steve Bruce (source – journalist Duncan Alexander).

Whilst just have a look here at his Premier League record of points per game and goals scored/conceded compared to previous NUFC managers/head coaches:

If John Carver is any kind of friend of Steve Bruce’s, he would have kept his mouth shut!

John Carver talking to Sky Sports:

“If he (Steve Bruce) does get appointed then he has got my support

“He has got a lot of people’s support in the North East.

“He is a Geordie guy.

“He is from just down the road in Corbridge.

“Loves the football club…but not just that, he has got a good record in the Premier League.

“I think he is just short of 1,000 games as a coach and as a manager.

“So he is a stable appointment and let’s get behind him.”


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