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Kevin Nolan is at it again when interviewed – This time ‘Steve Bruce is the best one for the job’

2 years ago

Two weeks ago, Kevin Nolan stunned Newcastle fans with an interview on Talksport.

In the interview (read below) he humiliated himself with a passionate defence of Mike Ashley.

Talking about how well he had ran the club and that he had supported Rafa Benitez in the transfer market, Nolan also accusing Rafa of ‘working the media’ – it was later reported that Kevin Nolan had been lined up to be Sam Allardyce’s assistant if he took the NUFC job…

Kevin Nolan coming out with nonsense such as: ‘You know exactly how hard he [Mike Ashley] is trying to give the Newcastle fans what they want.

The former Newcastle captain adding about the managerial vacancy: ‘I think there’s not many people who could turn Newcastle down.’

After Vieira, Martinez, Mourinho, Gerrard and Fat Sham were all reported to have knocked Mike Ashley back, last Kevin Nolan declared: ‘I think we are now in that sort of next step where Steve Bruce is the best one for the job.’

Nolan stating: ‘But I think now the sort of glamour of managing Newcastle has gone’ and saying that Steve Bruce is the best candidate ‘To keep Newcastle in the Premier League.’

At no point is he willing to say the obvious, that it is not Newcastle United no half-decent manager won’t come to, it is Mike Ashley they aren’t willing to work for.

That it is Mike Ashley who has taken away the ‘glamour of managing Newcastle’, that it is clearly pointless after seeing what he has done to Rafa Benitez and indeed these past 12 years of spite and neglect, unwilling to back the odd decent manager he has accidentally appointed or treat them with respect.

Also, why should the Newcastle United job be seen as just about avoiding relegation, a club that is in the top 20 in the world when it comes to the revenues it generates and within the top eight in the Premier League, despite all the various ways Mike Ashley helps to keep those revenues down (not chasing commercial deals and just intent on pushing Sports Direct and the rest of his retail empire for free, merchandising cash so low (non-existent?) and so on).

Also on BBC Radio 5 Live last night, journalist Miguel Delaney (see below) was though very much on the ball, describing it as a ‘tragedy’ what has happened and is happening at Newcastle United and just how shocking it is the impact that Ashley has already had on 10% of NUFC’s entire history (so far…).

Kevin Nolan speaking on Tuesday 16 July to BBC Radio 5 Live and asked:

‘Is there anybody out there Kevin, better than Steve Bruce, that Newcastle could have realistically appointed, when you look at the position the club is in right now?’

Kevin Nolan:

“Well, I would probably say no.

“That’s no disrespect to Steve cos I know Steve and he is a top man and he is a top manager.

“I’m wishing that if he does get the job, if does do what’s needed, to keep Newcastle in the Premier League.

“But I think now the sort of glamour of managing Newcastle has gone.

“You are not going to get a Jose Mourinho, who is out there.

“I think Sam Allardyce came out last week and said he’d turn down an opportunity to go back.

“So, when you have got people of the calibre of Sam, who has been known to be the one to keep teams in the Premier League.

“Then…and he’s turning them down, I think we are now in that sort of next step where Steve Bruce is the best one for the job.”

Journalist Miguel Delaney, Chief Football Writer at The Independent, was also on BBC Radio 5 Live last night:

“It is a bit of a tragedy as to how the game is run in this country, that a club like that [Newcastle United] can have their entire ambition, the hope of the fans, for a decade of their history, basically 10% of their history, completely beholden to the stubbornness of one man.

“It is remarkable they they are in this situation and that what is an outlet for so many people, their daily escape, has this kind of attrition about it.”

Kevin Nolan speaking to Talksport: – 5 July 2019:

“With Mike (Ashley), you can’t fault him.

“We had a bit of a dispute with him years, and years ago when I was there over the bonuses, as players, we wanted X amount, and he said: ‘This is what you’re having and if you don’t want it then don’t sign it’.

“That’s the way he is and I think he has been like that for the last 10 years, also when I was there, so I don’t think he’s ever changed, Mike.

“When he first went, he had great intentions of putting Newcastle United back on the map but obviously he’s lost that now and he wants to sell it. There’s no two ways about it, he wants to get out.

“But I think what he has done is he’s still been able to finance the club, and make sure that everything is still running smoothly.

“You go up there and it is a fantastic club, what he has done within the ground is fantastic.

“I genuinely believe that the fans want a sale, Mike wants a sale, and I think when that happens everybody will be happy, and Mike as well.

“But, I mean, the whole Rafa Benitez thing, I think he knew what he was going into when he first walked into that club, because Mike is not one who will move the goalposts: ‘This is what you get, this is what you’re going to have and this what I want you to work with’…and I think Rafa has done quite well in working the media in terms of the way he feels and what he wants.

“But I think Mike is one of them, he’s a businessman, he’s stubborn and he wants to do it his way.

“With Mike he will give that money [£30m from Ayoze Perez sale], I’m sure, or the majority of that money, back to the manager who is coming in, anyway.

“That’s one thing he has done with Rafa, if he was able to sell [players], I think he was given the money.

“I think it’s a club, because of the fans, because of the city, I think there’s not many people who could turn Newcastle down, and I think although he’s not going to be investing heavily, I think they have a squad good enough to be in the Premier League and I think that is the most important thing for Mike is to keep them there and get this sale across, and then they [the fans] can move on and Mike can move on in his way as well.

“Listen, I have been with Mike in meetings and he wants to sell just as much, but he wants what he feels the club is valued and what he’s put back into it, which in terms of the money what he is asking for now, I don’t think it’s massive money for anybody who is going to go to Newcastle and see what the prospect of building that club and if they could get that at the club into the top six, it could go off the scale because of everything it already has there.

“So I feel for the fans, I feel for Mike as well it’s crazy because obviously being a player and getting to know Mike and the obviously being so close to the fans. You feel torn because you know exactly how hard he [Mike Ashley] is trying to give the Newcastle fans what they want.”


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