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After BBC Sport report on Newcastle United Joelinton signing – Some very interesting comments

3 years ago

Joelinton finally signed for Newcastle United on Tuesday.

Fully ten weeks into the transfer window and only two weeks before it closes, Mike Ashley allowing the first incoming deal.

The fact that it is a reported £40m spent on a 22 year old striker who has only started 25 games so far in a decent level league, making the signing even more noteworthy.

BBC Sport reported on the signing and I was intrigued to see some of the comments that were left by their readers.

Newcastle fans predictably on point with their comments, whilst equally predictable are the trolls and the ignorant enjoying the NUFC circus as usual.

More interesting though are the genuine comments left by non-Newcastle United fans, showing that the message is getting out there as to just how ridiculous the way Mike Ashley runs NUFC really is.

Comments on BBC Sport report about Joelinton signing:

‘A premier league City and people but unfortunately for them the club is run on a purely Sunday league basis.
If this transfer has been ‘going on for a little bit now’ who has signed him?

Was Bruce TOLD he was coming?

Who is in charge of team affairs?

No wonder Bruce was about 6th choice.

Shame really because the people of Newcastle deserve better. See you in the Black Garter people.’

‘Rondon chased the money, just like Rafa. Perez was never going to stay, he made it perfectly clear he was looking for a new club.’

‘Could have signed Rondon and kept Perez for a net total spend of £6m. As it is this lad will lead the line with Dwight Gayle or Newcastle have to spend again. Clueless.’

‘Who said Ashley did not offer Rafa this money.

At no point did Rafa tell us what the transfere pot was he just left and then put an open letter out with no real detail but knowing the Newcastle fans would fall for it.

Personally I am surprised Joelinton signed with the toxic atmosphere the fans are creating to the point their captain says no one believes in them,’

‘The big question is why was Rafa Benitez not given this kind of money to spend?? No wander he left.’

‘What gets me is Mike Ashley gets stick for not spending and being tight but here he has equalled Arsenals entire budget for pre-season signings in one go.

Don’t get me wrong I can’t stand MA and his cheap rubbish Sports Direct that I think has helped ruin the high street, but Stan Kronke at Arsenal is cash richer than MA but gets practically no abuse!’

‘Owners barely spend a penny over the last few years, then go big on a £40m striker…….that has never scored more than 8 goals in a season!!!!

Prime Mike Ashley/Lee Charnley.’

‘This is not a Steve Bruce signing:this is an owners signing.It’s also really only 10 million, due to the Perez money.Bruce has no say over who NUFC sign and even if he’s any good, they will just sell him on for profit in a couple of years.Sad times to be a Newcastle fan.’

‘Joelinton has no idea what he has just let himself in for – has been very poorly advised.’

‘Haha what a joke Newcastle are.

Would not back Benetiz but are backing one of teh worst managers to grace football.

What is Ashley doing giving this dinosaur a £40m striker?’

‘Am i missing something here? Benitez was given little to no money to keep the team in the Premiership. They then bring in a 2nd rate manager and give him the funds to buy big, Confused….’

‘Ashley out and Benitez is god narrative getting very old now.

Benitez has gone after money and nothing else. This proves transfer budget wasn’t relevant to him and that he just wanted his wages doubled.

Interesting signing for Newcastle regardless, very good player and great investment. Shrewd business by Ashley.’

‘Newcastle were bidding for Joelinton before Rafa left. Rafa wasn’t interested in signing him. It isn’t that the money wasn’t there for him to spend, but how it was to be spent that was the issue.’

‘Not Bruce’s signing at all! All the donkey work was done long before he came on the scene. What Cashley is missing is that it’s pointless spending ridiculous amounts on ONE largely unknown player when we need to be spending fair amounts on the many players that we DO need.

This signing is a pathetic attempt to con the fans into thinking that he’s interested in the club succeeding.’

‘Love how newcastle fans manage to spin this against Ashley, poor bloke cant do anything right.’

‘Newcastle fans will hate this seemingly positive move as it contradicts they’re narrative.

After saying that 40 million on someone who only scores 1 in 3 games is a hell of a waste of Mike’s money.’

‘Steve Bruce did not sign this player, Steve Bruce is not the manager, he is the Head Coach. Transfer dealings are nothing to do with him.

He is at the club as Ashley’s fall-guy, not as a manager. Joke of a signing, joke of a Head Coach. Disgusting owner.’

‘I love Newcastle….just when you think they can’t be any more stupid…they pull a rabbit out of the hat….£40m….on who?’

‘I would love it if they went down lol.’

‘Rafa walked because he knew Ashley wanted to force this signing through, while selling established strikers. It makes sense now; Rafa wanted to keep certain players and invest in other more important areas; rather than sell and reduce their goal input, by squandering 40m on someone who’s contribution was a mere 7 league goals. Crazy!’

‘Hoffenheim must be laughing all the way to the bank as they signed this guy from Sport Recife in Brazil for 2.2 MILLION EUROS!

Looking at his stats, he did virtually nothing in Brazil (admittedly as a teenager) and his best return in a season is 8 goals in the Bundesliga. Before anyone gets too excited, that’s for Rapid Vienna in the AUSTRIAN Bundesliga.’

‘Sorry toon fans (I have tons of time for you lot so this is just in general) but what a shambles of a club … benitez not promised funds then spend £40 Mil on a player no one has heard from – he best produce the goods – Ashley needs to go .. he is poisoning one of the great clubs of my era … I don’t support the toon but what a shame for each and every fan that’s pays a ticket price to cashley.’


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