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The Newcastle fans and the media are culpable of letting Mike Ashley get away with this

2 years ago

It is time.

Rafa Benitez is not staying.

We know this. We’ve known this for some time.

We can’t blame him. He’s far too good for us, we’ve been punching above our weight for these last few years.

He won’t find love like he has here, but if you truly love someone, let them go. If they come back, then they are truly yours. I hope he doesn’t come back. He deserves better.

Rafa, we love you, but you’re free.

Free from the constraints of a man who gets away with whatever he wants.

Free from a man who the courts found guilty of lying to our King.

Free from a man who sacks people over the phone, who throws up in fireplaces, who flicks the ‘v’ sign at supporters, who increases season tickets while simultaneously decreasing the value of a club he has been ‘trying to sell’ for, what is it now? 5 years? 10? 12???

The Newcastle fans and the media are culpable of letting Mike Ashley get away with this behaviour for far far too long and the narrative has to change. It has to. The momentum we had not six months ago has died a pathetic death. We know Rafa’s going so let’s bombard the owner’s precious discount stores social media again. Let’s picket on the street again. Let’s let the media know how much of an unethical owner we have, let’s not let them have a chance to rewrite the narrative he wants to put in place this time. A narrative he is already prepping by sowing the seeds that this is all somehow Rafa’s fault. It’s not. We know this, but the media need to let the world constantly know this too.

Where’s the articles slamming him for putting the club, the club he owns, in such a perilous position and letting the best manager we’ve had in years to simply walk away?

Where’s the commentary on the training ground falling into disarray, the stained stadium, the club land being sold, the lack of clarity on the bargain bucket signs everywhere (and hilariously enough – they are the only thing that have had actual investment so far) and a full disclosure on exactly where all the money has gone?

An article here or there doesn’t cover it anymore. We have a duty of care to never let it lie as long as that odious man is here and the mainstream media have a job to report it. They’re called ‘reporters’ after all.

Speaking of which, where is Caulkin, Edwards, Graves, Ryder, Hardy, Douglas, Custis, Taylor, Winter and everyone else when you need them?

Why is there not a new article every day? Why is this not relentless? This story should be hammered home as long as it’s allowed to continue. This should be national news.

We should shame the man into submission. Or at least shame him full stop. The last time he was hit hard in the media his shares fell. That mattered to him. Why have we stopped? Where’s Chi banging the drum, where have the Redirect lads gone and why once again has hatred been replaced with apathy?

Years ago I stopped going. Years ago I stopped buying kits. I stopped everything that might put anything into his pocket. I still care. Christ almighty, do I care. It makes or breaks my week. But I’m done with him and I have been for years. I’ll still be here after he’s gone.

I asked my wife, friends and family to avoid buying anything from him. Accidentally for Christmas my wife bought me two Christmas jumpers from the club shop. The club shop of course is owned by him. She gave him money. Christmas was *nearly* ruined. I’m in my mid-30s and I’m that pig headed that set me off something fierce. I was disgusted, disappointed and depressed that he was there, dissolving our glorious club day after day and inadvertently my better half had lined his pockets.

Not long after that one of my friends gave me a present for our annual Secret Santa get together. It was that stinking blue and white Wonga away kit from a few years ago.

Genuinely was one of the worst presents ever. I wouldn’t even waste a match to burn it with. Wonga plus handing our owner money. I hated it. I still hate it. It was a uselessly terrible present and if I could have a list of worst presents ever then that would be on it. I think maybe he bought it as a joke but if it was a joke, he didn’t even bother balancing it out by getting me anything decent. I really hope I get him in next year’s draw because he’s getting that piece of Puma rubbish right back.

I know I’m not the only one that’s fed up out there, but we have been whittled down to the point, where we just accept that this is how it is. It doesn’t have to be though.

It’s time to stick together, time to cancel season tickets, time to bombard social media, time to protest on the high streets, time to pester journalists constantly, time to contact Chi, time to say goodbye to Rafa, time to walk away from the Leazes and Gallowgate, time to wear old tops with Brown Ale on them, time to rewatch DVDs of Fabrice Pancrate’s neon cycling shorts, time to unite, time to slay the head of the Dragon and wake up from this nightmare.

It’s time….

(Long-time NUFC Sufferer and Runner-up Best Sandcastle Competition 1989)

PS No disrespect to some of those journalists but definite disrespect to the others. They should know who they are.


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