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Sunderland fans comments on Rafa Benitez leaving Newcastle United – Quite bizarre

3 years ago

On Monday, Newcastle United released a statement telling the world that Rafa Benitez wouldn’t be staying beyond his current contract.

It was later revealed that Mike Ashley had sent  the order down that the statement would be released without Rafa even being informed in advance.

Newcastle fans had felt their confidence draining as the summer had progressed with no positive news, whether that was regarding new signings, a takeover actually happening, or indeed Rafa Benitez agreeing a contract extension.

However, Newcastle supporters were still in a state of shock and dismay when the news was released, allowing a very good manager to walk away, or even worse, Mike Ashley actually forcing him out of the club by deliberately putting such a poor contract in front of him – with no agreement to change anything in terms of how the club is run.

The media reacted in a similar way, with widespread acceptance that this is a disaster for NUFC and the fans. A quality manager walking away and confirmation of zero ambition from Mike Ashley.

Most neutral fans also overwhelmingly took this point of view as well, apart from Sunderland fans seemingly…

As a bit of background, if you have ever checked out comments on Rafa Benitez from Sunderland fans online and/or on their message boards, two things have stood out over these past three years.

The mackems have consistently been desperate to ‘prove’ that Rafa isn’t a very good manager, that in actual fact he has had decent support from Mike Ashley but has failed supposedly.

The other things they have been desperate for is to try and get Newcastle fans to agree/accept that their high opinion of Rafa is fatally flawed and for them to confess that he has actually been poor in the job.

Of all the things Sunderland fans could have a decent go at Newcastle about and/or the NUFC supporters, this has been a constant.

If you don’t believe me, have a look at all these comments from Sunderland fans below, since Monday’s announcement, apart from one ot two voices of reason, it is all about how rubbish Rafa Benitez has been and Newcastle fans are too blind to see it.

Absolutely mental.

Comments via Sunderland fans Ready To Go message board:

‘Shame that.

The outrage is pretty funny but they might get a a manager in who can spot a player and does well in the transfer market instead of wasting tens of millions on absolute sh.. and pretending he’s never spent a penny.’

‘I still don’t understand why they are devastated, wtf has he actually done like.’

‘Ashley is sensible with his policy.

Clearly Rafa wanted to spend millions on players aged 27-35, Rondon being one, and the fat controller told him do one.’

‘The biggest joke about it all is that if they appoint a manager with a mediocre profile in his place and he happens to be better than Rafa, they will still hate him and call for his head 😆 results aside, they will not accept anyone who is not of “world class” status. Pardew all over again basically.’

‘Thought the next announcement was gonna be them signing Mbappe?’

‘What a time to be alive.’

‘Thank fu.. for that. How they ended up with a manager of his pedigree was bewildering.’

‘Whoever’s next is on a hiding to nothing. Nobody will be good enough in their eyes.’

‘They’ve gone from the potential rich Arab scenario to Rafa running off without so much as a goodbye wave.’

‘Let’s just hope they build a statue to commemorate his success with the club.’

‘Rafa as Moses, leading his flock, away from the nasty king Mike, onto the promised lands of NET SPEND and Relegation.’

‘Is the world ending or has a football manager just not signed a contract?

i can’t begin to imagine how they would react if they went through what we have, but I’m guessing the city centre would look like something from mad max.’

‘Will be brought up in the houses of parliament on Wednesday in Prime Minister Questions.’

‘I fail to see how this is Ashley’s fault, Benitez was offered 12 mil a year in china, no way Ashley and the mags could match that. Yet the mags are calling Ashley greedy instead of Benitez, who is leaving for the money.’

‘Rafa has done fu.. all there really. They love him cos he won the champions league a decade ago not cos he’s done owt for them.’

‘Big Mike will be recording his SSN interview as we speak. He’ll call out the fat Spanish bast… on his ridiculous demands.’

‘A relegation, an expensive promotion, a couple of flirting with relegation mid table finishes, rubbish signings and barely a cup game won.

As funny as this departure is, I’m concerned they might get someone a bit more competent in.’

‘Am I the only one that isn’t laughing?

I didn’t rate him and my concern is they may get a decent manager now.’

‘Problem with their fans is that they think they’re too good/big for anyone who would take the job, and anyone they’d like thinks (usually correctly) they can do better. Benitez was a good fit for the balance of delusion on both sides.’

‘Why exactly is it the owners fault if Benitez has left a contract on the table and chosen to walk?’

‘Any decent manager wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole given the constraints he’d be under.’

To be fair to Ashley I wouldn’t be trusting him with any money. He’s signed some sh… mind. But it’s never mentioned is it.’

‘Primark Newcastle will have sold out of bed sheets by now.’

‘I’ve never seen so much drama and hysteria over a bloke who was average as fu.. for them.

Only a matter of time before they build a statue of him.’

‘They’ll be shouting in their millions at sports direct in Northumberland Street.’

‘He potentially took £20 million in wages for: Relegating them, promoting them with a massive transfer budget and finishing in Premier League mediocrity 2 seasons in a row. Pardew could’ve done all that for fraction of that cost.’

‘Mag at work has said he’s probably going to cry when he gets home.

Can we get the Netflix crew over to his hoose?’

‘We are 2 leagues below them and Newcastle fans still playing the victim card. There are just an embarrassment to themselves.’

Newcastle fans seem to think Mike Ashley should have paid whatever it took to keep him at the club and that is just terrible business.’

‘Nervous about this . They might actually get a decent manager in now to push them on. Rafa is a sure fire cert for accepted mediocrity.’

‘Unless im missing something here, didnt ashley offer god a new contract and he legged it for the big bucks….’

‘The new manger only needs to get more than one point from his first five games to beat rafas start from last season.’


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