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Must read: Newcastle United fans – Final proof this generation are the unluckiest ever

3 years ago

The final proof that this generation of Newcastle United fans are the unluckiest ever.

A table was published this weekend, showing who had won the most trophies in English football.

The table updated after Liverpool had won the Champions League on Saturday night.

The scousers drawing level with Man Utd on 42 trophies each.

Newcastle United are ninth in the list with 11 trophies across the club’s history.

The Magpies having win four league titles, six FA Cups and the Fairs Cup in 1969.

The excellent Sporting Intelligence putting together this updated table:

As we are all too well aware, these past 50 years have seen Newcastle win not one trophy…

The first league champions were Preston in 1888/89, some 80 years (in reality around 70 seasons when taking out the years lost to the two World Wars) of English football up until the end of the 1960s.

So if we look back, who had the greatest histories in English football up to the point when Newcastle won their final trophy?

These are those same 24 clubs listed above, if we stop the clock in 1969 (Thanks to NUFC fan @Iam_Allbright for the inspiration):

14 Aston Villa (6 League, 7 FA Cup, 1 League Cup)

11 Newcastle United (4 League, 6 FA Cup, 1 Euro)

11 Man Utd (7 League, 3 FA Cup, 1 Euro)

10 Arsenal (7 League, 3 FA Cup)

9 Everton (6 League, 3 FA Cup)

8 Blackburn (2 League, 6 FA Cup)

8 Tottenham (2 league, 5 FA Cup, 1 Euro)

8 Liverpool (7 League, 1 FA Cup)

7 West Brom (1 League, 5 FA Cup, 1 League Cup)

7 Sheff Wed (4 League, 3 FA Cup)

7 Wolves (3 League, 4 FA Cup)

7 Sunderland (6 League, 1 FA Cup)

6 Man City (2 League, 4 FA Cup)

5 Sheff Utd (1 League, 4 FA Cup)

4 Preston (2 League, 2 FA Cup)

4 Huddersfield (3 League, 1 FA Cup)

3 Burnley (2 League, 1 FA Cup)

3 Portsmouth (2 League, 1 FA Cup)

3 Leeds (1 League, League Cup, 1 Euro)

2 Chelsea (1 League, 1 League Cup)

1 Ipswich (1 League)

1 Derby (1 FA Cup)

1 Leicester (1 League Cup)

As you can see, it makes sobering reading, when comparing it to the following 50 years.

Up until 1969, only Aston Villa had a greater history of winning trophies than Newcastle United.

If/when anybody says ‘who are Newcastle United’, doubting our place in the history of the game, show them this list.

Sheer incompetence and lack of ambition have ruled this club out of winning trophies for the past 50 years, with very few years of exception when we went close. These past 12 seasons especially falling under the lack of ambition angle.

Maybe the biggest joke of all are Chelsea fans who kid themselves they have always been a big club.

Back in 1969 Newcastle had won as many major trophies as Man Utd and three more than Liverpool.

Imagine being a Newcastle fan at that point in 1969 and somebody from the future (2019) coming back in time to tell you what was going to happen in the next five decades.

Since Newcastle last won a trophy, Liverpool have won 34, Man Utd 31, Chelsea 22, Arsenal 20, Man City 13, Tottenham 9, Everton 6, even Aston Villa have added another 3.

The thing is as well, it isn’t as though like some clubs, Newcastle United won all their trophies in a short space of time.

If you were supporting Newcastle before the 1970s you would have been very unlucky not to see a trophy lifted.

1900-1909 Three Trophies

1910-1919 One Trophy

1920-1929 One Trophy

1930-1939 One Trophy


1950-1959 Three Trophies

1960-1969 One Trophy

Only the 1940s when we lost most of the years to the Second World War, did Newcastle not win a trophy from 1900 onwards.

Newcastle United, no wonder we are called a sleeping giant and the ultimate underachievers in modern history when it comes to winning trophies.


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