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Imagine worst nightmare is man who won Europa League and CL qualification – I give you Chelsea fans

1 year ago

Chelsea fans are really something else.

Surely they are beyond any doubt the most deluded and entitled set of supporters in the Premier League and beyond.

Some incredible comments from them when talking about who will be next manager.

Apart from the odd rare voice of reason, their comments on Rafa Benitez are absolutely shocking, after an Italian newspaper claimed he is an ‘imminent’ appointment to take over from Sarri.

The same with their comments about Sarri, they both (Rafa and Sarri) delivered third place, Champions League football and the Europa League Trophy.

I love it when the Chelsea fans below are going on about Frank Lampard being the obvious appointment and how they would give him time etc etc…

When have they ever done that with any manager?

Surely the funniest thing in the world is if they appointed a Frank Lampard/John Terry dream team and they fell apart.

I think my favourite comment is one of them who declares: ‘Whilst City are still being funded/run by the UAE, then it’s all a bit futile anyway.’

Honestly, their self-awareness is non-existent.

They were the ultimate club in buying trophies when Roman Abramovich had free rein. Chelsea had only won one top tier league title in their entire history, Abramovich bought them five more in the space of 12 years and the Champions League, as well as other trophies.

Chelsea fans didn’t see their first ever trophy until 1955 and before the 1970s they had only ever won one league title and one League Cup.

Yet now they slag off managers who deliver them European trophies and Champions League qualification…

Chelsea message boards Talk Chelsea and The Shed End:

‘Please please not the Fat Spanish Waiter.’

‘I personally can’t stand the cu..’

‘I don’t think we will hand it to Rafa. Isn’t he supposed to be the new king of Newcastle anyway.
Media is trying to make us mad once again.’

‘Tell you what if Frank did become manager, every midfielder in the world would want to come and learn from him.

Could even become a drawcard same as Zidane at Real. Come play CL football next to NGolo Kante and be managed by the best goal scoring midfielder in PL history. Easy sell.’

‘I’d rather Jose over Rafa.’

‘Benitez & Mourinho rumours gathering pace. Let’s move forward than backwards.’

‘Do people really want Benitez or Mou back and wonder why we dont improve and make a step forward?
Its like doing same stuff and expect different things.’

‘Replace the manager who experienced supporter unrest with someone the supporters have previously and openly hated?

This sounds like Rafa’s agent planting a story trying to put a scare into Newcastle to further his contract offer and free up some funds to spend.’

‘I think we should hire Rafa with Jose as his number 2.’

‘If Mourinho returns i won’t be renewing my membership, I can’t even begin to express what a disaster that would be.’

‘Last year the comments were the same. Give the new manager time, don`t touch him. December come 90% of the forum – SACK Sarri he is usless, he is clueless, he is stubborn, his tactics not work, he doesn`t have plan B, and blq, blq, blq …

Before that the same sh.. with Conte.

Now i give Lampard 3-4 months before people start wanting his head. And the reason will be that he is a inexperienced. Yet the same people were saying in the summer he is the best choice for US and they will support him and everyone should give him time.

There is something very much wrong with our team and supporter. Automatically if we don`t get what fans think we deserve at placing/results they blame the manager – always.

Just before few years we were infront of Liverpool and in the same league with City, now both teams are miles ahead. Guess why?’

‘No fanset has altered as much as ours over the years.

I remember when we were the loudest, maddest, funniest supporters in the land.

We were by and large a happy go lucky bunch- then came success, and what do with have now- a Stadium full of mostly miserable c…s, who only come to life when we’re winning, plus glory hunters from across the globe crying their eyes out because we’re no longer top of the tree.’

‘Oh man if we thought the chants at the bridge were bad for Sarri imagine if we gave the job to Rafa. Lol

Why would he come if Newcastle are about to get a huge cash injection though?’

‘Probably because a new owner would have their own ideas on who they wanted to be the manager …. and that person could easily be someone else, hence FSW contract not yet renewed …’

‘Just announce Lamps Chelsea. Lets get this moving.’

‘I find it ridiculous that on this forum, we have people who are desperate to offload Sarri, and people complaining about the constant changing of managers at the same time.

I still can’t believe people are even considering Lampard as a manager, hiring someone to manage an ambitious club because he was a very good footballer for the club is silly. Lampard has 1 average Championship season to his name as a manager, how does that qualify him to manage Chelsea?’

‘I know – ridiculous to consider. I mean, it didn’t work out when Barcelona took that chance with Pep or Real Madrid with Zidane.’


It is perhaps to soon but Derby’s style changed for the better under Lampard and his use of youth is something we could do with.’

‘Lampard with Morris for me, simple fact they know the club and it means so much to them, dont particularly care if we have a worse season than this as long as there’s some passion.’

‘Lampard could do with a bit more experience, but when an opportunity a rises you have to take it, in case it never comes round again, also with Hazard gone and no new signings coming to give us a lift for the new season, the club and us fans need a lift and personally Lamps will bring the feel good factor back for start of season, and yes with Morris be side him will be placed to bring the youth through.

‘Whilst City are still being funded/run by the UAE, then it’s all a bit futile anyway.’

‘If we went for Lampard long-term, we could bring in Harry Redknapp as DoF to support and advise him.’

‘Rafa Benitez can stay the fu.. away. Was bad enough the first time the charlatan.’

‘The FSW, we’d be going back for seconds.

There’s so many better coaches around that I refuse to believe the club would be scraping the bottom of the barrel for that waste of space.’

‘The board aren’t deaf to the fans, but Roman is.

Roman scraped that barrel before, he may go interim again, i would not put it past Roman, that’s for sure.’


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