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If prepared to be new Newcastle Manager under Mike Ashley you don’t have my respect or backing

3 years ago

We haven’t even reached the conclusion of the Rafa Benitez contract at Newcastle United and the media circus has already begun on who will be the next manager.

Already it is annoying, fruitless and almost certainly, very very tedious.

For once I thought the Chronicle had done a decent job when I saw their front page demanding answers, however, it was evened out by filling up an entire back page devoted to whether Giovanni Van Bronckhorst was ‘van the man’ to come to Newcastle.

Surely the job of the local media and anyone else of significance should be defending Rafa Benitez and putting pressure on Mike Ashley to sell the club – I am yet to see any serious pressure put on the owner.

Transfer speculation, and that includes managerial incomings, is big business now. Sky Sports have pushed out a load of names in recent days including Claudio Ranieri, Jose Mourinho, Patrick Vieira and Avram Grant. They claim it is under the banner of ‘Sky Sources’ but any fan worth his salt will know that Sky Sources is just code for ‘go on, have a little wager on this via Sky Bet’, mugging off football fans left, right and centre.

I found it telling that both Keith Downie and Pete Graves didn’t have the foggiest that Newcastle would announce Rafa Benitez’ departure on Monday afternoon.

However, within only a couple of hours they were reporting that their sources suggested Avram Grant was in the running to be the new manager…. How the fu.. does that work!?

What it goes to show is that once again, all of this media speculation is pure rubbish, 99% of it anyway. Any reports of who is going to be the new manager are largely irrelevant and in my opinion, they should remain largely irrelevant.

Instead, I can’t quite get my head around why the focus from the media, and I include NUST in this, is not placed firmly on doing everything possible to move Mike Ashley out of the club. Any other rhetoric on any other subject is simply accepting and moving on from the current situation. The moment you are devoting time to baseless clickbait rumours on who is going to be manager, rather than on Mike Ashley, you are moving further and further aware from the heart of the matter.

When the news broke on Monday, I was asked to come on Talksport and answer a few questions; they usually introduce me, or other toon fans they get on, as ‘representing the fans views’, which I always find to be a load of rubbish because I only speak for myself and I am 100% sure that nobody out there wants me to speak for them. Although, I do know fine well that other fans are quite happy to put their face out there and claim to be the super fan on any given topic.

One question I was asked though was;

“Who do I want to see as the next manager?”

Of course I gave my opinion and that was that I couldn’t care less. If I could have been more blunt, I would have responded with ‘who gives a sh..?’ To be totally honest, I really couldn’t care a less who is the next manager because they won’t be my manager and I won’t have any respect for them.

I really mean this… if you are a young manager out there, or any manager for that matter, who is watching the TV or speaking with your agent about maybe eyeing up the Newcastle job as one you would be interested in, then I would suggest you have a look in the mirror. Have some respect for yourself.

There are better jobs out there… in fact most jobs in football right now are better than managing Newcastle United under Mike Ashley.

You may think it is a fantastic Premier League club, where you can show your talents on the big stage in front of a big crowd, and that may be true. However, what you would really be saying about yourself is that you haven’t looked in the mirror, you have no respect for yourself, and there is no limit as to the type of person you are happy to work for.

Why would you come here and work under Mike Ashley?

There is no realistic money to spend, you cannot sign the players you want, the infrastructure has had a pittance spent on it in 12 years of Ashley, the training ground is below par, the academy system is a failure and it would be a signal to every fan, not just us, that you are nothing but a yes man.

I am sorry, but if you are a potential Newcastle United manager, and you are happy to say to Mike Ashley “Yes, Mr Ashley, I am happy with what you have offered and I am happy to come work for you”, then ultimately you are not good enough for me and you don’t have my respect or backing.

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