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Absolutely disgraceful from Steve Harmison on Rafa Benitez but he has got form

3 years ago

Steve Harmison was a great fast bowler for Durham and England.

He may be a big Newcastle United fan.

However, we have learnt to realise that when he starts talking about NUFC, it can get very embarrassing (see below).

He has got form.

Today he has rambled on about Newcastle United and the current issues and his conclusion is that if Rafa Benitez walks away at the end of his contract on 30 June, he reckons the Newcastle fans will never forgive Rafa.

Judge for yourself when you read what he has to say below on Talksport.

Going on some of the nonsense he as spoken before, some conspiracy theorists would be linking his appearance and nonsense on Talksport today, with Dennis Wise on Sky Sports on Wednesday defending Mike Ashley.

Whatever their motivations, both Dennis Wise and Steve Harmison are a disgrace when it comes to what they have had to say.

Steve Harmison speaking on Talksport – 21 June 2019:

“I can’t believe Rafa will leave, if he says he loves the club as much as he does.

“I think the contract talks are put on hold until Ashley goes. Rumour has it that Rafa had agreed to sign a new contract.

“The contract was simple. There it is, you know what the contract is. For four years you stick to this, the contract budget is x, we are going to sign younger players, you do it that way and you are going to have to stick to this.

“I don’t think the contract will have changed, or the parameters of the contract were changed too much.

“It is just whether Rafa wants to manage Newcastle, which he does.

“Rafa has his heart and soul into that for four years, I can’t believe he wants to walk away.

“I just think that contract talks maybe just put on hold until the uncertainty of the club is moving forward.

“I think if that uncertainty comes right, I think Rafa will stay. I can’t believe he would leave, saying what he says – He loves the club, he wants the club going forward, he wants the best for the club.

“And to leave…This would be the heartbreaking thing for Newcastle and the fans and for him.

“If he leaves Newcastle four, five days, before they go back for pre-season, with no real transfer targets, very much little uncertainty, they (Newcastle fans) would never forgive Ashley…but they would never forgive Rafa as well. 

“To walk away then, he (Rafa Benitez) has known for six months what this contract is, he has wanted more power and more money, he’s not going to get neither, so he’s got to live with it.

“So for him to walk away now, that would be heartbreaking for Newcastle fans because he knows what that parameters are.

“He should have walked, or he should have said…I can’t deal with this, so if it doesn’t change, I’m leaving when my contract finishes and gives Newcastle time to plan accordingly.”

Steve Harmison speaking on Talksport – 26 July 2018:

“I support Newcastle United, I don’t support Rafa Benitez, I don’t support Mike Ashley.

“I support the black and white shirt, St James Park, cos I don’t think that will ever be removed, that iconic stadium, in the middle of town.

“I just can’t believe, I can’t believe some of the stuff.

“We had an MP, a member of parliament, standing up and abusing Mike Ashley, it was quite comical actually. The state this country is in at this minute, your biggest problem cannot be like that. You are trying to get some cheap laughs and some cheap votes from people in the north east.

“But it is Newcastle United, it is about the club, and I understand the frustrations, I really do.

“Mike Ashley, he is what he is, it has been 10 years now. We haven’t spent the money, he hasn’t spent the money, we know what is going (on).

“But Rafa knew that when he came in.

“Newcastle fans have got to get behind Newcastle United football club, the actual shirt, the black and white shirt.

“Because if you go to the first game of the season against Tottenham, we’ve got a hard start, and we start going ‘Mike Ashley…’ , what we normally do, then all of a sudden the pressure comes on, we don’t win a few games, and we lose Rafa. We have not got any assets for somebody to come in and buy the football club.

“If we have got Rafa, if you get him to sign a new contract, and Newcastle then get off to a half-decent start, then the money Mike Ashley wants for the football club, it is more of an attractive proposition.

“But if Rafa…and all this stuff, and I’m as passionate as much as anybody, but to say you are going to boycott and you are going to walk away…

“You support Newcastle United football club, you don’t support Mike Ashley, you don’t support Lee Charnley or Rafa Benitez, it is the black and white shirt you support.”

Steve Harmison talking to Sky Sports – 23 April 2018:

“I’m not a massive Mike Ashley hater.

“The club is stable under him…”


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