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West Brom fans comments on Dwight Gayle decision – Haven’t taken it too well…

3 years ago

Late on Sunday, Sporting and Technical Director Luke Dowling revealed the club’s decision on Dwight Gayle to West Brom fans.

The Newcastle loan striker having been top scorer and player of the year this past season.

Dowling saying that he knows it will not be what West Brom fans want to hear…

The Sporting Director explaining: ‘Dwight’s contract is a Premier League contract. We will pay Premier League contracts but only when we are back in the Premier League.’

Dowling adding: ‘I know it won’t be the news Albion fans want to hear, but they need to trust us, and know we are doing everything right for this football club.’

So how have the West Brom fans reacted to the news.

With one or two exceptions, the Baggies supporters are anything but accepting of their club’s decision..

West Brom fans commenting via their West Brom Index message board:

‘Sorry but this is genuinely appalling.

Gayle increases our chances of promotion massively, he’s the best striker in the division.

He’s worth his weight in gold, without players like him who drive the team on and off the pitch (they know there’s always a goal in him), we’re going to languish in this division.

Sod HRK and J-Rod off, Gayle scores more than both of them combined (And I bet their salaries add up to more than 55k a week – HRK and JRod are reportedly on combined salaries of 90k/pw according to

I’d rather have Gayle, Edwards and a young up and comer from a lower down team than J-Rod, Kanu and another plodder, and i’d be shocked if the former costs more than the latter. We should be moving mountains to sign Dwight Gayle, I can’t believe we’re letting him get away.

The board better have some masterstroke signing on the cards to make up for this.’

‘Blimey. That’s a downer. I’m all for honesty, but give us a bit of hope and time to enjoy the amazing atmosphere last week, before you kill it.

Dwight Gayle is off to Fulham by the sound of it or Sheff Utd.

No swap deal means Rondon will end up at Wolves..?

‘No need to use the threat of having to fire low paid staff to try and pacify any backlash. This board know no bounds.’

‘This clown show we have has no clue about anything! The feel good factor from the villa home game lasted all of a week! Gayle should have been priority! Build around him!’

‘Common sense move by the board. Time to rebuild and get salaries back in line with the level we play at.’

‘Sheffield United apparently willing to break their transfer record to buy him.’

‘Not a shock, and the right decision (I don’t want to sell our ground and rent it back like Wednesday and Derby have in the last year).

Gayle has been brilliant and I have really enjoyed him being here, but we can’t afford 55k a week where we are going to be forr the next few years.

There is an argument to say he limits how you play as well, as he can’t play alone up front. Whoever does sign him though gets a great player.’

‘Even though I knew that this would happen its gutting seeing it in black and white.’

‘Small time thinking and shows what kind of pond we’ll be fishing in this year. Why not another loan with an option to sign permamantly next year?

Take the transfer fee out then we could afford his wages. For someone who is guaranteed to score 30+ goals, should be a no brainer.

Even if we didn’t go up this season he would still bang goals in and would be in demand the following season where we could recoup the money.

I also don’t agree with the idea he limits how you play. You want to go up then you don’t play a lone man up top on his own anyway.

And throwing in that line about laying off ‘normal’ staff is disgusting. We were supposed to have a financially well run club and now signing Gayle might mean laying off staff. We are THAT close to the line eh? In that case we haven’t been well run, we’ve been fleeced.

What about investment Lai?’

‘There’s options to shift overpaid squad players to free up room for Gayle. If there still isn’t we are screwed and will be back to Pre-Megson days before we know it.’

‘How long before the club changes its name to Wet Bromwich Aldi-on?

Always long term thinking with short term strategy.

Sack the board.’

‘It’s the right decision. I know some fans will be disappointed but I’m afraid they have to get real we cannot afford to be paying anyone £55K per week in the Championship, we just can’t simple as that.’

‘Dont buy it. Amount of wages that will be moved on this summer. With sensible negotiating this could have been very much on the cards.’

‘Gayle’s goal per minute ratio was far higher than Rodriguez. Also he scored far more in open play.

Does anyone actually analyse output /perform stats at Albion? If Gayles wages are x2 that of HRK then surely that’s a good deal as he’s probably x4 the player. I would have liked to have seen HRK released, Rondon / Rodriguez sold for £30m and Gayle signed plus a young back up striker for a nominal £1m.’

‘This is the news we all dreaded.

As usual can only see cheap signings and ones that will keep us in the championship for a long time.’

‘The biggest wages need to be spent on the best players and if we can’t afford to pay Gayles wages because the other players are restricting what we can pay then they need to be sold.’


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