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Newcastle United takeover news hasn’t gone down too well with Sunderland fans – Classic comments

3 years ago

Sunderland fans were dreaming of the Championship on Sunday when that shocker of a Charlton own goal went in after five minutes.

That quickly became despair as the team from South London turned it around and sealed the result with a last minute goal.

Little did the Sunderland fans trailing away from Wembley realise that their day was going to get so much worse before it ended.

Sunday night seeing breaking news, claiming that a Newcastle United takeover was imminent.

After the worst ever season in their history (fifth in the third tier and no promotion), to see Newcastle reported to be close to bringing ambitious owners onboard, it has all got a bit too much for some…

Some classic comments from Sunderland fans below, as they dread what may be about to happen.

Sunderland fans comment via their ‘Ready To Go’ (away and cry…) message board:

‘Would love it if he changed his mind and decided to buy Sunderland instead.’

‘Well things don’t always go to plan in football so we shouldn’t get worried just yet but I think we will have to prepare ourselves for what could be similar to when Hall took over as this now looks like it’s happening.’

‘We’ve just lost the play off final. There’s literally nothing involving Newcastle that could bother me in the slightest.’

‘So the Mags winning trophies all the time would not bother you? Try working and living with them.’

‘Jesus christ, could today be any worse.’

‘If Carlsberg did sh.. days for football fans.’

‘Got a bad feeling about this you know.

It will explain why the Benitez talks have been quiet. And they were looking for a club, and he wants to sell.’

‘Maybe I might wake up back home instead of London and all this has been a dream.’

‘The human rights violations are absolutely appalling. If mag fans have any integrity they will move and start a new club like FC United.’

‘Funny thing is I bet even with Arab Billionaires they will still win fu.. all. Newcastle is not London and its not Manchester.’

‘Some serious burying of heads in the sand going on here.’

‘I’m not burying my head marra.

Fu..s sake I worked in Newcastle when they had Keegan Cole et al. We had 17,000 and Mick Buxton. Me and my son were season ticket holders and I would fight my corner with any “ Entertainer”.

We got through that with our heads held high just like we will with this scenario.


‘Same mate, was based there 1991 to 2009, the years when they were sp..king money and in the champions league made not a jot of difference to me then so it certainly won’t if it happens again.

Their fans are largely clowns, that will never change.’

‘At the minute we are in league 1 and them the Premier league, it could never have been a better time for us for this to happen if it had to happen…

At the minute they are not even on our radar so really couldnt give a sh.. what they are doing or what money they are getting.

I will absolutely guarantee within a short period of time they will be back to smashing up the Bigg Market and punching horses, its what they do.’

‘NUFC is very profitable, funny enough..there is huge leeway before ffp even gets relevant…’

‘If this does all go through and they do suddenly start to compete with the top 6 then we’d have to differentiate ourselves to attract support.

Methven at least talks a good game in this respect. Things like improving and enhancing the match day experience, marketing ourselves as a family club etc.

I honestly don’t believe it will be as bad as the 90s…’

‘What does it matter, they get 52k, the ground only holds 52k, wheres all these extra fans going to sit.’

‘If they are going to be successful, a lot of those 52k will quickly be priced out of season cards as well.’

‘We have a fair few empty seats so they could come and watch us.

TV audiences, shirt sales, advertising etc makes a fairly big difference.’

‘I can relax in knowing that the 95% of Mags i have to listen to at work / socialise with are plastic as fu.. regardless of whatever money this Sheikh chucks at them.’

‘It happened in the 1990’s though. If your parent isn’t a football fan why the fu.. would you choose us over a top 7 club.

‘What about fans from Yorkshire, Northumberland or the boarders, you’re going to choose to support them over your other alternatives

Whether we like it or not we have always had that problem.

Their city is bigger than ours, is more accessible and that’s a major plus, has more going on, has an attractive night life and in recent years their team have been more successful ( six in a row excluded)

We’ve always done alright support wise and always will. Families pass it down, it’s unconditional.’

‘I’d rather have 35k diehards than 45k, 10k of which could waver to the mags should they hit good times.’

‘The big worry is if they follow the Man city way they will invest massively in facilities and academy that’s going to have a detrimental impact.

If they invest to Man City levels or even Everton levels they are going to improve massively and large pockets of the region will turn black and white.

They might even do well and win something.’

‘We don’t need fans like that anyway, that would turn like that.’

‘We do, we need all the fans we can get.’

‘SAFC need more fans-cant sell out in the premier league like..’

‘At the end of the day people will put up with being told to drink pi..y fosters through a sweaty sock from the concourse bars at a tenner a pint rather than go to the club over the road pouring Dom perignon over the pertest ti.ties known to man if the team on the pitch is 3 leagues above and swashbuckling its way round Europe.’

‘Tops off a great few years if this goes through.’


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