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Liverpool fans comments before AND after win at Newcastle United – Some classics!

3 years ago

Liverpool fans came down to earth with a severe bump on Wednesday night.

A 3-0 defeat to Barcelona seemingly ending any hopes of a first European trophy since some Spanish bloke masterminded one back in the day.

Before the Newcastle game it was surprising just how much negativity/pessimism there was amongst Liverpool fans.

Maybe my favourite amongst those pre-match comments (see below) was this: ‘I am pretty deflated and just want the season to end now.’

Interesting now seeing the post-match comments as well (also below).

A lot of pride of course for the way that their team battled so hard for a (lucky) win.

However, intriguing/amusing to see how upset so many of them are getting as well…

Not happy Rafa and his players were taking it so seriously and getting stuck in.

Many of them now claiming our special friendship is at an end (if it ever existed…).

Laughable as well how many of them can’t even accept that it was an embarrassing dive by Fabinho and never a free-kick, that the winner came from.

I can never understand this, including when Newcastle fans won’t accept it when we get the odd undeserved decision via a dive/luck. It isn’t as though retrospectively you could lose points because as a fan you old your hands up and got the benefit from some cheating/rubbish match officials.

Liverpool fans commenting via their top This is Anfield message board:


‘I am pretty deflated and just want the season to end now.

However, I desperately hope we at least take City to the final weekend.

I have a feeling Newcastle will do us 1-0, whilst Leicester whilst somehow hold City to a draw just to beat us into the ground that little bit more.’

‘I hope we take our anger and frustration from Wednesday night out on Newcastle because this is not going to be an easy game and we will need to be on it to get a result.’

At least Newcastle are safe, and may already mentally be on the beach. We’ll see.’

‘It’s a must win game again.

But we have only won once in the last 6 visits to Newcastle. Plus it’s their last home game so they will want to go out with a bang. And they have Rafa.

This won’t be easy.’

‘This is definitely our biggest game of the season so far; it’s a must-win game with the potential to be a real banana skin. Still, if we can’t beat this lot then we don’t deserve to win the League.

Fu.. those fat, shirtless, shaven headed w..kers.

Rafa: what have you done for us since Istanbul? Fu.. all.

Roll over- it’s what you’d do against City.’

‘Could finish us this. Lads are bound to be down after Wednesday night and it remains to be seen how much it’s taken out of us physically.

Think we’ll need Shaqiri to open up a defensive Newcastle.’

‘I fully expect to see an angry mob out there going all out to destroy Newcastle.’

‘This is the most important game of the season, well at least it will be until the next one. It’s an absolutely must win game. Expect no favours from Rafa and his barcodes, it’s going to be a tough match, especially so since we haven’t won there in the last four visits.’

‘This is looking a much tougher game than it did a few weeks back. Newcastle are in solid mid-table form. Good at home, hard to score against. I don’t think we can rely on Rafa doing us any favours. The great man probably thinks he’s done enough already by beating City.

If ever our lads heads are going to go down it could be tonight.’


‘Fought very hard for that whilst being kicked and fouled all over the pitch.

Mo will be bruised from head to toe but let’s hope he’s okey,’wan.’,’blind’ and ‘referee’ can’t be used enough to describe this game,

We got lucky TBF could easily have had 10 on pitch , blatant hand ball on line and embarrassing dive for winning free kick.

Don’t like to see us win by cheating and diving, nottheliverpoolway.’

‘I thought newcaslte pretty sh.. myself.

Got back into it twice, but never felt that they deserved even a point, considering they were at home.

Ritchie was a cu.. today, but a battler for his side. I’d take him and Perez if they were in offer. Rest are sh… Scoreline was what we deserved.’

‘The linesman is looking right at it from 5 yards away and flags straight away. Maybe he took into account the constant fouling of Ritchie all night.’

‘Ritchie fouled nearly everyone tonight…still puts his hands in the air and shouts…it wasn’t a foul….yes it was matey boy.’

‘Let’s be honest amongst ourselves, that was never a foul on Fabinho for the free kick.

If that was given against us and we’d lost the game as a result we’d be going crazy.’

‘What an impact our subs have had. Origi, Shaqs and Milly. Even when things and tide was against us, we worked our way out of it. Just amazing.’

‘Stupid geordie cu..s. I used to like them but they have a lot of cu..s playing for them these days.’

‘Hate Newcastle.. out to injure our players and did manage it.’

‘Up their Greggs munching, knuckle dragging, holes!
Sweeter than than the sweetest silver song of the lark to stick it to these. Get in red men!’

‘They nearly kicked us off the park.

Hope Salah makes a quick recovery. They went after him and Mane all game.

Rafa can get fu..ed as well.’

‘Classic against Newcastle, we hit them, they hit back and we go again, and they came back…

To top it off, I thought their fans and ours have a bit of affinity among ourselves, I thought wrong.’

‘Newcastle fans are cu..s, up there with City’s. Always have been.

Similar passion to us, hence the hatred because in the 50 years since they won something we won everything.’

‘If Newcastle had made it 3-3 with the last kick I don’t think it would have changed my mood one jot.

At that point I was just in a state of awe at this team. We literally cannot ask for anything more of them at this point.

Statistically they will be the greatest Liverpool side to ever play top flight football. Corruption is the only thing that will stop them.’

‘Rafa wants to win every game that he’s involved in because he’s Rafa, but what he won’t do is to instruct his players is to go out to cripple opposition players for the same reason, especially when they happen to be LFC players.

Can’t blame him if some of his charges take it into their heads to become thugs for the night.’

‘Turning point for me was the introduction of Milner…

He got stuck in quickly and took the game back from Newcastle who were getting the upper hand.

It was just a question of time before Mo got hurt. Newcastle were all over him and weren’t shy about it.’

‘It’s results like this that make you think there is something in the air. It’s not pointless hope. There is something cosmic about this.

There are just too many of these unbelievable wins.

Imagine being City today. Imagine looking at the score on eighty and seeing Big Div leading the line and Sturridge loading the bullets.

Imagine seeing that Salah got stretchered off. Imagine the relief that this is finally over.

Then imagine looking at the final score. That will feel like a defeat for them.

We’re going to win this!’

‘We didn’t half look out on our feet last night.. Hopefully that small margin of victory against all the odds gives us the burst of adrenaline to push us over the line.’

‘I watched the game last night in a local pub, it was packed and went absolutely nuts when Origi scored the winner.

There was also a small number of Evertonians at the bar, who had enthusiastically celebrated Newcastle’s equaliser.

During the crazy celebrations after the third goal, I noticed the ‘bitters’ were no longer laughing and taking the pi..

Their smiles had been replaced by angry frowns, it was a beautiful scene and one which will stay with me for a while.’

‘I have a sore head this morning.

How is everyone?

I hope they don’t put any more matches on a Saturday night, it is a bit strange isn’t it?’

Newcastle never gave up and kept on coming taking advantage of Wednesday’s exertions. Yet we still found a way to persevere.’

‘Out sang them in their local pub.

Out sang them in the stadium.

Out fought them on the pitch.’

‘Fabinho was fouled by Ritchie before he went down but no decision so only way to get one is to fall over.’

‘Exactly! Ritchie was literally treating Fab as a football that he was trying to boot into RowZ! He should have had a free kick twice before he went down.’

‘Just saw the replay. The Sky reporter, when interviewing Rafa after the match, brought up the free kick incident where we scored and tried to provoke a reaction from him. Rafa just quickly mentioned it was no foul and moved on to his team’s performance.

Again the reporter tried to provoke another reaction by mentioning TAA’s handball and Rafa just mentioned he did not want to comment on it and again moved on to other topics.

Rafa – always a legend.’

‘Easily the most nerve racking match of the season. Holy sh.. my heart can’t take this.’


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