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Liverpool fans comment on trouble due to their supporters in Newcastle home sections – Interesting

3 years ago

Liverpool fans saw their team win 3-2 at St.James Park on Saturday.

There were 3,200 in the away end celebrating their fortunate victory.

However, there were many more in the home sections.

Some respected the fact they were in amongst the Newcastle supporters.

Sadly, many didn’t, ensuring it kicked off in various areas of St James Park.

The biggest problem caused by Mike Ashley and his minions, happy to sell hundreds and hundreds of tickets to Liverpool fans in corporate areas.

Liverpool fans commenting via their Red and White Kop, message board, as well as some comments from Liverpool fans reacting to one of our post-match articles after Saturday:

‘I was in the Gallowgate with the home support. It was so hard to not celebrate or show your emotions. I dare say the lads around me sussed I was a Red.

Sadly, many Reds in the home sections didn’t show a degree of respect for the home support and got quite a few digs and were thrown out.

The lot in the corporate seats would have been lynched if they had been anywhere else in the ground rather than posh seats where no one could get at them.

That said, every Geordie I spoke to over the day wanted us to win the league rather than City.

I got chatting to a lad who was taking donations for their food banks. He was telling me that SOS had donated £250 earlier in the day.

The lad was a ST of many a year who won’t go whilst Ashley is there. He was going to check in his donations and toddle off home. Sad.’

‘The away fans have been brilliant as usual this season, well done to all involved!’

‘(A Newcastle fan commenting on the Red and White Kop message board) Unbelievably Ashley/ the Club allowed Liverpool fans to purchase tickets for a section of the Platinum Club.

Disgraceful by our club, I understand that some families left as they felt intimidated by a large group of away fans, a lot on the drink, in the most expensive part of the ground other than the boxes.

I’ve no issue with these fans but our hierarchy have took the pi.. out of our ST holders in and around those seats.

Apparently the first the match stewards knew of it was the pre match briefing.’

‘Could you imagine the geordies in the posh seats, bet some of them secretly found it quite amusing, a cut above the usual library like atmosphere in such class surrounding . No harm done, no offence caused, a few of our lads got in fair and square and enjoyed themselves accordingly!’

‘I remember in the late 80s we took over the Norwich City Supporters Club a few times when I went there, but that’s ridiculous at Newcastle. Actually in their ground.’

‘Oh, trust me, big offence was caused. The lads around me in the Gallowgate would have taken matters into their own hands if they’d been able to.

They did, however, understand that their club, and in particular Ashley’s love of cash, are culpable in this episode.

My mind went back to a Celtic UEFA Cup game several years ago. There were loads of them in the Kemlyn. They behaved in the same way, some would say worse.

I, and others near me, were sorely tempted to take matters into our own hands that day too. Thankfully, by that time, I’d learnt the errors of previous such indiscretions, and merely turned the other cheek.’

‘I was in the main stand for that game and surrounded by Celtic fans. They weren’t shy about celebrating but no bother really, we shook their hands at the final whistle. Just rubbish that our own fans had obviously sold their tickets on, which is what’s happened here too.’

‘Maybe if Newcastle gave us our full allocation, this sort if thing, and also the many fans in the other parts of he ground might not happen.

There were bucket loads of empty seats in the away end.

I know some will stand with mates elsewhere, and I know there will be some no shows but where I was stood actually felt sparcely populated.’

(This youtube video from one of the corporate sections inside St James Park on Saturday, gives an indication of just how many tickets Newcastle United/Mike Ashley was happy to sell to Liverpool fans and ensure there would be trouble)

‘I can understand why Newcastle fans would be pi..ed off.

If that was Anfield and a bunch of opposition fans were openly jumping around in the home end after a 88th minute winner, I think we’d be the same.

The Hospitality areas at St.James’s apparently always dual use, but club colours are banned.

I think it’s just the combination of a night time saturday kick-off in a City known for it’s welcoming drinking culture on a Bank Holiday weekend when a bunch of travelling fans will have been sat on coaches for 4 hours or so made it an almost certainty some shenanigans might happen.

Add in the fact that when the tickets went on sale there was a chance we could have claimed the title this weekend (pending the correct results) and there’s no way you couldn’t have foreseen that Reds would do anything to get in the stadium, correct end or not.

I hope they don’t crack down too hard on the geordies who sold the tickets to our lads and lasses, the temptation to make some money back after a season of paying out in a dead rubber for Newcastle is understandable.’

‘On behalf of all old school Liverpool supporters, I can only apologise for what happened  around the stadium too.’

‘As a Scouser I have watched my team from the ‘away’ end but always kept my mouth shut and emotions in check – self preservation and a bit of respect. I was even in the Arsenal end for the ’89 title decider, but I expect me being slumped during the celebrations gave me away!

Newcastle deliberately put profit first and sold corporate tickets with no thought to the likely consequences should they end up in the ‘wrong’ hands.

All clubs have a profit motive, but the hypocrisy shown here (Newcastle United official club statement) blaming the fans is despicable and, I am afraid, shows that the management isn’t fit to run a great club. Ashley out and his appalling minions!’


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