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I have just been told ‘No news is Good News’ on Rafa Benitez – Is somebody having a laugh?

3 years ago

Like the rest of you, I am having thoughts about Rafa Benitez pretty much every waking hour.

The kind of thoughts where I am thinking ‘What the f… is going on’ with this?

It is absolutely draining.

We are used to transfer windows where you have raised hopes and/or expectations which end up dashed after weeks of anxious waiting.

However, it is a whole new low/high when we are in this position of total uncertainty about a manager, who is actually our manger already!

How can you end up in a situation where everybody (apart from Mike Ashley and his minions) sees it as no-brainer of a decision, yet seemingly those in charge think losing Rafa would just be collateral damage if he ends up walking away. A belief that it would just be one of those things if the Spaniard didn’t buy into the cunning ‘plan’ the club is run to.

We were led to believe that talks had gone on for pretty much all of the (last) season between Rafa’s representatives and Ashley’s people, with regard to preparing a new agreed contract extension.

We got to March and Rafa Benitez said that the club’s owner had requested his exact conditions for staying on and he’d supplied them.

Premier League safety had realistically been achieved in early March on the weekend Newcastle beat Everton, then early April that was rubber stamped. Yet the season was allowed to play out without any effort to get a contract agreed and now we are a week into the transfer window and the same since that much hyped meeting between club owner and manager, yet absolutely nothing.

We were talking about it this morning at work and another season ticket holder actually said ‘No news is Good news’, how do you work that one out?

We are only days away from the 36th month of Rafa’s 36th month contract, clubs such as Wolves and Bournemouth have already agreed new signings, with all of the competition actively chasing signings, yet Newcastle (Mike Ashley and friends) are sitting back and letting this happen.

How can it be good news when NUFC have an excellent manager already in place and instead of him now getting stuck into preparations for next season, he is probably already making plans for his next club, or at best, sitting at home on Merseyside still waiting to see if Mike Ashley is going to change his mind.

I have long given up on the local media, they know absolutely nothing and are trading on past glories when they were essential to the football club. The club needed them and fed them accordingly, now local newspapers are just competitors for random Newcastle United fan accounts on Twitter. They break no stories/signings, you instead hear it from Sky Sports or the club itself.

The clueless nature of the local newspaper coverage is best summed up one local journalist ( I will spare his blushes) who said yesterday that whilst there was no news on the Rafa Benitez situation, he did have ‘Positive Vibes’ about it all.

I found that embarrassing and about as convincing as my workmate declaring no news is good news.

If Newcastle had a star player being targeted and the transfer window only had hours to go before it closed, then I would maybe go along with the no news is good news idea.

However, this is a manager who has put in three+ years of work in and is desperate to stay and crack on with the job but as clearly met serious resistance to the idea, resistance which is surely going to be fatal to his and our hopes.

There surely must reach a point when even the most hopeful of optimists must accept that the writing is on the wall.

Both Mike Ashley and Rafa Benitez will know what this no news is doing to the fanbase and when there isn’t even enough goodwill/agreement to put out a joint holding statement saying ‘We understand fan frustrations and we are making progress, a positive conclusion will hopefully be announced in the near future’, it tells us just how bad things are.

Of course we will all keep on hoping but that is simply human nature, totally different to any actual expectation that this is going to turn out ok.


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