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2018/19 Premier League prize money table published – Newcastle United income falls

5 years ago

The 2018/19 Premier League prize money is set to be finalised today.

The final round of matches takes place at 3pm this afternoon, with Manchester City heavy favourites to lift the title.

Liverpool trail by one point and need to beat Wolves at Anfield, then rely on Man City losing at Brighton.

Although there is another less likely scenario that could see them still lift the title, whereby the scousers would draw and the Mancs would lose heavily on the south coast, to throw away the current four goals advantage Guardiola’s team have on goal difference.

Interestingly/ironically, even if Man City finish top, Liverpool will be the winners when it comes to the 2018/19 Premier League prize money payout.

The table below has been published by the excellent Sporting Intelligence, who specialise in sports finance, especially football.

They have published a predicted 2018/19 Premier League prize money table, based on all clubs staying in the same positions after this afternoon’s matches.

In terms of money, the only difference between the top two clubs is that it could change by £1.9m for both, the extra amount you get for being a place higher in the table.

As the table shows, if Man City win the league, Liverpool will still bank an extra £1.4m, whilst if Liverpool did overturn the points lead, they would bank an estimated £5.2m more than Man City (Liverpool £1.9m more in place money and Man City £1.9m less).

The reason for Klopp’s club getting the top payout regardless is because they were shown more times (29) on live TV than Man City (26).

For every game shown live above the first ten, a club receives around £1.18m extra for each.

As from next season when the new TV deals kick in, the rich are going to get even richer and increase the divide. At the moment the overseas TV money that is part of the prize money is evenly divided BUT from next season a large chuck of that will instead be on a sliding scale, with those who finish highest getting more.

As you can see, Newcastle United are set to land an estimated £115.2m if they stay in 14th after today’s game at Fulham, The furthest they can move is one up or down, meaning they could get £1.9m added or subtracted from the final figure if they go above Bournemouth this afternoon, or Burnley overtake NUFC.

Newcastle are currently 14th in the table but are actually top ten when it comes to the 2018/19 Premier League prize money.

Rafa’s team have been on live TV more times (19) than any other club outside the top six and that pushes them into the top half. Banking £22.3m from their popularity with TV bosses, means they get £10m more than the likes of Watford, Southampton and others.

When people talk about football fans contributing such a small portion of income these days for Premier League clubs, it is a nonsense where Newcastle are concerned.

Last season Newcastle banked £25.4m from matchday revenue alone but in so many other areas of income, supporters play a massive part, whether merchandise or whatever. It is because of the Newcastle fans that the club is on live TV so much, producing up to a £10m advantage over the other 13 clubs outside the top six.

One thing though is certain and that is the PL prize money for this season will be lower than last (2017/18) season.

Last year the total broadcasting income was £126.4m but with Newcastle guaranteed to be between three and five places lower in the table, every position below tenth will equal £1.9m in place money.


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