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Sunderland fans angry as owner accuses them of unrealistic expectations

2 years ago

Some classic comments from Sunderland fans, after one of the club’s owners accused supporters of unrealistic expectations.

The Mackems have failed to win 21 of their 43 League One matches and are all but guaranteed to have the lowest league placing in their entire history this season.

Promotion is very much in the balance and if results go the wrong way for them on Saturday, they would definitely not be going up in the automatic promotion places.

Co-owner and Director Charlie Methven has had a go at those fans (see below) who are unhappy with this season’s disappointing form.

Sunderland having easily the biggest ever budget for a League One club and as Methven admits, paying more to four of the players than the entire wage bill for any of the other 22 League One clubs.

Amusingly, he says that anybody who last summer could have assured they would be losing finalists in the Checkatrade Trophy and still have some kind of a chance of promotion with three games to go, would have been ‘hired on the spot.’

Sunderland fans haven’t reacted too well to the Director’s comments, many of them realising at last the kind of chancers who have taken over their club.

Charlie Methven and co-owner Stewart Donald having made a series of embarrassing comments since they took over (see below), having pathetic digs at Newcastle United, Rafa Benitez and NUFC fans, just to try and get on the right side of gullible Mackems.

Sunderland fans reacting to Methven’s unrealistic expectations comments via their Ready To Go message board:

‘Wants to wind his neck in.

This is Sunderland not Oxford.

Ludicrous to suggest the expectations are too high. To suggest he would hire someone on the spot on the strength of of promising a checkatrade final is both laughable and embarrassing. For being a PR expert he scores some spectacular own goals with ill judged comments.’

‘Hes gone down in my estimations with this utter bullsh..’

‘Blaming Jack Ross or not- staying in league 1 for longer than 1 season is completely unacceptable.’

‘I think he’s shown himself as the smarmy, slimey, out of touch bluffer he is with this twaddle. Really wound me up this.

His ego must be over inflated to think he can just come out and have a pop at the fans, for the second time might i add. The same fans who have smashed attendance records this season and responded to his sycophantic ‘rallying cries’.’

‘If you expect 40000 crowds expectations will go up.’

‘He can fu.. right off for me like. Fair enough some reactions have been over the top but expectations have not been unrealistic. This will be the lowest finish in the history of the club and it isn’t good enough.’

‘How can a pr executive be so bad at talking to fans? Not the first time hes came across a right melt.’

‘One minute massive klerb, aggressive growth strategy, if it goes tits up we were unrealistic it seems…

Nawty, nawty…..

For the record we shoulda pi..ed this league, but if we don’t we go again with Rossy…..’

‘So what he’s saying is that the club have had no advantage because the club have spent all the money on players? As opposed to what.

Stupid Tory cu..

He can get to fu..’

‘We’ve spent double what the rest of the league has combined, we have one of this division’s highest scorers, we had the league’s highest scorer, and he’s having a go at the fans who think finishing in the worst position in the club’s history is a low point?

He can fu.. off.’

Charlie Methven talking to the Chronicle:

“I get frustrated (with unrealistic expectations of Sunderland fans) on (Manager) Jack’s behalf.

“Some of the stuff you see on social media is bang out of order.

“Look at the totality of what Jack took on and where he has got us to now, a Wembley final where we lost on a penalty shoot-out, and right in the thick of the promotion battle.

“If he or any candidate for the managerial job last summer had been able to promise a Checkatrade final which we made a lot of money out of, help us with our finances by not banging on asking for more players and money all the time, and be right in the promotion shake-up with a week to go in the season, that person would have been hired on the spot.

“I know people will say we’re a very big club in this division – yes, but the financial advantage of being a big club was already spent and more so it doesn’t help us at all that we get 30,000 (average league home crowds) and they (Portsmouth, second in that table) get 18,000 – that additional 12,000 has already been promised away and more because we’ve got four players who are paid more than any other League One squad.

“We’ve got a 26-man squad of whom four of them (Bryan Oviedo, Lee Cattermole, Aiden McGeady and Adam Matthews) are paid more than the next highest-paid total squad so our entire financial advantage is zero in the big scheme of things.

“Our actual first-team squad spend (minus those four) is very similar to the other top teams. That’s the reality, everyone recognises it, it’s not the players concerned’s fault, it’s not Jack’s fault, it’s not Stewart (Donald, the chairman) and my fault, but it would be wrong for people not to recognise that there are substantial challenges we’re still fighting through that mean we’re not yet able to compete on what I would call a level footing.”

Stewart Donald replying to a Newcastle fan on Twitter on 30 March 2019 with:

“Our club is wonderful.

“Not winning a cup or walking a league makes us sound like our rivals up the road which I suppose is failure but Lets see what happens.

“I don’t know much about NUFC to be honest.

“Only domestic cup I think they have won in my lifetime was the some Texaco Cup thing?

“I only know they make up numbers in the P/League.

“SAFC are much bigger than NUFC down south so nobody down here talks or knows much about them sorry.”

The Mag – 26 May 2018:

In an interview with a Sunderland fanzine, Charlie Methven has said he has ‘always been fond of Sunderland’ and ‘always had an antipathy towards Newcastle.’

Methven claims that he and Stewart Donald will be supporting the team home and away but ‘not in a Mike Ashley way.’

‘I’ve always found Newcastle to be a rather arrogant club. They seem to think that they’re special.’

Charlie Methven – 3 September 2018:

The setting of stretching, but realistic targets is part of our business ethos, and one of the reasons we chose Jack Ross as manager.

“Whilst the other candidates we interviewed mostly tried to hedge their bets when asked what their first season target would be, given the overhaul required, Jack said that he would target automatic promotion and be disappointed not to achieve it.

“All three of us (Methven, Donald and Juan Sartori) believe that fearlessly ‘going for it’ – in life, in business, and sport – begets precisely the positivity and desire required to be a winner.

“Conversely, whether it be a previous SAFC manager (David Moyes) declaring in August that his team were relegation candidates, or the manager (Rafa Benitez) of a neighbouring (Premier League) club putting 11 men behind the ball at home and conceding 80 per cent possession, if a leader’s body language is negative then the battle is already lost.”


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