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As Newcastle fans enjoy Checkatrade final Sunderland fans now claim it was never about the match…

2 years ago

A lot of ‘banter’ back and forwards between Newcastle fans and Sunderland fans last week.

The build up to Sunday at Wembley saw Newcastle fans laughing at their rivals involved in such a competition, for Under 21 teams from Premier League and Championship, as well as lower league clubs.

Sunderland fans responding with an insistence that this was proper silverware and that Newcastle supporters were simply jealous and obsessed.

The Mackems constantly referring to it as ‘The Cup’, as though the Checkatrade bore any connection whatsoever to the FA Cup.

A lot of talk about this imminent win at Wembley going to be a springboard, a symbol of the brave new Sunderland emerging…

Especially embarrassing with the Sunderland owner Stewart Donald making infantile comments to Newcastle fans on social media.

As it happened it was Newcastle fans celebrating in the aftermath of the final, especially enjoying the fact it was the loathsome Lee Cattermole that failed with the key penalty, bringing back memories of the classic Michael Gray play-off failure of 1998.

As Newcastle fans have predictably gloated, interesting to see how many Sunderland fans are now claiming it was never really about the match, some even claiming that fans congregating and getting drunk at Trafalgar Square was what it had always really been about.

Interesting when watching on TV just how little you heard from the Sunderland fans, many of their supporters disappointed about it as well.

A very strange competition and whilst Sunderland reached the final, it is Newcastle fans left seeing the Checkatrade as a bonus. Sunderland losing the final but more importantly, having had to play an official first team match against an NUFC Under 21 side.

Sunderland fans comment via their top Ready To Go (home after losing at Wembley) message board:

‘Over the match.

Nice to see us at Wembley but couldn’t give a fu.. we have lost that. We go again. Win out next 2 and the promotion race livens up. Haway the Lads.’

‘True dat. Last night was never going to be beaten by today.’

‘Pretty obvious from the atmosphere today that the actual match came a poor second to getting bladdered for a lot of our fans.’

‘Sums you pathetic fu..s up then.’

‘Shut up you clown.’

‘I was behind the goal trying to create atmosphere all the time. No one around us joined in.’

‘Same with us and we’re 60+.’

‘We only put our best fan performance in against the big clubs. Small time flag donating clubs dont get our adrenalin going.’

‘I think we tried to convince ourselves it was the same as 2014, and last night it seemed like it was. I think it dawned on most of us today that it just wasn’t.’

‘I forget about hangovers (have them weekly) and will forget about the game. However will remember jumping on Nelson’s column for a long time.’

‘Word on the fans. It seemed that our lot (me included) went to London for the weekend to have a good time and a laugh. Portsmouth came to the match with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove…’

‘Match was frustrating, but at least we got to celebrate a wonder goal and a last minute equaliser.’

‘Our fans need to get a loss less stick. We were fabulous first half and it’s only when Ross decided to sit with 4 dms on the pitch with 25 minutes left to go we went quiet,’

‘I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we’ll never move forward while he’s a regular in the first team. It’s time to put the idea he’s a strong person to bed, it’s beyond a joke tbh – he’s a coward of a footballer. I couldn’t beleive when Ross took Leadbitter off instead of ‘Catts’, partly for his penalty record alone. It’s not as if Cattermole’s athletic. Unbelievable.’

‘New owners, era, etc…..But remnants of the old ways still plagues the club, he shouldn’t have made his way back in to the first team, last summer.’

‘The good think about these threads is it highlights they utter scum within our support.’

‘Our fans today, pathetic,no noise no passion who bought all those tickets?’

‘Aye poor especially compared to Pompey.’

‘They were, same on us.’

‘Perhaps last night exhausted a few? I know I have been knackered today.’

‘Exactly,oooh lets go to covent garden and trafalgar and light some flares.

Very few fans there today.’

‘A lot of lads couldn’t get up for the tin pot cup. It was a weekend away for loads of lads I know who couldn’t give a fu.. about the game, it was a distraction. The passion was on saturday,’

‘Yes a weekend away,you should have gone to blackpool.’

‘Families and pensioners.

Bedrock of our modern day support.’

‘Trouble is mate we build ourselves up on here to be the bees knees which is fair enough. Pompey have always been loud despite their lesser numbers,’

‘Cannot see many wanting to go to see us lose the play of final, 20k at best.’

‘We have amazing support but the flag/banner at the beginning should have said library end not roker end.

The lack of noise was a shame bur what was disappointing was the amount of people who got up and left as soon as we went behind. Shameful.’

‘Too busy jumping about with flares the night before drinking cans and trashing London.’

‘One lad speaking on his phone the first half an hour totally ignoring the game.

Lad in front kept dropping off to kip through the whole first half, only spoke once to scream at the fella in front of him standing (for about 30 seconds to sing) – tried to start on me when I asked him to leave it, battered the sh.. out of his seat when they scored and stormed out before the end. Worlds biggest fan eh.

Had another fella screaming at his son to stop crying when we lost…’

‘SOL is quite poor most of the time, don’t know why people were expecting anything different at Wembley.

I actually thought the atmosphere was OK but can’t deny that the Pompey end was better on the day (didn’t help that they dominated from the 46th minute onwards).

A lot of our fans seem to be more interested in getting pi..ed at Trafalgar Square the night before than creating an atmosphere at the actual match.’

‘The only passion I saw around me was from the old timers….younguns were too busy checking FB or looking for equality and diversity breaches to report to stewards.’

‘I can’t remember being at a match when I have seen so many people chucking up in the bogs.’


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