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Must read Everton fans comments before AND after losing to Newcastle United – Some classics

1 year ago

Everton fans had plenty to say before the Newcastle match..

In the aftermath, they have taken it to a whole different level.

Newcastle supporters have grown used to the kind of anti-NUFC vitriol displayed in their pre-match comments (see below).

Interesting then to compare and contrast with what they have had to say below after the dramatic 3-2 defeat.

Still plenty of vitriol BUT as well as having a go at Newcastle’s team and fans, they reserve the majority of it for their own manager and players, especially a certain former Sunderland goalkeeper…

There is even a debate on whether they would now like (the much-hated ex-Liverpool boss) Rafa Benitez.

Whilst one confused individual makes a case for why Newcastle fans are lucky to have Mike Ashley…

Comments pre-match and post-match from Everton fans via their top Grand Old Team message board:


‘Can’t wait to see Rafas face when we win 2 0.’

‘I don’t care how poor the team is, how unhappy I am with them, I want nothing more than an absolute drubbing of this FSW.’

You just know Rafa will want to exact revenge for us denting the red scum’s title hopes.’

‘If Newcastle win that makes them unofficial world champions.

Lot at stake.’

‘Black and white kopites

Hope we destroy them.’

‘Show these up for the garbage they are and put them right back in that relegation battle.

On a side note, Walcott better not be near this squad.’

‘This weekend, Watford have got Man City away and Wolves have got Chelsea away. We have to get a win here to give us a chance of getting that European place.’

‘They punch horses, wave shoes, go topless,worship FSW, shout at shops and have a love in with the red scum, hurt them Everton.

‘That’s the most offensive of all their traits. Why do they feel the need? Middle aged fat men taking their tops off in sub zero temps.

“look at me, I’m proper mad me”.’

‘Aside from the red scum, this is the club I hate most.

Vile owner, vile manager, delusional fan’s, crap brown ale, to name a few reasons.’

‘Saturday will show the mentality of the players wont it.

if they turn up again and put a shift in they will want to finish the season strong.

or they just put in the tripe they have most of the season thinking they’ve done their job for the season with the derby draw.’


‘Just saw this stat “Everton have led 2-0 at half-time 394 times in our history (all competitions, all venues) – and we’ve lost only 2 of them! Including yesterday” obviously a few draws too but it’s a rare occurrence.

Silva needs to go and Pickford can go too, Yea he saved a penalty but shouldn’t have been on the field to do so.

He’s an absolute liability I hate seeing him on the field, you need a GK that your defenders can trust and we don’t have that.’

‘We made Ayoze Perez look good. Inexplicable.’

‘He’s raised his game in recent weeks, the arrival of almiron, increased competition for places and playing with better players have all facilitated it.’

‘I thought benitez was a good manager until I saw his long ball tactics today. He plays football like big sam. I didn’t realise he was a long ball specialist.’

‘Maybe he’s not, maybe he adapts and plays to the opposition weakness something we have not seen at Everton in a great many years.

A coach who can see it’s not working so changes things up.. Silva has one way of playing and if it’s not working he sticks with it.’

‘Serious question……would you have Benitez?’

‘I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole. I don’t understand why you have such a high opinion of him.’

‘Yes….if he hadn’t managed the red scum and called us a small club deffo.’

‘In goal maybe.’

‘He clearly isn’t a long ball specialist.

He is pragmatic and adapts accordingly to situations. Going direct in the second half was clearly effective so can’t really be criticised.

You can’t compare a manager as decorated as Benitez to Allardyce. Absurd.’

‘Pickford should of being benched months ago, we have a keeper who can’t defend his box, can’t catch a high ball, all basic skills your thought at schoolboy level.’

‘Was a toss up whether to get on the train home or throw myself under it.

I hate you Everton (until next week).’

‘Catching the ball from simple crosses would be a start, and a vast improvement…..

Pickford imo now is just a glorified shot stopper,and not that good with his mentality today seemed more interested in winding the crowd up than doing his job he is paid well to do.’

‘We lost from being 2-0 up…against Newcastle…

…where does one even begin…’

‘Would love to know where Pickford gets his confidence from, he can’t catch a ball.’

‘Stop the team bus at Sunderland and push Pickford off back where he belongs.’

‘Benitez would at the minimum have us comfortably 7th with the kind of money we have spent.

Newcastle have a decent owner in Ashley.

He may not throw money at them but he’s realised with FFP a top manager is worth their weight in gold and got one in.’

‘Go all out for Rafa in summer.’

‘Just make them an offer now, he would jump at the chance to come here.

I know he’s got history over the park but he’s a proper manager not one of these so called great up and coming ones, we’ve been there with two now and it doesn’t work.’

‘Did you see Newcastle starting to take control of the game/be more threatening, from the start of the second half.

Newcastle finding their way, Everton losing theirs.

That’s down to the managers.’

‘Some of the football we played was great, but we were beat a few times by a long ball over the top before the 1st goal, not because we were playing a high line.Because the defence were playing 10yds too deep and allowing the balls to drop which schoolboy level.

If we would have played a closer line between are attack and defence we would have won comfortably as we can play in tight situations much better than them.

From a football perspective we were streets ahead of them but tactically we are still naive.

As for Pickford. I have no words.’

‘Letting the fat Spanish waiter and the donkey punchers win after being 2 nil up is diabolical.

Pickford can go in the bin after that performance.’

‘Enough is enough and that today was a man who mad me bad decisions at the wrong time. Fair play to Newcastle for keeping going but we should never have lost this.’

‘Pickford as bad as Timmy Howard here flapping punching the ball out oh and their 3rd gol offside!’

‘Tim Howard is a million times better than bad scruff.’


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