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I will say that Newcastle fans need to find common ground with Mike Ashley

3 years ago

Like Brexit, Mike Ashley is going nowhere fast.

People aren’t happy how things have been handled, it isn’t what it said in the brochure and there’s been a series of u turns and serious public dissatisfaction.

People would like to see a change at the top. Sounds familiar?

Like almost everyone else, I blame Ashley for 99 percent of what’s gone wrong at our club over the past 12 years but there is one thing we can’t blame him for, no one with real wealth has put in an offer he simply can’t refuse.

Many think that the potential sale is just a sham to protect his cash cow but the fact remains, there’s not been a reasonable bid to even tempt him. It hurts but nobody wealthy enough wants to buy us, never mind the extra cash needed to restore the club to past glories.

I say glories but that’s pushing it! I certainly don’t want a consortium to take control if it’s struggling to even meet the asking price, with no prospect of substantial funding.

We are still up for sale but the signs aren’t good. Almost safe from relegation, you would have expected some external interest, fake over behind the scenes, or not. The end of the season will be crucial. One last chance to be saved or we are stuck with each other forever. What a thought.

So what happens next?

Do we embrace the fact that he is all we are going to get in the way of a billionaire and form an uncomfortable acceptance of each other? I think a lot accept that you won’t intimidate him or force a fire sale.

My friends who still attend don’t particularly like him but think opposing him is a waste of energy and bad for the club.

Then there’s the opposite view, make life uncomfortable for him, hurt his brand name and starve him of match day income.

In my opinion, with Sky his main benefactor and the platform for his PR, he won’t be particularly bothered about gate receipts or advertising. On the basis that even bad publicity is free advertising.

I’m not going to argue one way or the other but will say that we need to find common ground with him. Primarily to keep Rafa but then get guaranteed transfer funds even if it’s a lot less than everyone wants.

We also need Rafa to be made self sufficient on the football side and improvements in the club infrastructure. This may be seen as a pipe dream or actually giving in to him a bit but there isn’t much of an option without prospective buyers rearing their heads. Rinse and repeat a lot of you will say!

Like Brexit, there is no land of milk and honey at the other end and everyone is going to have to make do with whatever we can get.

Like the politics the deal isn’t going to be the real one, more a case of rising from the wreckage. That almost certainly means, with Mike Ashley at the helm.


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