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Wolves fans comments before AND after Newcastle United match – You have to laugh

2 years ago

Wolves fans having their say about Newcastle United and their supporters, as well as Rafa Benitez.

Comments before AND after Monday night’s match.

Very entertaining reading what the Wolves fans have had to say.

A bit of everything really.

Everything from praise for Newcastle United and sympathy for the 2,400+ who made the 400+ miles round trip, right through to pure hatred, both before and after the game.

Very strange behaviour for a club where there is no real connection or rivalry with Newcastle United and a team we have hardly played against in the last 25 years.

Wolves fans comment via their top Molineux Mix message board:


‘It always makes me laugh when you get this….ought to be a top six team thing with Newcastle.

Other than a brief moment in the sun under King Kev they’ve been pretty much as crap as we were over the last 30 years.

They have this sense of entitlement to belong in the higher echelons but in reality they are far more Sports Direct than John Lewis.

I don’t like them…..9-0.’

‘When did they last win anything apart from the Championship?’

‘Newcastle, a great night out – full of local slappers.

A club/team that coined the phrase ‘serial failure’ – the Keegan implosion said it all.

They don’t get the fact that the rest of football has p…ed themselves laughing at their ‘big club’ for years.

If ever a club deserved Mike Ashley as owner and a whinging fat Spanish waiter as manager (if they can’t bring back Joe Kinnear) it was that lot.

Sports Direct is the most upmarket thing in Newcastle.

I really hope that we absolutely smash them on Monday evening.’

‘Can’t stand Benitez… fact!

2-1 wolves ….. hopeful

4-0 wolves …..dream.’

‘Just hope we can score 2 as I am convinced we will struggle to handle Rondon again and he will score. Be great to break the magical 40 point barrier.’

‘They’ve not lost to a side outside the top 6 away from home this season.

Proves how tough it will be.’

‘Should be a routine home victory. But, Rafa will set them up to defend and they don’t seem to concede many.

It seems from time to time they remove the shackles but in other matches I’m sure I’ve read stats this season where they’ve not had a shot on target in 90 minutes.

Would love to complete the double over them with us scoring another 3 or 4 goals, but think it’ll be a tight match.

Going for Wolves 2 – 1 Newcastle. Rondon will inevitably score for them.’

‘I’m just hoping they dont get the first goal, Rafas tactics will be to frustrate us for the first 60 minutes, then he will hope that they can snatch a goal, if at any time they get ahead they will be hard to break down, i cant see many goals in this, hoping for a 1-0 win to the good guys.’

‘Hate these c…s, hope we smash the deluded big club c…s.’

‘They really are not the most likeable bunch of fans:’

‘I’ll take a scrappy 1-0 win against an organised Benitez team any day.’

‘It hasnt suited us in the past but we are constantly evolving

I see a comfortable win.’

‘4-0 Wolves.’

‘We need an early goal, dont like Fafa he is to negative, but an away point will be a good point for them, 10 men behind the ball will be how they will set up.’


‘The Newcastle fans and players are a disgrace, play acting, crying foul.

Hope Ashley stays with you for many years to come and takes you to League 1.’

‘I do think we are getting very precious on here lately

The nasty people on Sky were all Newcastle biased…no they weren’t, they were pretty even handed.

Newcastle were nasty, diving, cheating scum…no they weren’t, no more than any other team at the wrong end of the table fighting for their lives, and actually played some decent stuff at times.

We were cheated out of penalties, where? Doc should have scored, the Newcastle guy was just clearing his lines no chance of a pen, Jota had a tug yes, there was shirt tugging all over the park if you looked close enough, no pen for me.

No foul by Boly, possibly not, but i doubt many on here expected the goal to be given at the time, usually any contact on a keeper is a foul nowadays, and had it been at the other end we would have been up in arms this morning no doubt.

Lets be fair, Newcastle came for a point and got one, they did a good job on us.

We were below par last night, all over the park.

Yes we could have won it, yes we could have lost it, fair result for me.’

‘None of this we deserved a point boll…s! We bossed that game and should and could have easily won if Jimenez had his shooting boots on. Jimenez was still immense, love the guy.

Watch the game again as I did after coming back last night and you will see there was only one side in it.’

‘Imagine celebrating blocks, throw-ins and the substitution of a player who looked like a dog chasing a Frisbee, as if they were goals. Woeful stuff.

The Newacstle fans who made a 400-mile round trip on a Monday night deserve better than what they’re getting really.’

‘There’s only two teams I’ve seen play against us who have shown no desire to win, one was Shrewsbury in the cup, the other was Newcastle last night. How on earth the Newcastle fans can sit there and sing Benitez’s name, when he’s serving up that kinda football, shocking really.’

‘Fair play to Newcastle for the gameplan but that’s survival football, on a par with Brighton’s durge. Don’t really get the media love-in with them and Rafa – if he’s that good then get them into mid-table.’

‘First half we were in control playing nice football and could have easily been a goal or two up with a bit better fortune. Had this happened I think we would have cruised it.

Second half was a bit more even, Wolves weren’t quite as in control. Once Newcastle got the fortune of a goal through Wolves errors they became re-energised and started winning a lot of the second balls which breaks up any fluidity we had and made the game a little scrappy and broken which suited them more than us.’

‘Yeah, the tackle on Raul was terrific working back from their player. Atsu I think.’

‘Patricio should have done better with the goal and his kicking is awful. I would consider trying to sign a new goalkeeper.’

‘Watching it again, you can see a Newcastle defender having a go at their keeper, both clearly believing there was no foul.’

‘You just need to look at the expression on the keeper’s face, he knows he’s dropped a boll….’

‘Correct. No foul, nothing like one.

His arms end up where they do but he isn’t pushing down with them at all…..keeper not in control, weak and mistimes his leap.’

‘Watching that Doherty missed header back at 0-0, he definitely missed because he was afraid of getting a boot to the face and wouldn’t put his head lower to meet the ball. Surely that’s a price worth paying to score? Possibly even a foul and a penalty if you go in for it.’

‘Have to say, as good as he’s been this season, he simply had to score that. You can bet Newcastle’s favourite son would have been all over it (in punditry – not just as a player), you take one in the face if you have to but you put your team 1-0 up. Many players talk in interviews about putting their bodies on the line, that was a time it was needed.’

‘This is the final stretch of the premier league and every year we see teams chasing top six lose to those at the bottom because the bottom teams have gone from concerned to desperate.

Newcastle were the first desperate team I have seen. This wasn’t so much a game of football as a game of wills and thankfully we kept going until the last whistle to try and salvage anything.

They meanwhile will play this way for the rest of the season. I dread Cardiff and Fulham because they have a lot more to play for than we do, but I am delighted that a game we would have usually lost we got something out of.’

‘I think something that very much has to be noted is Newcastle came here with the same game plan that has seen a number of teams leave with the win after Just sitting in and frustrating us. Last night was possibly the best we’ve played against a team who came here just to defend – some of our one touch stuff was sublime – on another night we’re not so wasteful and win comfortably.’

‘After watching it back with the wonders of modern TV, it’s borderline. I’m still amazed, as I was at the match, that the ref gave it. It’s about time we had a bit of luck though.’

‘Said in the prediction thread it would be a tough game. RB sets up his sides well ( dont think he will be at the Toon next season). Draw a fair result in the end.

Too many snowflakes on this forum.’

I personally didn’t and still don’t think it was a foul for the goal. However, I’d put strong money on that being disallowed next year when VAR is introduced. They’ll watch it so many times, looking for any reason to chalk it off and they’d have found it. Absolutely dreading next season when it comes into play, but that’s for another time I guess.’

‘Newcastle were better than I expected and played some good football .

Wasteful with our chances. Sand in our toes still I reckon.’

‘I must have been watching a different game to the sky commentators/pundits trying to talk up Newcastle. You could be forgiven for thinking we were watching them give a masterclass. They even got super excited at one stage simply because Almiron came on and appeared to run quite quickly? So does Helder Costa mate. Whoopedy doo.

I thought Newcastle were awful to watch tbh. Hardly any mention either of their continual diving, timewasting and general anti-football tactics. On another day, and with sharper finishing, we could have easily swept 3 or 4 past them. I thought we played some lovely stuff at times, but it wasn’t our best day infront of goal. Doc and Donk both should have scored and Jiminez and Jota could both have had a couple each for starters. We absolutely deserved at least a point there. I’m not sure how anyone could really say Newcastle deserved all 3 (check the game stats). The manner/timing of the equaliser was a bit cruel, but a defeat would have been very harsh on us.’

‘I sincerely hope Newcastle go down, so negative and their fans can just moan about anything as if the world revolves around a team that has nothing for majority of their history.’


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