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Sunderland fans in meltdown as turn against manager and question what is going on?

2 years ago

Newcastle supporters are under no illusions as to whether they are in a Premier League relegation battle.

However, spare a thought for the Sunderland fans and their now dawning realisation.

They said that Newcastle had underachieved even when winning the Championship.

Then when they ( the Mackems) went into the second tier, they ended up rock BOTTOM of the Championship.

Dropping into League One, Sunderland fans claimed that they would walk this league, with their super new owners brought in from non-league English football and a manager from te second tier of Scottish football.

However, after failing to win 14 of their 29 league games so far and not winning four of their last five, today’s lucky 1-1 draw at Oxford who started the day in the relegation zone, appears to have tipped many Mackems over the edge.

Read the comments from Sunderland fans below, they have finally realised (11 points behind leaders Luton who were in League two last season) that promises and what they had hoped for, maybe aren’t quite what they were claimed to be…

Sunderland fans comment via their Ready To Go (and stay in League One for the foreseeable future) message board:

‘Give me as much stick as yous want but people need to wake up.

We are absolutely pathetic.

We have spent an absolute.fortune for this league and we look sh..e. Side to side rubbish constantly. Nick a goal and go behind the ball

We spend large chunks of games under pressure every week.

Ross needs questioning like. His tactics have been sh..e since November.’

‘ joke. Its time to sack this muppet in charge

Absolute disgrace.’

‘The last six weeks or so have not been good enough like.

I thought it might just be a blip but if anything we are getting worse.’

‘Yeah it’s hard to defend now. Shocking. Worst SAFC side in history, we are sh…’

‘We should be creating double figure chances the team we have. Not 1 or 2 a game like we are at the minute.’

‘Got to question the manager when he’s taking quality players like McGeady off to try and hold onto a lead. Used to always sub Maja too.

He’s ridiculously defensive.’

‘Same old sh… score sit back and hope they don’t equalise, been like it for months nothings changed.’

‘He started the season amd we were playing good footy. Wtf has happened man.’

‘What happened to the high intensity press we were using earlier in the season. We look so lethargic all over the pitch now.’

‘Nothing seems to change. 2nd best today once again.’

‘I agree 100% poor starting line up better players on the bench rubbish tactics forget promotion with Ross.’

‘Problems is he seems happy to score 1 goal then try and keep a clean sheet which is al well and good when you have scored more than 1 goal but is poor when you have only scored 1 goal play offs here we come.’

‘It’s where your football loyalties lie that needs questioning.’

‘Mate give ya head a shake.

If yous can defend this yous will defend any old sh…

You cant say a word about them on here these days or youre a mag .’

‘Totally agree. People are completely blinded by their love for the club.

We play sh.. football week in week out. We have given away so many points from winning positions.

Our players seem to have no bottle or desire (bar Onien) and we do definitely not deserve to be where we are in the league from our performances.

We have been sh.. and Jack needs to buck his ideas up or fu.. off.’

‘We should be top 2 with this squad, no doubt. To be on the backfoot for the majority of the game against oxford and Scunthorpe is shocking.’

‘We should be winning the league by 15-20 points with this squad.’

‘Boring as fu.. and slipping further and further behind.’

‘Too many fans on about us winning the league, we are woeful in a woeful league.’

‘Much like the team, Ross has been garbage since the Barnsley game.

Only reason we’re not losing most weeks is down to a combination of McLaughlin and the standard of finishing at this level being utterly appalling.’

‘Fair points.

Keeper best player again!!!’

‘I’ve tried to defend them often as I hate turning on managers as we’ve had a decade of that but to be not creating chances against teams like Shrewsbury, Oxford and Scunthorpe is pathetic.

Every home game but 5 have been absolutely horrendous watches.

I felt physically sick leaving the ground even sometimes when we’ve won.

Lacklustre. Turgid. Weak. Brittle. Sh…

Really, to have the points we have is a miracle as we’ve been quite simply shocking in almost every game.’

‘I want JR to do well but 1 isolated striker week after week is going to loose him all good will.

People slagging Wyke of last week…we could have Augero in our team but with 0 support it makes it very very difficult.’

‘One shot on target all game against a side (Oxford0 in the relegation zone is nowhere near good enough. In fact it’s enbarrassing.’

‘Why do people go so defensive or criticise when people slate the team or the manager.

We have been sh.. for months and those who cant seen it are blind.’

‘It’s worrying the way both oxford and Wimbledon – bottom of the table teams – seemed to control large parts of the game against us. We just don’t look to have the quality to go up in the automatic places. If we do go up we would need major money invested.’

‘Our main problem is we don’t score enough goals, and we don’t even miss chances, we dont’ create any

The scoring in every game is the most misleading stat going around, if you score 1 a game you won’t get promoted

I only worry about the Grigg signing because its just going to be the same situation as with Maja, even if he scores his chances, we aren’t creating enough to score 2 or 3 a game.’

‘You know you have problems when the keeper is man of the match time and time again.

We didn’t have a shot on target in the second half against a team in the bottom 4.

Not a chance of us going up as things stand.’

‘Even when we win we don’t tend to play well, and given some of the absolute dross in this league it’s worrying.

Meanwhile you’ve got the other sides at the top regularly scoring 2 or 3 goals a game, while our keeper has to make 10 saves a game to make sure we don’t concede more than once.’

‘Have been massively helped by having the best striker and keeper in the league. We’ve lost the best striker.’

‘Why can’t people just accept that watching us absolutely dire.

People are right to ask questions, I haven’t got a clue what game plan we have but it clearly isn’t working.’

‘If he fails to get us up he should be sacked.’

‘Ross gets until the end of the season regardless, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions. If we don’t go up he goes, as there’s no excuse for not getting this squad up.’


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