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Sunderland fans in meltdown after lucky draw against Accrington Stanley – 4 days after mocking Newcastle not beating Wolves

5 months ago

Sunderland fans were mocking  Newcastle United on Monday night for not beating Wolves who are seventh in the Premier League.

Only four days after that they watched on as their team got a lucky 2-2 draw against Accrington Stanley after being two down.

The natives are revolting.

Booed off the pitch, Sunderland fans are now arguing amongst themselves as to whether or not this is the worst ever team in their entire history.

The happy clappers pointing to only two league defeats all season and a possible Checkatrade Trophy final to look forward to.

Whilst the pessimists/realists point to the fact that they have failed to win a majority of their league games now (won 15 of 31), are playing rubbish, have won only one league game since New Year’s Day, and are now nine points off Luton at the top.

Sunderland fans comment via their Ready To Go message board:

‘Come on what’s going on ?? You can’t be happy with this sh… surely ??

Accrington Stanley, whose whole team cost £145,000, for god’s sake and they deserved to win, just like a lot of teams that play us.

Lets be honest and man up, admit we are playing terrible football for the last 4 months !!!!!’

‘What is going wrong and don’t say the pressure etc coz Luton are flying and Barnsley scoring goals and winning games for fun !!!

First not good enough for the premier.

Then not good enough for the championship and NOW it looks like where not good enough to get in the top 2 positions in League 3 WOW.’

‘The worst Sunderland team in 140 year history.

I think it’s safe to say we aren’t going to win the third tier. Not impossible, but very unlikely. 14/1 sky bet.

Tonight is the lowest point and just another miserable day. The realisation automatic promotion is slipping away and failing to beat Blackpool followed by Accrington at home. No positives at all to take. To fail to beat Accrington is embarrassing but failure to dominate the game is unforgivable.

I’d be tentatively looking for a replacement for Ross because I obviously now have my doubts, but wouldnt go out to replace him unless we look like slipping out of playoffs.’

‘It’s better than last seasons team.’

‘Not though is it……this is the F…ing pub league, we’re getting humped week in, week out….’

‘It’s not a good team and it’s unlikeky to win the league but promotion is still very much on. Statistically though it will be our worst ever team even if we end up second. Nothing we can do about it unfortunately.’

‘It is the worst team in our history! It is worse than last year’s team (except the goalkeeper ). Grabban was better than maja or any of our current strikers ,but he left and wasn’t replaced. The team in the 3rd division the last time we were in it was better than this.’

‘The level of craziness and desperation man ffs, folks need to calm the f… down.’

‘Worst team in 140 years and you are saying calm down. If ever there was a time not to be saying that.’

‘We weren’t averaging 32k positive supporters last year, Ross has pi..ed away the positivity…’

‘Worst side in the last 140 years? This side isn’t even close to being the worst in the last 14 months, man.’

‘’We are f…ing useless at the back, and up top, midfield is even worse, only 2 quality players we have are McGeady and Maguire, maybe Leadbitter. Wyke should retire, I even hate looking at him with that daft f…ing beard.

Accrington, Wycombe, Blackpool, Fleetwood, Oxford, Shrewsbury, even Stoke u23s. we haven’t even looked like beating these pub teams, but we’ve scored in every game which will please some of you f…wits, i’m f…ing pi..ed off which is an understatement, our only success this season might come if the mags are relegated, which looks unlikely.’

‘We came back from two down.’

‘Ha’way 0-2 down to Accrington f…ing Stanley ( who hadn’t scored in the league since Boxing Day) just shows how poor we were last night, we had a 20 minute purple patch.

And we’re supposed to be upbeat?’

‘Jack Ross is just not very good is he. Early promise has soon gone.’

‘Ross hasn’t got a f…ing clue what he’s doing.

Literally every game now is a different formation and he’s just hoping something works, he hasn’t got a clue what his best team is. No chance we are going up with him in charge.’

‘F…ing shocking. Really don’t know why I should bother anymore. Haven’t missed a home game for a decade but I’m seriously questioning why I bother now. Devestating.’

‘If you sat through Moyes, Grayson & Coleman then decide now is the time to quit, you’ve wasted a lot of your time in the last few years…’

‘Hold on, we’ve got two wide-boy, wide-eyed jumped up barrow boys as owners, a right wing Uruguayan politician on the board, and an unknown Scottish manager who’s won nowt and out of his depth. Nobody noticed this?’

‘We are practically a brand new club apart from the fans, we as a club just need time to adjust so in the grand scheme of things we are doing well.’

‘We spent as much on one player last month as Accrington’s entire budget for the season.’

‘We did really well last nigt, obviously we are a better side we just need a bit more time, I can smell a good run of wins.’

‘Words fail. F…ing embarrassing.’

‘To be fair Accrington are a canny side and I hope they do well. Propper club and propper fans.’


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