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Huddersfield fans comments before AND after losing 2-0 to Newcastle United – Interesting

2 years ago

Huddersfield fans have seen their team win two Premier League matches in ten and a half months.

Since beating Watford 1-0 on 14 April 2018, The Terriers have won just the two games.

Huddersfield travelled to Tyneside with a record in their last 13 Premier League matches of 12 defeats and one draw.

Despite that, some of the pre-match comments below were very optimistic.

The post-match comments are less so…

Huddersfield fans comment before and after the 2-0 defeat via their top Down At The Mac message board:


‘We are going to beat Newcastle, Wolves and Brighton.

Why not, we have as good a chance as not of beating them.

I am going to dream and hope. Imagine us suddenly on 20pts, we would be back from the dead. Back in contention and hunting a worried looking lower half of the table.

We are not done yet.’

‘One step at a time, one of these days we will win a game and I think we are capable of upsetting Newcastle.’

‘After the next 7 games, we’ll be in 17th place…’

‘The only ‘minor’ issues being we can’t score goals, stop goals going in or have any luck whatsoever.’

‘I’ve got a feeling we might get something at Newcastle.

Said i wouldnt do anymore aways after fulham this season but i’m going to it.

Be superb winding those geordie tossers up if we can get a result.

Even though we’ve played them more recently i still cant forget the w..kers taking the pi.. when they beat us at ours in the promotion season.’

‘We have no pressure or expectation now. We are already down. Any town fan who thinks otherwise is a bafoon. And everyone in the league expects nothing less than a comfortable win against us.

Newcastle are bang in the relegation mixer. The self important Geordies will be furious if they don’t get three points against us.’


‘To be honest, I thought the writing was on the wall BEFORE the sending off.

We’d bossed possession, but Newcastle could have been 2-0 up.

They attacked the space with pace and precision. We just played in front of them with short, one-paced passing movements that carried little threat.’

‘They sat there waiting for us. A home version of the 1-0 at ours. Job done. Fat Spanish waiter or not, he knows his onions.’

‘He’s the reason they stayed up last season, and he’s the reason they have a chance of stopping up again.

Without Benitez Newcastle would be down with us and Fulham.’

‘Newcastle aren’t very good but this is embarrassing.

A decent team would, without exaggeration, have scored 6 or 7.’

‘Possibly the worst performance of the season to make Newcastle look so good. No energy in the team, their hearts have all gone.’ 

‘Newcastle should have won 15-0.’

‘Can’t disagree. They missed a sackful today, whereas I don’t recall their keeper having shot to save, even when we had eleven men.’

‘Just seen new pictures re tweeted on twitter, close up face on angle, this is not a red card challenge.’

‘It’s a red card. But I can guarantee would not have been given the other way around.’ 

‘That could have got quite messy.

Fortunately for us, Newcastle looked a bottom 6/7 team and a team who have scored the second fewest goals in the Prem this season.

I think 0-2 was a good outcome given the performance of about 8 or 9 of the players.’

‘Probably get slated but it’s the earliest I’ve ever left a game, I left at half time because I couldn’t bare to watch any more and thought the pub was a better option.’

‘Made it to 70, then went back to the pub. Not out of anger or frustration, but simply out of pure boredom.’

‘The stand was half empty by about 75 mins.’

‘Surely the basic requirement for any footballer is to have the ability and footballing brain to play at the level they represent.

No player at any level should need telling to what would happen next after making a career ending tackle similar to that of Smiths , and resulted  in the beginning of the end to any game plan.’

‘Ritchie’s tackle was poor, straight the back of our player, typical Ritchie type of tackle, there was some stuff going on.’

‘Good day apart from the football.

Will judge siewert on next season, but when i saw the team selection. bloody hell.’

‘Tough first 20 minutes today with newcastle up for it, we then commit hari kari again and lose…’

‘I saw Almiron a few times last year and he is fast and very talented.

Smith is not fast and, as been said here, is perhaps playing at a level that is a little beyond his capability. End result is a late tackle with studs up.

Yes, we have seen worse that went unpunished but that is because of poor reffing.’

‘The new manager can only take inspiration from Rafa who has proved you can work with a bad team and teach them to win once in a while.’

‘Crap defending but for both goals no Newcastle player took more than one touch.’

‘At least we can all go back to work Monday and be a bit more chipper…’

‘Speak for yourself, I work in Newcastle!’

‘Are people seriously debating whether Smith should have got a red for that? ridiculous challenge & if the shoe was on the other foot we’d be screaming for the player to be sent off.. Ref got it spot on.’

‘Almiron looks like he will be a good signing for them.’


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