Jonjo Shelvey continues to be in the media spotlight.

The press stories are relentless despite them making absolutely zero sense.

The midfielder arrived at St James Park exactly three years yesterday, joining for £13m from Swansea City as Newcastle United desperately fought a relegation battle.

Three years and a day later and Newcastle United are fighting yet another relegation battle thanks to Mike Ashley’s neglect and agenda against the Newcastle supporters.

The media continue to run this story that Jonjo Shelvey is set to move to West Ham this month, with a transfer fee of £20m+.

In normal circumstances, it is an easy story to write.

A childhood Hammers fan, Jonjo Shelvey is a talented if inconsistent midfielder, currently at a club that has zero ambition, whilst West Ham – despite all their faults, are at least a club that is haphazardly trying to better themselves.

It is a bit like the Andy Carroll back to Newcastle story that appears every single transfer window, it will always make some kind of sense even though we know it is just more made up nonsense.

However, why on earth are the media still running with this Jonjo Shelvey January move to West Ham? They choose to simply ignore the facts as they currently stand today.

Jonjo Shelvey is currently knackered.

He hasn’t been able to start any match for these past 10 weeks, since being forced off through injury against Watford on 3 November 2018.

The thigh injury keeps flaring up again whenever he as tried to step back up and come off the bench.

The latest being against Blackburn seven days ago when he reminded us of his ability with a couple of stunning long range passes.

However, following that game his thigh injury once again bothered him and he has been over in Barcelona seeing a specialist to try and get to the bottom of the problem. The same specialist he went to see in December to try and get it sorted.

Despite this information, the newspapers continue to report this (Saturday) morning that a move to West Ham could be imminent…

The media are most definitely getting ever more desperate/worse. How can any rational person believe that West Ham are going to be spending £20m+ on a player who has an injury that currently there is no solution to?

If the Hammers are buying anybody this month, it will be with the intention of them making an impact straight away, not risking big money on somebody who may or may not be able to play regularly sometime in the future.

This is all before we get to the Newcastle United side of things.

Rafa Benitez has been reluctant these last four transfer windows to let anybody go, who he might have a use for. He has found to his cost that even if he agrees to sell a player, he has no guarantee of being allowed those funds to spend on replacements, never mind anything extra!

Mitrovic and Merino left for a combined £32m (could rise to £37m) in the summer and yet he was only allowed free transfer Ki Sung-yeung and loan striker Salomon Rondon to replace them.

Rafa couldn’t even let Isaac Hayden leave in the summer for the same reason and is indicating the same now. This despite Hayden being nowhere near good enough for the Premier League and a player who doesn’t want to be here, shown clearly with a shocking disinterested display against Blackburn.

There is no way that Rafa Benitez would leave Jonjo Shelvey leave this month. His hope will be that eventually Shelvey will be sorted and he will be able to feature and impress in enough matches to help Newcastle cheat relegation once again. The midfielder one of the few players with any kind of decent quality that Newcastle have.

Despite this, no doubt you will be reading the Sunday papers ‘informing’ you about the imminent Jonjo Shelvey move to West Ham…

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  • Paul Patterson

    To be honest, for £20m I’d sell. But it wouldn’t be re-invested in a £20m/similar quality replacement so it’s pointless.

    • Kenny

      You couldn`t replace him for £20m, put him in a team with good strikers & and a decent midfield and he`ll win you games.

      • Paul Patterson

        I don’t know. I’ve stated elsewhere that we look good and often more creative with Ki in the side and he was free. But he’s the exception to the rule.
        More often than not you HAVE to spend serious money to get quality . .

        • Kenny

          Ki had 3 decent games then faded, he didn`t sustain his form
          you get what you pay for, or not in the case of Ki

          • Kneebotherm8

            Problem with Shelvey is in games where we don’t have much possession………defensively he isn’t great as we’ve all seen with the yellows and red cards he gets……he needs to be in a team dominating possession…….and even when we’ve got possession,as you say,he’s got eff all up front to aim for…….he looked a class above in the championship when we dominated most games but in this division those are few and far between for us… a West Ham team I think he’d have a field day with the forwards they’ve got………still think the story is a load of sht like……although you could see why they might want to sign him….

      • Toontaff

        West Ham?!?

  • Leazes.


    Journalist who take the easy route are as guilty of betrayal as an owner who acts out a malevolent programme of asset stripping and deliberately making the club struggle.

    Keyon has a whip round?….


  • Tommy

    If West Ham bid in the region of £20m Shelvey will be gone, Rafa has no say in the matter and Ashley does.

  • Steven05

    As far as the good of the club is concerned, it’s pointless selling Karl Darlow for £80m or Longstaff for £150m

    The money disappears

  • Billmag

    The Hammer’s got their fingers burnt with Carroll, once bitten twice shy as they say.

  • Carverlier football

    The Mag’s overuse of the word “embarrassing” is embarrassing…

  • Tweed Mag

    Unless you hear it from Rafa, or someone who is involved (in this case Shelvey) don’t believe a word. Most of the press coverage is inaccurate. The Chronic being the worst – it is as if they are part of KBA at times.

    • Kenny

      The Chronicle & Ryder are a blight on the landscape but Rafa has no say on who leaves.

      • Leazes.

        They are coming out from under their rock to a public meeting on the 24th….. they’re wheeling out John Gibson to hide behind…. to recall stories of ‘failures past’ dressed as victories.

        Still Douglas believes that Ashley is a good honest bloke and all of his mates are too…. and Staveley was genuine and definitely not an ongoing PR stunt….

        ….and Kenyon is crowd funding a takeover….. these people are dangerous.

        • Kenny

          5 quid a ticket,

  • Kenny

    He`s to good to play with the current crop of Newcastle players, his stats belie his skill, his lack of assists etc are more down to the dross he`s playing with than his lack of ability.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Was that dross?……or hoss?….😂

      • Kenny


      • porciestreet


  • 5floorshigh

    Hey Hepworth, you should answer your own question you clown

  • Leazes.

    No doubt Sam

    At the same time as castigating the speculation your very own opening paragraph reads……

    ……..”Am I happy to go in every game and say ‘Can we get a point, can we get three points’? No. But I have to do it. That means I am not negative”.

    You are happy to delude yourself in the same way that Mark Douglas and Ryder are happy to help you delude yourself…..


    ….problematic ‘spinning positive’….. it feeds delusion and normalises a lack of accountability and ambition….. it hides problems but you see a need for it.

  • Peaky

    Michael James Wallace Ashley…..aka FatTwat…..WHERE’S THE MONEY GONE….???
    🐷🐷🐷 OOT OOT OOT
    🤓🤓🤓 OOT OOT OOT
    Ryder/Douglas etc OOT OOT OOT…..

    • porciestreet


  • Dillon Tovak

    “How can any rational person believe that West Ham are going to be spending £20m+ on a player who has an injury”

    Well Bournemouth just spent £17m on solanke who’s out injured with no return date in sight.

    • We’ll support you evermore

      Hudson odoi 20 odd million played 2 games. Everything that is wrong with football. Don’t blame Ashley for not paying 17 millions for the likes of solankes.

      • Dillon Tovak

        I don’t rate Solanke, but I’m saying the claim by the writer that it’s utterly ridiculous a team would buy an injured Shelvey isn’t correct.

        • Kenny

          It`s done all the time, all over Europe

      • steve

        Yes do blame Ashley, because with the amount of money premier league clubs generate that is now the going rate for players. That we aren’t spending the TV money on players means it must be going somewhere else and it certainly isn’t the training ground, stadium or youth academy.

        • We’ll support you evermore

          Mate I wouldn’t pay over the odds for anything, everyone is taking the p155 now and living in a false sense of reality. If you won the euro million and you had 100 plus million just because you had all this money would you pay over the odds for something? I wouldn’t and I doubt you would also. So I don’t blame Ashley on certain players for not paying over the odds. Would you not be happy with say Alfredo morelos? 22 year old banging them in for fun at rangers and wouldn’t have to pay silly money. Fans seem to be obsessed with high transfer fees these days.

          • steve

            But if everyone wins the euromillions, which is essentially what has happened with the influx of money into football, then the cost of things increases. Yes there may be good value options out there but we aren’t investing in scouting either. And to your specific suggestion of Morelos no I wouldn’t have him anywhere near my team, he’s a flat track bully who goes missing in the big games unless he’s being sent off.

          • We’ll support you evermore

            Depends what you define as a bully mate, imo he’s no bully he’s just got an edge to him which is a good thing. I’d have morelos everyday of the week and if rafa leaves which is probably inevitable I’d take Stevie G of them aswell. And regarding influx of money no I wouldn’t throw it round like confetti for overpriced players, like I say I’d buy reasonable fair priced players.

          • porciestreet

            The massive difference is that anyone living in Newcastle right now knows more about football than fatty, so how the hell is he qualified to know what a players worth actually is. …..?

    • We’ll support you evermore

      I’d keep it real and go and buy the likes of deapauy or watkins brentford
      Janson, Leeds
      Morelos, rangers
      Even almiron, hungry players who haven’t been in the big time yet and want to prove to everyone they can do it.

      • Carverlier football

        Jansson from Leeds..? So you don’t blame Ashley for paying £17m on Solanke (no surprise there), but you’d be quite happy for us to blow however much on a player in a position which is probably about our lowest transfer priority…? Yeah, forget a striker or a number 10, what we desperately need is another centre back…

        • We’ll support you evermore

          Yea jansson, my spelling wasn’t on point. Yea I don’t blame Ashley for spending the likes of 17 on solanke 20 on ake etc. I’d rather go and spend on the above I mentioned which would come with a fair price and not these inflated mental prices. I mentioned 2 3 strikers above 1 of which deaupay can play at number 10 also.

          • We’ll support you evermore

            *Not spending

    • Leazes.

      Injury didn’t stop Shepherd buying Owen….. shame!

  • Mr_Kinnear

    Ok its Saturday morning. The press guys are on tjeir way to various matches for free entrance and hospitality. To try anx justify their ecistence they feel that they should write something about football. Two options one- actually speak to a reliable sources from a club. Two-rehash some old nonsense. You decide which is the easiest. It seems press journalism is speculation and opinion these days. If the editors and owners dont take them to task for writing any old shiiiiite then they will continue to do it.

  • Jonathan Gibson

    £20m for shelvey? Fringe england central midfielder, best passer of a ball in premiership in his prime years and hes worth £20m? Personally in todays market i would put him in the £40m+ bracket, shelvey in a man city or liverpool team with a forward three would be sensational

  • Toontaff

    Shelvey’s moving in, next to The Hoss, in the livery…………

  • fistsofsteel2

    Hope he goes – he’s a liability and nowhere near as good as he thinks he is, or others try and make out. Perez is a far better, harder working, more talented player than Shelvey…so I’d rather Shelvey went; and we have Ki who is also a much better player than Shelvey.