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Very interesting Manchester United fans comments before and after beating Newcastle United

5 years ago

Manchester United fans had plenty to say before Wednesday night’s match at St James Park and even more so afterwards.

Hoping for a fourth win in a row under new boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, their views pre-match ranged from expecting an easy three points and boost to the goal difference, to those expecting it to be the toughest test yet under the new manager.

Following the game, the views were equally diverse.

You have some Manchester United fans thinking it was a great victory, whilst others thought it was a bit of a disappointment to win by only two.

Interesting also to hear what they say about Newcastle United.

Can’t really disagree with them when they complain about Shelvey’s ‘tackle’ on Pogba, it was a stupid and reckless challenge which could have been most damaging for his own team, if he’d picked up a three match ban – especially with Ki away until February.

On the wider issues for NUFC, we had everything from pure hatred to a lot of sympathy for our existence under Mike Ashley.

Interesting reading below.

Manchester United fans commenting on their top Red Cafe message board:


Newcastle are dire though they are always up for it v us and we’ve made a right mess of our last few visits there. Have to win though and we will.’

‘Imagine how grim this fixture would have been if it was Mourinho versus Benitez? would have been beyond awful.

It feels great that we can look forward to football again.’

‘Rondon is going to have a fun time against our defenders.. But if our attackers turn up, we should easily outscore them.’

‘These Geordies always have a tendency to turn up against us especially at St James’ Park.

If we play the same way we have done then we will get the win. Confidence is sky high at the club which is great to see.’

‘Should be another 1-3 or 1-4 win.’

‘First real test for Ole. I think we’ll struggle particularly with Newcastle having an extra day’s rest. Probably a draw.’

Benitez will duly park the bus. It’ll be a challenge to break them down and at the same time not get done on the counter.’

‘Newcastle are the 2nd worst home side in the league this year. have dropped 23 points out of 30, -8 GD. Worst is Huddersfield with 25 points dropped at home

Have won 1 in their last 7. 1-0 away to Huddersfield.’

‘Got to get control and score early to calm that irritating ground down.’

‘This will be Solskjaer’s biggest test so far, trying to break down the Rafabus and not getting caught on the counter.’

‘Newcastle goal difference -12, I think we should be looking to increase that, substantially.’

‘Absolutely hate Newcastle. Hope they get relegated soon. To them every game against United is a cup final. They will step up against us and bend over for other teams.’

‘I’m up in the North East and if I survive New Years Eve i’m going to this, and to be honest i’m more concerned about getting the last no.47 bus back into deepest darkest Gateshead after the match and keeping my gob shut, than the match itself.

Comfortable 0-2 or 1-3 win.’

‘We’ll win by 6 goals.’

‘Isn’t it nice knowing that we have a game against a team like Newcastle and expecting that we will at least try to kick their teeth in rather than expecting to go 1-0 before losing interest for the rest of the game and conceding a sloppy late goal.’

‘Newcastle are atrocious we should be winning this but they’ll play defensive so we may have to be patient.’

‘This will be a test because Rafa don’t like no Man United. BUT WE WIN.’

‘Make no mistake, they will be up for it.’

‘Another bunch of Game Raising C’s.

2 -2.’

‘Benitez threw the game v the Scousers last week with his team selection and tactics but he’ll have them primed for us on Wednesday no doubt, the absolute weapon.’


‘Newcastle surprisingly decent today.’

‘Rafa side will always be stronger than the sum of his parts.

How he and the Newcastle fans must pray for new owners to invest in the club.’

‘That’s a hard fought, honest and contested clean sheet victory. Resolve and character throughout the back and front that haven’t seen too many times before today.’

‘Very pleased Ole got his clean sheet. Could’ve been 3 or 4 nil in the end.’

‘Finally a good result in Geordie land.’

‘Lindelof MOTM by some distance.

‘Best game to date, was flawless. Even won a majority of the headers against Rondon!’

‘Deserved victory, but the worst of our 4 performances under Solskjaer.

A bit of fatigue was probably at play, but I think the main issue today was the team selection that was utterly disjointed and made Newcastle’s job far easier.’

‘Hard fought game. They didn’t have gold opportunities. I think we were pretty careless with our final balls having carved them open a few times especially in the first half. Lindelof, Matic, Rashford and Herrera were the stand out performers.’

‘TV showed Pogba’s revenge on Shelveym3 times more. Yeah, I mean, I thought Bailly’s red was Ok at first glance last game, but I counted three worse from Newcastle (Lascelles twice and Shelvey).’

‘8 home defeats for Newcastle United.’

‘Under Jose this game ends 0-0 or 1-0 Newcastle guaranteed. He’s never won at St James’ Park.’

‘Bye bye barcodes.’

‘We were playing the ref and the crowd as well last night, not an easy game at all but we managed the game brilliantly.’

‘Newcastle worked hard, the ref was shambles and yet we kept playing our game. SAF team won’t do better than that in similar conditions.’

‘Do you know that Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and Tottenham all won against Newcastle with just a 2-1 scoreline? We won 2-0 and some people are still not happy.’

‘Yeah. People here are being overly critical. Like we are supposed to steamroll them. This was a very good performance in my opinion, given the context of the game.’

‘That felt more like United to me. Yes it was nice hammering Cardiff etc but this is our bread and butter. Away to a Newcastle team that was set up to disrupt and frustrate and kick us and we kept professional and came away with the win. This was more like the Utd of old.’

‘Although Newcastle are a stubborn squad with 9 defenders, we struggled to make runs into channels and trying to be more mobile without the ball.

How Shelvey stayed on was beyond me, what a horrible disrespectful tackle. We get it, you’re a wannabe hard man but that was diagusting, imagine how Keane would have reacted to that?

Lascelles, another dirty beggar who, I thought, could have gone on another day.

Finally, Pogba played really well when he got a chance to keep on his feet after all the hacking.’

‘I think last night’s result and performance was actually the most satisfying under OGS, because it felt like the first time we were really challenged. It is of course nice to see us play free flowing attacking football, but getting the results against tough sides that really dig in is just as important. Getting the three points and the clean sheet, when Newcastle tried to kick us out of the game felt great!

If only Pogba had scored his chance in the end – that would have been the perfect “f…k you” to Shelvey.’

‘I thought Yedlin had a really good game for them up against Martial… I rate him a fair bit to be honest.

I’d maybe have him here.’

‘3 pts from a difficult game against a very well organized team.

That said if I was a Geordie I’d be fuming after seeing my team, at home, put in such a defensive display.

Benitez deserves a rocket up his arse after playing with those tactics in front of his own fans.’

‘Rafa has a first XI assembled with 40 million pounds against a high flying inform Manchester United that are pressing and playing with freedom and deadlyness.

He can’t go toe to toe with that and I don’t think the Newcastle fans disagree.

They are fighting for survival and would have bit off an arm for a point in this game I think. Small victory only having a – 2 hit to their GD.’

‘Agreed, Not much more Benitez can really be doing with the squad he has at his disposal.

I reckon if we had still been manged by Jose, his approach yesterday would have been enough to get them at least a point.

Have to feel sorry for Newcastle fans sometimes… they’re a huge club that just continually get shafted by their of an owner.’

‘What is Ashley’s end game. Surely he understands staying in the Epl requires investment. Keeps asking for miracles every season from Rafa.’

‘Apart from his rash challenge on Pogba, I was a bit alarmed at how much time on the ball Shelvey was getting when he came on. He has played something like 30 mins football since last Nov I believe the commentator said. He cut us open with that one pass and then had a decent shot himself. That’s with us playing 2 defence minded mids against someone who clearly couldn’t be match fit.Maybe nitpicking, but against better teams ie Spurs that could be harmful.’

‘Newcastle are a mess but it’s still a satisfying win. We ground it out against a side that took a 0-2 lead on us at Old Trafford earlier in the season.’

‘There was only really one time when I was concerned in this game when calamity Jones showed his worst and best (giving the ball away and then a great recovery tackle). I may have forgotten an incident but the rest of the shots were speculative or from difficult angles.’

‘Ole said this was going to be our toughest test, and he was right.

Newcastle, especially in the first half, played to their strengths. With our full backs high up the pitch, they countered with long balls into channels and got into good areas on numerous occasions. Fortunately for us, they didn’t have the attacking quality to finish their chances.

In regards to us, we started quite well. Got the ball out to Martial and got him in a few 1v1 situations and had some decent interplay in and around the box but didn’t come to much.

Second half we had more control of the game and controlled Newcastle’s counters a bit better, but we still struggled to break them down.

Thankfully, a mistake from Newcastle’s keeper and great reactions from Lukaku, gave us the lead.

At 1-0, Newcastle had to push for the goal and were vulnerable on the counter, which is where our second goal came from, courtesy of Rashford.

All in all, it wasn’t a great game, but we got the win and more importantly kept a clean sheet.’

‘Gotta say, Newcastle are the most defensive team we’ve played against this season. They just tried to suck the life and soul out of the match.

Ashley’s really done a number on that club. I couldn’t be happier with getting 3 points away there, St James Park is always a rough game for us. Generally happy with what I saw, we could have had a few more but we also could’ve conceded a couple too, professional performance.’

‘yes! 0-2 vs the Geordie (never easy) and three points! 4 victories! Ole’s poker! Arse and Chelskiiii, we are coming for yaaaa…’


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