Comments from Chelsea fans before and after facing Newcastle United.

In the pre-match, Chelsea fans complaining about a lack of goals, needing to spend money (have just agreed to pay £60m for Christian Pulisic!), a lack of entertainment, a lack of decisions by match officials going their way, a lack of trophies, lack of a credible goalscorer, and so on.

Remember, this is a club in the Premier League top four, favourites to win the Europa League, in the semi-finals of the League Cup, and have a home tie against Luton or Sheff Wed to go into fifth round of FA Cup.

Anyway, despite beating Newcastle 2-1, their mood doesn’t appear to have really improved much, if at all, judging by their post-match comments.

Indeed, they appear to want to credit the victory to Newcastle being so poor, rather than anything positive their team did, despite two excellent goals.

Especially interesting to see that they haven’t missed the ridiculous Ro Ferdinand comments on Mike Ashley and Newcastle United, overwhelmingly sympathetic to NUFC and scathing about Ferdinand, although you always get one!

Comments from Chelsea fans via their Shed End, CFC NET message boards:


‘I hate the barcodes & I hope Chelsea runs their dicks into the ground.’

‘5:30 ko, thankfully more pre match drinking time, before I enter bridge to watch another toothless attacking display, unless we sign a 28 year old Didier in the next 48 hours.’

‘Looking forward to this one, I live in Newcastle and a few of the guys in work are hardcore fans, might try and watch the game with them in the pub and hopefully see us stuff them 5-0.’

‘They will park the bus and I worry about us scoring, as we just are not potent upfront.’

‘6-0 and seeing Morata’s last hat trick before he’s off.’

‘Barcodes under Fatty will seat very deep just the same as Soton did.

Doesn’t matter whom the personnel are on Saturday the manager has to figure out how to break these kind of deep blocking defensive / frustration tactics.

In the last 2 months he has had limited success with this kind of team / game.’

‘There are a lot of signs that Sarri is actually working well and doing a very good job in trying to get the right balance, some just dont want to see it.’

‘I’d like Hudson-Odoi play purely because, as a ST holder who rarely does cup games these days, I’ve not yet seen him the flesh. Purely selfish and nowt to do with form or tactics.’


‘Rio Ferdinand was saying if Ashley is looking to sell Newcastle why would he invest tens of millions into the squad when it won’t affect the value of the club.

Thought he made a reasonable argument personally.’

‘If they’re looking at the Championship next season, i’m pretty sure it will affect the value of the sale.’

Rio Ferdinand is a c…, an absolute moron. Defending Mike Ashley on bt, must be just a coincidence that his sh.. clothing range is sold exclusively in Ashley sports shops.. Oh an he said this…

“What if Ashley spent £30m on a midfielder and £30m on a striker and they both get injured? That’s a waste of £60m.”

‘That’s hilarious. Anybody could use that argument to never buy anything ever again.

Broken toaster? What if you buy a new one at that breaks as well? That’s a waste of £20.’

‘My wife wants to move house, I said “why pay £300,000 for a house, a plane could break down and crash into it tomorrow.”

 ‘Apart from the ongoing zonal marking issues at the back that led to barcodes equalizer I thought it was overall a good performance.

Fatty surprised me by having them be more adventurous and press up high a lot. FFs they had nearly 40 % possession!’

‘I’m not convinced by Sarri. I’m happy to give him time to see if we improve but my thoughts are that the intensity of the EPL is just too high for Sarri’s precise passing game.

We need to be more direct when faced by opposition that play like Newcastle did today (particularly the first half).’

‘Well we got 3 points and solidified our 4th spot yet it seemed hard work.

At half time despite our overwhelming possession we had the same shots as Newcastle.

Something is clearly not working when teams come here to park the bus.’

‘That was poor today. Maybe some of them hoped newcastle would just give up when we got the 1st.’

‘We still aren’t looking convincing enough, we were dire for a lot of that game and this Newcastle team is DREADFUL, no reason why we should be struggling to beat these.’

‘Something definitely needs to change against teams who play 5-4-1 with high intensity. Fortunately Newcastle couldn’t keep it up for the 90 minutes.’

‘Please Sarri, no more false 9, Hazard doesn’t enjoy it, we don’t enjoy it. It’s no better than playing Giroud or Morata so let’s just stick with the stiker and let Hazard play in his best position.’

‘I just heard the fans at the bridge jeer him and he noticed it too…’

‘Another win.  Newcastle limited to one very awkward to make shot from outside the box which barely reached Kepa, and a couple of headers, either of which might have gone anywhere, but one of which just happened to finish inches inside the post.

Could easily ended up a 3-0 walkover but for a few inches here, and a few tenths of seconds there.

Good performance  and we will get better this season.’

‘Another one of those annoying games where for 35 minutes the opposition didn’t make a game of it and for the other 10 looked like they were all over us .

At this stage I suppose three points is all that matters especially when we have to win every game perfectly when everyone around us gets cheap penalties and marginal offside decisions to ease their way.’

‘More of a case of Newcastle not deserving anything than us deserving 3 points. A win nonetheless.’

‘I get a feeling the fans are turning against Sarri a succession of games like this and they will be calling for his head.We have no style or cohesion in this game just as well Newcastle are pi.. poor and we scored a couple of individual goals.’

  • Kenny

    Sarri won`t last long they don`t like his style of football, he has top notch strikers & leaves them on the bench,
    we gave them a game of sorts and with the rub of the green may have plundered a point.
    what was that short corner all about in the dying seconds, unbelievable.

    • Wor Lass

      with Giroud`s record against us I`m amazed he didn`t start. I really wish we could buy him.

      • Kenny

        Me to

      • Ken

        Me too he’s a good player

      • Rich Lawson

        He’s really good,don’t understand Chelsea buying him just to leave him on the bench ?

  • gallowgate26

    I didn’t think it would be ‘easy’ for them to beat us 3-0 or 4-0, like perhaps Liverpool or Man City could. But yes, I thought they would beat us, as proved to be the case. Never a 3-0 game in a million years though, a piece of world class individual play from Hazard and brilliant finish from Willian won it. If they didn’t have the top class players that we obviously can’t afford, then it could even have been a draw.

  • Rich Lawson

    As usual Perez missed a sitter and failed to stay on his feet. Longstaff on the other hand put in a great shift against a world class mid-field. If we aren’t going to buy anyone surely his display says we should try some of the Under 23’s now ? Blackburn next and with Cardiff days after we are bound to play a weakened team in the cup. Can we not put Sorensen and some others in rather than the Hoss etc and see how they perform ?

    • Kenny

      I remember Mbabu against Chelsea he was Nufc`s best player then he was gone.

      • Rich Lawson

        ”You don’t win anything playing with kids” !!

        • Kenny

          We can`t blood young players as we are always fighting relegation.

          • Rich Lawson

            Cos a few (?) of the blokes in the 1st team are never going to be good enough for the Prem’ ”Somethings Gotta Change”

          • Kenny

            It won`t as long as the Fat oaf is here

          • Down Under Mag

            We never do…this isn’t something new. We always seem scared to give them game time or we throw them in when the pressure is on. Our other trick is normally refusing to play a youngster when they are in great form and high in confidence and instead either wait until they lose form and THEN throw them in and slate them after one game, or we send them off on loan to some lower league club that is struggling and then slate them because they aren’t ready to make it because the rest of te team they are in are awful. The handling of youth at this club definitely needs a massive shake up. Even without Ashley we aren’t going to be able to go out and blow 100m+ on one player, but we might just be able to produce our own stars of the future if those running things give themselves a shake. The one thing I will criticise Rafa for is his lack of bring youngsters through…he may not think they are good enough but he has a bad record of it wherever he has been. Fair enough if you can bring in senior players but we can’t so need to look at options.

      • Kneebotherm8

        He was….Pedro never got a kick that day…..

    • Kenny

      Put the kid in, see what he`s made of.

    • Rabid Dog

      If you watched the U21s or saw the game against the inbreds down the road you’d know why they are not getting a call up to the senior squad.

      The physicality and pace of the premiership game is a country mile away from the games that they play.

      You would not play them against the top six, as they would be found out. You can’t risk playing then against the other teams, as we need to field our strongest (and I use that word knowing the quality we have) team to try to get the 3 points.

      Harsh reality but in my opinion, true.

      • Down Under Mag

        Agreed, but then we shouldn’t be at the point of last resort throwing these kids in the deep end expecting them to perform miracles that the highly paid seniors haven’t managed to do either. They should however be getting game time off the bench. The first half against the Mackems they kept it at 0-0 and gave a semi decent show, they just ran out of legs because the fitness is a massive step up. That only comes with game time and training…something they should be getting more of. If not for tis season then certainly for the next one in the Championship!

    • KennyS

      Longstaff considering his inexperience was a breath of fresh air, restricted only by the payers surrounding him in his own side.
      Perez? … lost for words!

    • Down Under Mag

      Perez was awful all game, and this is from someone who does normally back him. Everytime he got the ball he either fell over it, gave it away or shot wide. he just isn’t pacy enough to play the sort of football that we are doing at the moment in the position he is playign in. Rondon is there to hold up play and offer an aerial threat. Perez needs to be replaced by someone who is a speed merchant…like Atsu. If Atsu had any skill on the ball that is. He seems to be someone who has bags of pace to cause problems right up until that final ball which is often far too wide of the mark, be it a pass or a shot.

  • disqus_XQXm6KjMkq

    Chelsea played the game in low gear. Hard to get motivated playing against under 23’s and others not wanted by other clubs.

    • Kenny

      Chelsea went into the game thinking it was going to be a walk over,
      only 2 world class players dug them out the 💩

      • Rich Lawson

        Didn’t seem that one sided to me,we could have got at least a point if we had buried our chances. don’t think many teams could have stopped that Willian goal for the winner either.

        • Kenny

          Nobody could have stopped the Willian goal and in an earlier post i said with luck we may have got a point.
          it`s all down to finishing.