The bookies have now revised their Premier League relegation odds after the weekend’s matches at the bottom end of the table.

Newcastle losing at Chelsea as expected but less expected was Southampton winning at Leicester with 10 men.

Burnley beat Fulham and Cardiff had a draw at home to Huddersfield.

How the Premier League table looked after Saturdays results:

premier league relegation odds

Despite only being separated by one point, the odds are very different now for Newcastle, Cardiff and Southampton.

Under their new boss, in these last six games Southampton have had three wins, a draw and two defeats, one of those losing to Man City.

Even though only a point above third bottom, the bookies make the Saints a long 8/1 to go down, obviously convinced that the team was better than they had been showing.

On the other hand, Cardiff are odds-on (8/13) despite being outside the bottom three.

Newcastle 5/2 despite being in that relegation zone now.

Clearly that game next Saturday is huge when Newcastle play Cardiff, if the Welsh club won at St James Park, surely Newcastle would then be one of the three favourites to go down, especially with Man City at home and Spurs & Wolves away to follow.

The club that the bookies are seeing riding their luck the most are surely Burnley. Despite now being three points clear of relegation/Newcastle and having won their last three PL games, they are now fourth favourites at 5/4 to go down.

All the relegation odds are below and looking at the games next weekend, Huddersfield and Fulham shouldn’t get anything but Burnley and Southampton – it might be a different story.

One thing for sure, Rafa and his players desperately need the three points against Cardiff, no matter what happens elsewhere.

Saturday 19 January

Wolves v Leicester (12.30pm)

Bournemouth v West Ham (3pm)

Liverpool v Crystal Palace (3pm)

Man Utd v Brighton (3pm)

Newcastle United v Cardiff (3pm)

Southampton v Everton 3pm

Watford v Burnley (3pm)

Arsenal v Chelsea (5.30pm)

Sunday 20 January

Huddersfield v Man City (1.30pm)

Fulham v Tottenham (4pm)

Premier League relegation odds:

1/25 Huddersfield

1/3 Fulham

8/13 Cardiff

5/4 Burnley

5/2 Newcastle United

8/1 Southampton

14/1 Palace

25/1 Brighton

All BetVictor odds on 2018/19 relegation HERE.

  • Kenny

    I think we have enough to scrape through if the injuries clear up pretty soon.

  • Paul Patterson

    Half way through January and Newcastle United can’t realistically finish above 14th.
    Yes Rio and Richard, we must thank Mike for that.
    Thanks Mike . .

    • KennyS

      Yes indeed let’s all thank Mike for bringing us.. ??
      Maybe Rio and Richard can get together in Newcastle and answer that question.

  • Peaky

    Regardless of those odds I still think we’ll go down with Huddersfield and Cardiff…..that final
    game at Fulham will be the decider.

    • Kenny

      Pull yourself together

      • Peaky

        Written in the stars….0-0 to stay up….lose we are down…..Mitro 94th minute….😳😳😳

    • KennyS

      I do think it will be between us and Fulham for that 17th place, hopefully it will be decided before then, whether we stay up or not.

  • KennyS

    There will be a few more twists and turns before the end of the season.. and yes we can beat Cardiff and we can pick up enough points to stay up.

    To stay up for what though? We are back to why any sports team exists, to try and win something, to try and play well and to win games. The competitiveness of any sport no matter what level means your focus is to try and win, you get beat fair enough, you win great. This focus is lead by the club leaders who have a plan and idea of where they want the team and individuals to be and how it is achievable.

    Unfortunately there is so much money in the game now that players get paid more than they are worth. Their motivation has changed, if you don’t win at least you can see your bank balance go up, wow what a place to be at in your life.

    The money in football means wealthy businessmen and women are attracted to it, they see opportunity, they see profit. Football as I have ever known it has always been different, no profit and certainly a lot of debt. Most fans were immune from this and watched as managers put sides together which were great to watch (Cloughs Nottingham Fotest, Paisleys Liverpool, and dare I say it the 1990’s Man Utd side with Giggs, Beckham, Keane and so on) and yes there have been other great sides that never won anything such as Keegans side.

    Now we have a change in the sense that people involved do not have a connection with the meaning of why we love football, rather they have zero knowledge of the passion that motivates us as part of our lives.

    Bottom line for them is the wealth process, whether or not the paying public is entertained, no, this bit of the paradigm is missing or should I say erased. Money should never be allowed to do that because if you take away our entertainment by deliberately throttling it by the neck, the animal will bite back one day.
    Football came from working class roots and even though todays money men can have a positive affect on the game, some of them can destroy it. None of us including those money men should ever forget where we came from and we should always remember this before we decide where we want to go.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Yeah,just stay up to line the fat mans pockets a bit more……..that’s all the club exists for nowadays……sad times….

  • HarryHype59

    NUFC have to survive their ‘survival of the shi*es’ league, which is now comprised of Huddersfield, Cardiff and Fulham. Burnely and Southampton have better squads and are showing form.

    This is what the entertainers have become under Ashley!