Chelsea fans have been commenting ahead of facing Newcastle United.

There is something quite satisfying, in a strange way, hearing supporters of a club in the top four, moaning about being hard done by.

Chelsea fans complaining about a lack of goals, needing to spend money (have just agreed to pay £60m for Christian Pulisic!), a lack of entertainment, a lack of decisions by match officials going their way, a lack of trophies, lack of a credible goalscorer, and so on.

Remember, this is a club in the Premier League top four, favourites to win the Europa League, in the semi-finals of the League Cup, and have a home tie against Luton or Sheff Wed to go into fifth round of FA Cup.

My heart bleeds.

Try supporting a club where your only half-credible goalscorer is a 29 year old on loan from a relegated club, only Huddersfield have scored less than you, lost eight of eleven PL games at home, no trophy for 50 years, a 14 year old club transfer record, nobody sent off in the Premier League against you since 2014, and an owner like Mike Ashley…

Comments from Chelsea fans via their Shed End, CFC NET message boards:

‘I hate the barcodes & I hope Chelsea runs their dicks into the ground.’

‘This should be a routine win.’

‘I think we need a CF for this bunch of reprobates.

Usual suspects at the back, Barkley out for Kovacic. Kovacic brings a nicer balance to our midfield I find and with Bartley’s current form I don’t think we lose much attacking wise.

I’d love to see CHO start on the right with Hazard on the left but I have a feeling he’ll be on the bench after playing a lot of minutes recently. Willy & Pedro with Hazard at false 9 will probably be out front three.’

‘5:30 ko, thankfully more pre match drinking time, before I enter bridge to watch another toothless attacking display, unless we sign a 28 year old Didier in the next 48 hours.’

‘Looking forward to this one, I live in Newcastle and a few of the guys in work are hardcore fans, might try and watch the game with them in the pub and hopefully see us stuff them 5-0.’

‘They will park the bus and I worry about us scoring, as we just are not potent upfront.’

‘6-0 and seeing Morata’s last hat trick before he’s off.’

‘Barcodes under Fatty will seat very deep just the same as Soton did.

Doesn’t matter whom the personnel are on Saturday the manager has to figure out how to break these kind of deep blocking defensive / frustration tactics.

In the last 2 months he has had limited success with this kind of team / game.’

‘In the last 4 games, by my count we have had 3 onside goals disallowed wrongly.  5 times hit woodwork (none against if I recall), actually scored 3 times and conceded none except for a wrongly over ruled offside decision by VAR.

We are on a great run of form whatever people want to say.’

‘Sarri was heavily criticised for how poor we were defensively at the start of the season, he’s sorted that out at the expense of the quality of football,  yet now he is getting heavily criticised for being too boring.

The fact that he saw issues and dealt with them suggests he’s  more competent than some would like to believe.  Maybe given time and a bit of money we can see some better football with a solid defence.’

‘Groundhog day , this is exactly what Conte did , and guess what ? He got heavily criticised for “the most boring football I’ve ever seen”

‘Expecting us to drop points due to a marginal offside call going against us incorrectly.’

‘We may have to score five goals to get a 1-0 win .’

‘I do feel that we’re fast approaching a time where results seriously have to take precedence over philosophy and he needs to show some pragmatism in our tactical approach. 

Saying that, we’re more than capable of winning this one 3 or 4 nil if we start strong and dictate a strong tempo from the off.’

‘There are a lot of signs that Sarri is actually working well and doing a very good job in trying to get the right balance, some just dont want to see it.’

‘I’d like Hudson-Odoi play purely because, as a ST holder who rarely does cup games these days, I’ve not yet seen him the flesh. Purely selfish and nowt to do with form or tactics.’

  • Paul Patterson

    That £60m for Pulisic is more than we paid for our team.

    My my it’s tough at the top.

    • Mr_Kinnear

      The sports people are raving about it. In an emerging market the best US player for some time, will be going to the premier league. So which team will the US fans be checking up on?.Brilliant piece of business. Why has fat boy not tried this!

  • Andynufc

    Chelsea fans are up with the very best of god awful fans. Rafa actually helped them disgusting cockney prats win a trophy but they’re so self entitled they don’t appreciate it. Just look how they treat Mourinho. This makes it worse that we’ll no doubt get beat off them tomorrow. I hate how bad our record is down there as would love to rub their noses in it

  • Brian Standen

    Hardcore of 14,000 and 30 minutes from bankruptcy before the Russian came!
    That said it was a much more enjoyable trip when Stamford Bridge was surrounded by dingy unwelcoming pubs unlike today with its upmarket wine bars and cosmopolitan street cafes

    • Paul Patterson

      Aye and we were that same 30 minutes from pilfering Joe Cole and John Terry off them for next to nowt.

  • Themoscow72

    Remember being in the Companions club near the ground with my son when he was young but a good pool player. This Chelsea fan came up and his son said Dad the pool table is only 20p to which his dad gold chain round his neck replied that’s because there all poor up here.

  • Leicester Mag

    Maybe what is amusing to all other fans is why we moan and yet still 50K turn up to watch a sack of 🐎💩.

    • Mr_Kinnear

      Yes we all wonder about that, well at least those of us who don’t want to financially support the regime

  • Kenny

    Had a drink with 4 London Black cab drivers who were Chelsea supporters in Spain,
    good bunch of lads.
    Rafa will park the bus, he has no alternative.

    • Leazes.


      • Kenny

        Castaway pub Palmanova, June 2017 watching the Champions League Final,

        • Leazes.

          No… used the words ‘taxi drivers’ and ‘good bunch of lads’ in the same sentence…..

        • Only my opinion

          Definition of a troll
          Someone who sows. Discord. on the intranet by starting arguments
          Leazes. Really needs to lighten up
          now he is Starting arguments with his mates!!!

  • Rich Lawson

    To quote the great Terry Collier ”Chelsea and their showbiz fans are everything I hate in football”

    • Leazes.

      ….”I’m not biased though….I hate all London Clubs”….”like, though but”

      • Themoscow72

        I hate all the clubs except Newcastle and that includes all international teams.

        • pedrodelgardo

          Well hated, if that’s what you want to do.

        • Mr_Kinnear

          How odd

        • Kev Newcastle England

          Monk I bet you wernt there chasing Chelsea in thr 80s in the infamous “Manors over the wall” incident.Check it out on the net and the picture of us daft young fuelled up lads filled with hate and aggression towards the Chelsea scum that after the match,there was so many Toon after them that there escort had to be diverted from Central to Manors station.The cops thought they had got rid of us/scattered us…stuff that,many of us got “over the Manors wall” leading onto the Central Motorway/carriageway to keep after them.There wernt many fatter lads got over that wall! It was a huge drop down too some 20/25 foot.Anyone else there?

          • Themoscow72

            Another think the Mag has got wrong. The trouble against West Ham a year earlier was far worse and I was one of the 51 who got nicked that day.

      • Kenny

        you hate everybody, whats new

      • Geordiegiants

        I hate nobody or nothing like I hate the fatcunt. I would happily do jail time if I could bump into him. HAPPILY!
        He is nothing but a coward though.

    • Peaky

      Like Tim ‘Dying To Be Liked And Really Famous” Lovejoy… A1arsehole…

  • Leazes.

    Not a sign of apology for being demanding fans…. they don’t have a version of the chronicle that tells them they should know their place, or supporters who make flags proclaiming we just want a club that tries a bit…. they do have a forum without trolls telling them I just go for a day out wiv me mates not bothered about winning anything….. neither do they fill the spaces left by football fans for £4 and £14 a game ……how unfortunate they are….

    ….strange place.

    • Weyhhadaway

      Aye, The Shed used to be one big echo chamber.

  • TeessideMag

    We’ll park the bus, try hit on the counter and inevitably lose 1-0

  • East Durham Mag

    Barcodes? Hark at the racist champagne thugs. I hate Chelsea almost as much as Manure.

  • pedrodelgardo

    We have to remember that fans of small clubs will laugh at us for moaning in the same way as we do at Chelski fans, reality rocks.

  • Mrkgw

    For the few derogatory comments, I remember when we gave their side a guard of honour and standing ovation at St James when crowned champions some years back. And for what it would seem? Decent bunch eh.

    • GToon

      They did give SBR a pretty decent ovation in his first game in charge of us when we drew 1-1 with them.

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    where were you before Abramovich?

  • Paul Cannell

    I remember in the early 1980s chelsea fans running into Newcastle fans outside The Farmers Rest at the haymarket slashing fans waiting for the pub to open after the match. I’ve hated chelsea fans ever since, in fact i hate them more than i hate mackems.
    I can’t wait for their demise

    • Ba ba.

      Remember that at the farmers…. Wakaassss

  • KennyS

    Was it 1981 or 1982 when our coaches got stoned and all windows put in down in Chelski, I was on the bus that got away without damage. The return game was interesting when flyers went round the town encouraging people to have a battle after the game. Chelsea supporters were supposed to be coming up here with Milwall supporters. Positioned in the old Leazes paddock, no problems until the end of the game when the whole of the Gallowgate end decided they weren’t going anywhere except over the pitch to the away fans.

    When the biggest copper you’ve ever seen knocking two Newcastle fans to the ground, as a teenager I decided football hooliganism wasn’t for me. Since then I have hated Chelsea about as equal as Sunderland.

    By the way that first game in London I named ‘Battle of Stamford Bridge’ for those who know their history will know about the real battle.
    That was the 1980’s for you.

    • Mark Davies

      I hate them as well. Stanley knives anywhere they could use them. Funny how the modern media (sky) seem to soft soap any cockney club though. This lots true racist heritage coming through, remember the two league tables they used to keep? One as it was and another without black players goals for and against. Scum!

      So anyway, this lots recents racism, spurs banana at arsenal, millwall being millwall but its forgotten. If the shoe was on the other foot and one of our lot, a mackem or even a leeds fan had done this the hysteria in london woyld be to shut the grounds for at least a game.

      Lets remember at least its friendly up north. Hate cockneys and especially this bunch of sheeeeeiiitee