Friday night was livened up by Peter Kenyon.

The supposed bidder for Newcastle United writing a letter to Mike Ashley.

Well actually the letter is said to have been written and received before Christmas but only now made public after being ‘leaked’ by person or persons unknown.

I was out last night and so it is only now that I am coming to the story, though I did see it via my phone during the Friday night out. Sometimes it is better coming to these things a bit later and being able to reflect on what has happened, rather than react instantly, even if it is with a ‘slight’ hangover.

It was Martin Samuel at The Mail who first published the contents of the leaked letter, saying it was from Peter Kenyon to Mike Ashley, sent via the football club, received sometime before Christmas.

There was some gap between The Mail publishing it and the rest of the newspapers following on, which is a bit unusual if it had been released to all, as they normally all agree on a time when they’ll all publish together, so nobody gets a major advantage by breaking the story. So the assumption would be that The Mail got hold of/were handed the letter and the rest have copied the story.

Whatever I or anybody else says, you can make your own mind up about this letter, whether it is genuine, who leaked it, why it was leaked, and indeed, what exactly is the point of it, if anything.

What we do know is that Martin Samuel has regularly defended/backed up Mike Ashley and attacked the Newcastle fans regarding their unhappiness with the club’s owner. So not exactly a plus that it is he who broke the story after previously having backed Ashley’s treatment of the supporters.

It is all a bit bizarre as to why exactly this would be in the form of a letter being sent, if Peter Kenyon wanted to communicate with Mike Ashley. As has been widely reported in the past, the pair already know each other well via the retail industry, which Kenyon has been involved with as well as working for various football clubs. You can only assume that Peter Kenyon would have already had Ashley’s mobile number and email address etc before the takeover talk started in September. Plus if he didn’t already have it, then after months of intense talks with Mike Ashley and his people, surely Kenyon would have been given more than Newcastle United’s postal address…

Then even if you did take the letter as being genuine and written for the best of reasons, you have the issue of by who it has been leaked and why.

You would automatically look at Mike Ashley and his people because I don’t see loads of grief being given to Peter Kenyon and attacks on his other business interests. Whilst on the other hand Newcastle fans continue to slate Ashley and attack his Sports Direct empire online and welcome every bit of bad publicity he and his business empire gets.

The supporters disgusted as they feel taken for a ride once again by claims of a takeover being imminent and the fact that Rafa Benitez gets to yet another transfer window and tells the world he hasn’t been given any idea whether he will be allowed to sign anybody this month.

Not to mention the team is sinking fast and only two points off the relegation zone after one win in eight games and a tough schedule ahead. The obvious thing being that Rafa desperately needs help via transfer backing but with none forthcoming so far, so what better than yet another diversion thrown into the melting pot in the form of a leaked letter.

As I say, why would Peter Kenyon not just contact Mike Ashley direct by phone, or email, or Skype?

It sounds to me more like a letter written for the Newcastle fans in reality.

There are ways and means to reassure supporters if you really want to do so and are genuine about it, leaking a letter to the media not exactly top of the list.

A joint statement from Mike Ashley and Peter Kenyon would surely be the way to go about things, a statement saying that the whole thing is progressing and that one way or another, Rafa Benitez will be supported in this transfer window regardless.

On the very small chance that it is Peter Kenyon leaking this letter, it would be surely even more pathetic. As what exactly would he be getting out of it? All he needs to do is crack on and get the investors needed and meet Ashley’s asking price, if indeed by some ‘miracle’ (apologies to Rafa) there is a willing buyer and willing seller this time. I don’t see why it would be any benefit to Kenyon to leak this letter, surely the only person he needs to impress/convince is Mike Ashley if he is leading a genuine bid and the whole thing could potentially happen. Why else would he be making this public, unless he is using pretend interest in buying NUFC for the purposes of his own profile as Amanda Staveley was accused of doing.

Finally, there have been literally dozens of buyouts of clubs or controlling interests since Mike Ashley bought Newcastle United and then put it up for sale a year later in 2008. I can’t say I followed them all on a daily basis but I can’t remember many/any that are played out like what we see at Newcastle United, with stunts such as this letter and the club’s owner turning up on TV out of the blue to say a sale is imminent, only to not say a word more and then disappear on holiday and leave a relegation threatened squad with no funds to improve the squad in a transfer window.

As always, you hope that out of the nonsense there appears the ‘miracle’ of a Newcastle United takeover by credible people, to try and address all the mess/issues that Mike Ashley has accumulated at NUFC over the course of his 12 years of neglect and malevolent behaviour.

The Peter Kenyon letter to Mike Ashley:

“I know I speak for both of us in that we continue to share a serious determination to finalise the agreement we have to suit both parties as soon as possible in the new year.

“We have both spent many months discussing the parameters of a final deal and as you know we have also invested heavily in time and money on our various legal and financial advisors.

“And I appreciate the time and effort committed to the detailed discussions by your advisors, lawyers, club, and, of course, yourself.

“I fully respect your desire to ensure the next owners of Newcastle United understand the club, football, and have the appropriate financial resources, and I am delighted that you think the investor group led by myself is the best fit.

“On my side, I would like to personally assure you that I am committed to conclude our deal as soon as possible and, while we are both perhaps frustrated that we have not progressed as quickly as we would have wished.

“I would like to express personal gratitude for your patience and integrity in this matter and hope we can continue our discussions in the same spirit.”

  • HarryHype59

    Takeover, what takeover?

  • East Durham Mag

    If it looks like 💩 smells like 💩 and tastes like 💩 it probably is 💩.

  • Paul Patterson

    So a journalist that has previously backed Ashley and attacked Newcastle fans, has exclusively been handed a private letter about a multi-million pound takeover for publication in his newspaper, without any other papers being allowed to see it?

    I bet the letter was scrawled on a napkin and signed by Mike Ashley or Keith Bishop only for them to realise the error, cross it out and write Peter Kenyon.

    In other words, it’s $h!te . .

  • Geordiegiants

    I mean come on man! Look at the way it’s worded, what a pathetic way to try and convince the fans a takeover is on. It really is insulting.

    • Coach Clagnut

      Insulting the fans intelligence has worked very nicely so far for the fat glutton.No need to change his modus operandi as long as the coin keeps clinking in.

  • Peaco

    To me Martin Samuel has always been a source of hilarity; someone who by all appearances has no first hand experience of participating in any form of exercise (darts or professional wrestling not considered), writing critiques on those who can move at pace for more than a few seconds without getting a stitch.
    Anyway, i’d guess that he has fairly decent contacts and it might be genuine, assuming a denial from Kenyon is not forthcoming. These things being equal, if the letter itself is genuine, you have to wonder whether the sentiment expressed within it is genuine, and whether Ashley (via KBA) is actually pulling stings backstage to play us (the fans), Kenyon, or both. Either way, time will tell (we will be clearer by the end of the transfer window if this is another ruse – which I think most of us believe it to be).

  • nfy

    Its just more mickey taking I’m afraid in order to deflect from not spending in January.

    “leaked” for the gullible.

  • TheFatController

    The clue is in the ‘as you know’ comment in the letter.

    He writes nothing Ashley doesn’t already know. Which means it’s not meant for the addressee, you don’t write to someone listing all the things you both know.

    So it seems a little strange – that it’s a letter when one isn’t needed given it tells the addressee nothing new, and it’s been leaked, which is impossible if it stayed between the two people named, suggests it’s doesn’t clarify anything.

    It could be a hoax, it could be genuine, it’s certainly strange … which is not Mike Ashley at all really ….

    • Geordiegiants

      Exactly it’s written for someone to read. It f’ing pathetic.

      • TheFatController

        My gut feel is Ashley is as ever playing ‘life’s big victim’, and stung by claims he’s a liar, is putting it out there that he trying hard and spending money on it.

        This set-up allows him the opportunity to claim ‘look how misrepresented I am – like a pantomime villain. I’m just an average guy putting time and money in to find the best people to take the club over … oh how misunderstood I am.’

      • Tony English

        Correct. Far too much exposition in the letter to be just for Ashley’s eyes…like in terrible soap operas when a character will say “you know your mothers dog, Tyson, the brown one, who likes left over kebab, that had the operation last week, on it’s right rear leg, I’m just taking him for a walk.”…you don’t need to remind someone of the back story of the negotiation if they already know it.

        Its clearly been written to request, to be leaked, to appease the fans.

        • TheFatController

          Tony, I am well aware, as you know, that you make contributions to the Mag website comments. As do I, and I’d like to thank you for your time and effort in putting them together, I know you’re aware of the time I put in too.

          I do hope we can swiftly continue to both write comments, and let’s hope we both get some decent replies allied to some likes.

          As you know all of the above, I’ve also written this on paper, god forbid however it should leak to the Daily mail. Then everyone would know what you and I are mentioning here. And we wouldn’t want that.

          Fat Controller

          • Paul Patterson

            You should apply for a job at KBA. That’s perfect.

          • Tony English

            Dear Fat,

            thanks once again for drawing my attention to things I previously knew I had previously done, as per my previous privately written publicly published comment outlining my private, yet somehow public position.

            I trust you will keep this dialogue, posted on a public platform, private, as god forbid it be somehow visible to others and show us both in such a good light, being that were both smashing lads, and dead handsome and all that, as you know, thanks for your sterling work.

            Anthony Thomas English Esq.

  • Toonfen

    It’s Ashley ‘s sad way of getting one back at the fans, playing games in response to the recent fan groups letter, come on who in business in this day and age communicates by letter??? ASHLEY OUT!

  • Leicester Mag

    This seems as authentic as the Hitler diaries. In the end this will nothing until there’s a skip outside the Milburn stand piled high with direct tat hoardings preferably with Ashley on top

  • DeadToiler

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashley had bunged Kenyon a few quid to go along with the charade.

    • Geordiegiants

      More likely than an imminent takeover.

  • Billmag

    For a kick off integrity and Ashley just doesn’t blend together, this is a total whitewash and a load of bull💩.


    Maybe they had to put out something due to fans giving up their ST’s, not only does the window close on 31 Jan but so does the deadline for Fans on the 10 year plan to cancel ST’s.
    Reading on Twitter and seems a lot of fans are calling it a day (myself included).
    I sent an Email to them last week and asked them to reply with confirmation, no reply so far but that is exactly what I expected.

    • NUFCLX

      I actually got a reply 10 mins ago with confirmation.
      They will take one more payment in Feb then the ST will be cancelled at the end of this season.

      • Grantasss

        What is the email address to submit your cancellation request? I’m fecking board of this
        predictable bollox year in year out.

        • NUFCLX

          Boxoffice at nufc dot co dot uk

          • Grantasss


          • Geordiegiants

            Hope you do it. Every little helps.

    • Geordiegiants

      Spot on👍👍👍

  • Peaky


    • Kneebotherm8

      According to Mike he’s only gonna sell it to a fit and proper person who can take the club forward……..this twt he’s supposed to be selling it to is supposedly 100m short of the asking price…….not gonna take us far forward by the sound of it………what a heap of verbal diarrhoea.

    • Coach Clagnut

      ….but Gypsy Ryder Lee not 3 weeks ago informed(?) us all that if you were to “storm” St James’ Park all you would find is a gaggle of U.S. accountants poring over the books in readiness for the day of liberation. Although no-one seems to have spotted any of these financial trick cyclists or claim to have knowledge of where they are shacked up during this exercise in futility.

      Do you honestly believe the Gypsy Scouse Lover would make up such an outrageous claim? Surely his journalistic integrity is more important than being just an appeaser to Bishop. He can’t be that incompetent or disingenuous can he?

      • Geordiegiants

        Integrity and The Comical??? Those to things are like salt and sugar, vinegar and cream. They just don’t go.

  • Jate Legend

    There has to be some truth in it. Ashley can’t just go around writing letters to himself from other businessmen and then publishing them in newspapers to lead the fans on. Kenyon would have to deny this. The delay in receiving it could be either a total lie or because they’ve agreed to leak something. Either way, Kenyon must be involved, why would he let Ashey play with his credibility like this. Not saying the deal will be completed, that’s a different story.

    • graham18

      I’m believing nothing until it becomes official the FCB has definitely sold NUFC.

    • Geordiegiants

      Exactly the same a Amanda, she was a paid stooge and by the looks of it Kenyon is.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Is this a genuine letter or a script for a Pantomime (He’s behind you)? The words Ashley and integrity contradict each other and should not be strung together in the same sentence.

  • Will Venus

    If this sort of utter nonsense is how you get to become a billionaire, there’s hope for us all. Nauseating at best

    • Paul Patterson

      It isn’t how you GET to be a billionaire, there’s a lot of luck in that, but it is how you STAY a billionaire.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Yes, As people say : “Those With Money Do Not Spend It.”

  • Toon

    Load of rubbish, how many owners play stupid games like this? Sad thing is 30,000 who turn up to watch a 2nd string play in the cup with no interest in winning will fall for it, if you are paying to attend the game today Ashley is laughing at you and sadly, you are part of the problem at NUFC. No doubt all the Ashley soap box big gobs like Michael Martin will go, all gob and no action

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      Bang on !

  • graham18

    Back doon to Fenwicks window again

  • mactoon

    What was published, the actual letter (a scan of the actual letter) or just the alleged contents? The first would be believable the second just more unproven smoke and mirrors

    • Tweed Mag

      The DM say they have ‘seen the letter’. They then produce a transcript of it.

      • mactoon

        So the Mail say this letter was sent before Christmas and says Ashley thinks Kenyon’s group are the best fit and Kenyon hopes for further negotiations in the new year. Very woolly and no indication that anything has happened since christmas.

    • Paul Patterson

      Probably written in crayon on a Shirebrook letterhead . .

      • Tweed Mag

        And on the back “Help I am being held prisoner” signed Peter.

        • graham18

          also with a ransom with 300 million on it

  • Tweed Mag

    It is worrying that Kenyon cannot finalise the ‘deal’. Two possible reasons – there is not a deal (which is the most likely) – or Kenyon cannot raise the funds because he is not seen as investible by the people with the cash.
    Either way the oaf wins. The wording of the letter has Bishop all over it.
    Don’t renew your season ticket, they are panicking.

    • Geordiegiants

      There is no doubt that the pressure is getting to him.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    So what does that say for so called NDA’S ?
    Personally, I think it is nothing more than a carrot letter put out there by people close to Ashley because of the recent unrest.
    It’s just there to quell any rebellion and to try and give the team a chance to get some points on board in the coming weeks without the added pressure.
    Everything they do is another move and this is just pushing the agenda enough to see them through until the end of January.

    • mactoon

      It depends on the type of NDA signed up to. It could cover financial details only or it could be extended to cover discussions during meetings or even conversations between the two parties. There may be information that Kenyon needed to talk over with his people before drafting any letter to Ashley and one of Kenyon’s associates could have leaked the content. It’s perfectly feasible that such a letter could be published without Kenyon’s consent or breaking the terms of the NDA but I don’t believe it unless I see an actual scan of the letter not simply the published ‘contents’.

  • Mr_Kinnear

    Seems rather convenient.

  • Dillon Tovak

    That is hilarious. 😂 isn’t it convenient that a letter “leaked” and in said letter Peter Kenyon states all of the things Mike Ashley wants us to believe.
    Real people when communicating don’t have a recap of their recent dealings. Not so briefly and in fleeting mention anyway.
    RIDICULOUS! Maybe the most ridiculous thing Ashley has ever done in his attempts to fool the fans/media, in my view.

    • Tweed Mag

      The letter is only slightly better than the one sent to Debenhams offering a £40m bail out.

  • Looks like a last PR plea for Kenyon to force Ashley’s hand but that backfired last time with Staveley!
    I think nobody wants to pay 300m for NUFC, or they will pay it if 100m of that is invested now in transfers from Ashley himself.

  • pedrodelgardo

    Breaking news! Batman and Robin are in fakeover talks with Christoper Robin and Tintin – err honest.

  • GlasgowMag

    You can tell it’s January!! Yet another distraction tactic from Bishop because Ashley doesn’t want to spend any money during this window!! Club is not for sale never has been every year the same old [email protected] and the season ticket holders will still renew and our workhouse owner is laughing at us all the joys!!

    • Shipcote Willy

      They deserve Ashley and cant complain when he drops more cr*p on them

      • nufcslf


  • Wezza

    Just pathetic.

  • The Newt

    Amateur hour with the PR spin again…I wonder where they got the idea of a letter from, could it be copying the tragic fans forum one?

    I’m annoyed all this takeover bull halted the protest vs Wolves and other activities. Who really thought that protesting against the current regime would effect potential new owners? Like seeing 30,000 (optimistic I know) empty seats vs Wolves would have stopped a genuine buyer’s interest…

    Everyone who buys into this rubbish is a pawn in his games.

    Can’t wait to lose today again because as Ashley and Llambias said – cups don’t matter – leaving what used to be a great club irrelevant for another season.

    We’re sleepwalking toward relegation and the return of Pardew once Rafa goes. What’s the point anymore.

  • Martin Rooney

    #### off Kenyon you filthy leech

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      better the filthy leech we already have as owner ??

      • Martin Rooney

        No I think he is worse. Ashley is hated on a sliding scale for nufc fans.
        Kenyon is worse than what Ashley’s biggest hater thinks of Ashley.

        • Tweed Mag

          What makes you think that?

          • Martin Rooney

            He has NO money
            He wants to borrow off others and banks to buy Newcastle to make his fortune, for himself there is no money for him never mind the interest.
            Nothing else.

          • Mr_Kinnear

            Is he another freddie shepherd?

          • Martin Rooney

            No a lot worse

          • Martin Rooney

            Plus the letter shows they gave the same mindset

        • nufcslf

          It would be some going for anybody to be worse than the useless fat c**t in charge at present. You are a wrong ‘un.

          • Martin Rooney

            Time will tell

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    Ashley doesn’t GAF about Newcastle United and I don’t GAF about Ashley’s ego or bank balance as long as he sells. The 50,000 addicts will still be there at SJP queueing up for their adulterated fix even if we end up in Div1, and that is the saddest thing.

    • Shipcote Willy

      They deserve Ashley

  • Kneebotherm8

    Mike Ashley and his dodgy underlings are taking the pss once again………they’re having a 😂 at us……………they only see us as thick gullible Geordies…………no doubt there’ll be a few high fives at our expense down his neck of the woods…….

    • Peaky

      He must literally pyss himself laughing to sleep every single night.

      • Kenny

        He`s back.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Mike Ashley?…………Warwick Hunt…..

  • 5floorshigh

    at least they are attempting to be creative with the wind up, its been so boring for so long, so its nice to see some effort with a fresh idea…..still boring tho

  • Leazes.

    Three Days before the Wolves game Mark Jensen wrote this idiotic lie….

    ….”This is why I do believe it could be different this time……Mike Ashley desperately needs cash to go on another few trips around the Monopoly board and with the falling price of his Sports Direct ‘wallpaper’, this is the time when he has (hopefully) had to accept that he has to properly put Newcastle United up at a market price, so he can generate £300m cash to play with”

    ….. As the Who belted out….”We wont get fooled again” they obviously were not referring to Douglas Jensen and Ryder, nor Starforth and Bird!


    Kenyon is a friend of Ashleys nice little group he’s a mate of Llambias….the Chelsea set! And like the Staveley scam…. this too is ‘Made in Chelsea’.

    So who got through to Mark Jensen on the 5th of December then?

    Was it your mates from Gallowgate flags?…. the support the team AND the regime bunch of trolls…. a whisper from an insider?

    We have the press, media and owner we bloody well deserve!

    • Kenny


    • Peaky

      Recharged I see…😂🤣😂….nice new avatar…has the Simon Carr lookalike one gone forever…??

      • Kenny


    • Billmag

      Back with a bang.👍

    • East Durham Mag

      Welcome back 🤣

    • Gallowgate Dave

      Said the same thing on another thread this morning. My default position is to believe nothing that comes out of the club and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Staveley and Kenyon are scams.

      • Leazes.

        What get me is why people are discussing whether or not Ashley’s mate has the money…..

        He approached American financiers Rockefeller did he and they left him short?

        They argue that someone like Kenyon wouldn’t risk his reputation for a scam…..yes he would ….he’s 65…..his future is behind him!

        There are two possibilities….he would front a scam for Ashley….or play string along with the press….and the 20,000 fans on the ten year deal.


  • pedrodelgardo

    If this is the level you need to reach to make a good living in PR I am in the wrong job. A completely transparent product that is counter productive, Ashley obviously thinks of us as easily manipulated morons. That will go for his customers at the house of tat too.

    • Paul Patterson

      He employs the same sales tactic at his shops.

  • Kenny

    Dear Santa
    you [email protected] Ashley & Penfold are still breathing
    I hate you

    • KennyS

      For now 😂🤣

    • nufcslf

      Funny you should write that. The ref in my match today here in Vancouver said in passing on the pitch today that he was sorry my Christmas wishes hadn’t been answered on the takeover. Sadly had to reply with, “Never believed it would happen in the first place”. What a sh*t state of affairs we have to try and support.

  • Shipcote Willy

    The fans who fall for this nonsense deserve Ashley

  • toonterrier

    I thought the pantomime season was over but oh no its not. Bring on the clowns.

  • Superdooperhooper

    A letter? With a second class stamp on I suppose . Haven’t Kenyon and ashley got e-mail ? What a load of rubbish.

  • Kenny

    Personally I think Kenyon should go into partnership with Mike. It could be a great team.

    • Leazes.

      You mean Kenyon would be a front for Ashley…. I was thinking about how he might run the club for the next decade……yes that would be a possibility of a scam for Ashley still pulling the strings.

      ….its the same people with no link to the club or city….. same motivation…..same result!

      Until the red white and blue colours are gone from our stadium he’ll still be harvesting the benefits(sic) of ownership.

    • graham18

      for heavens sake no…not another one like Ashley

  • Stephen Paylor

    Kenyon wouldn’t write a letter to Ashley. They have each other’s number and email. Letter is for the benefit of the transfer window to distract hate, frustration and anger from Ashley for doing nothing to support Rafa. It has been circulated as a response to the fans letter.

    • Leazes.

      Mark Douglas said he ”doesn’t know what Keith Bishop does”…. I’ll tell him and Bird and Jensen shall I?

      He misinforms pliant media people…… lights the blue touch paper and stands back as they discuss it…. job done….

      See Jensen’s article of betrayal Mag 5th Dec.

  • TeessideMag

    It is word for word exactly what you would write if you were Mike Ashley wanting to write a bogus letter…

    • Leazes.

      …. and about 15 years old.

  • Mr_Kinnear

    I know a lad called Peter Kenyon. I will ask him to write a letter to thd chronicle. Then they can leak it to the daily mail. It will just be as credible to all of these mysteriously leaked letters.

  • Jonas

    Its exactly the sort of thing that doesn’t happen with every real takeover everywhere ever.

    The effort they go to to mislead fans and sabotage the club is truly scandalous.

  • KennyS

    Mike Ashley
    Peter Kenyon
    Sky Sports
    Muppets (Dennis Wise)
    Puppets (Charnley, Bishop)
    All the other hangers on and Ashley sympathisers.

    My mother said to me as a young kid
    “if you tell lies you’ll go to hell”
    If I go to hell then all of those mentioned above will be kissing my big fat hairy @$$

  • Tommy Adds

    I attempted to post the following 3 months ago and it was blocked. I have now ammended it by removing the derogatory references to Ashley’s ttat company. Here’s hoping !
    “The link between Kenyon and Ashley is Umbro. Kenyon was a director and
    chief executive of Umbro before joining Man Utd in 97. Sports Direct had a
    30% stake in Umbro before Nike bought out the company in 2007. Nike
    subsequently sold the brand to Iconix. Sports Direct now own a 8.6% share
    of Iconix (as of June 2018).Justin Barnes became a director of Iconix in
    July ! As my dad used to say,” they all p— in the same pot !”

  • Mr wobert

    Same old tricks from the nest of snakes,not worth discussing.