There has been a Sky Sports update on Newcastle United’s intentions in this transfer window.

West Ham have been the first club to make their move after the window opened and have signed Samir Nasri after his drugs ban ended.

Meanwhile, Sky Sports say that Rafa Benitez is targeting three signings.

It feels very much deja vu and we could be at the onset of any of the three previous transfer windows.

Keith Downie, who covers NUFC for Sky Sports, says that the Newcastle boss is desperate to bring in a striker, a left-back and a number 10.

Rafa Benitez having wanted better quality in all three positions since promotion back in April 2017.

As for names, Downie says that Rafa wants Stanley N’Soki.

The 19 year old was a target for Newcastle in the summer and whilst he has started six Ligue One games for PSG this season as a back up player, he isn’t looking likely to get regular football in the near future. It would surely though take a very decent offer if Newcastle were to land the exciting young defender, definitely more than Rafa has been allowed (£10m) to spend on any player since promotion.

The Times earlier today put forward Maxime Poundje as a left-back Rafa is interested in, he was previously linked with Newcastle back in December 2016 and the Bordeaux 26 year old would cost considerably less than N’Soki.

The Sky Sports reporter states that talks continue with Atlanta United for Miguel Almiron, a player who would most definitely cost more than the £10m maximum Rafa has been allowed these past three windows on any player.

Initial reports had claimed that there could be a loan with then £15m to be paid in the summer, which always looked very unlikely and beyond optimistic. Atlanta’s president responding to press reports and saying there most definitely wouldn’t be any loan and that bidding starts at around the £23m/£24m mark as a minimum.

If indeed talks are continuing, Newcastle fans will wonder why progress hasn’t been made as yet, with Rafa needing players in as soon as possible to maximise the number of games they will be available for.

As for a striker, Newcastle are desperately reliant on Salomon Rondon and he is only here on loan!

None of the other striking options are suggesting they will be regular goalscorers and things are further complicated by Muto heading off to the Asian Cup after Wednesday night’s match.

Keith Downie doesn’t put forward any names for striker target(s) but there are surely plenty out there who would provide more threat than Rafa’s current options, Rondon excluded of course.

Keith Downie:

“The proposed takeover of Newcastle United is complicating things to an extent at St James Park.

“Despite that, Rafa Benitez has outlined his need for a left-back, a striker and a new number 10 this month.

“Atlanta United’s Paraguay international Miguel Almiron is his primary target, with talks already under way between the two clubs.

“Almiron can play out wide or behind the striker and, if bought on a permanent transfer, he would break a longstanding club record fee.

“Rafa Benitez also remains keen on PSG left-back Stanley N’Soki, a player he tried to sign in the summer.”

  • Kenny

    it`s all bull schitt, we know fine well the Rat won`t be spending in January.

    • mentalman

      It’ll be loan deals if anyone is brought in

      • Tommy

        Ashley won`t add to the wage bill plus loan fees unless some players leave and who would want any of our players.

    • Toontaff

      He might be buying a high street store near you…….

  • Pezza

    Stanley N’Soki would only be a loan Maxime Poundje a permanent deal, Fulham also want the latter.

    Almiron is likely a loan with option to buy which makes sense to all.

    • Tommy

      Almiron, are you an idiot. no chance. as for the other two it`s more pie in the sky

      • Pezza

        I’m an idiot? Ok, let’s see.

        • Toon Arnie

          You and Moscow must be the only two people left who are gullible enough to believe this Bishop induced spin – unbelievable. Wake up and smell the coffee.

          • Pezza

            We’ll see, I think we’ll see three new players by 31 Jan

    • Albert Stubbins

      Why would they loan out there best player?

      • Pezza

        Because they have to lose the wage, the purchase option will be more than that in offer now.

        • Albert Stubbins

          Why do they have to lose the wage? The chief exec has reportedly come out and said it would take a massive offer for them to let him go. Loan signings are normally struggling to get a game in their current side and usually go for experience and game time. This clearly isn’t the cases with Almiron. He’s there best player by a mile. I can’t see how it could be remotely possible for them to let him go out on loan.

          • Pezza

            It’s the Designated Player rule.

          • Pezza

            Designated Player rule in MLS means they need to move him on.

            Arsenal are supposed to be interested but then he will not play and they are talking £10m. £15m option whilst we pay a loan fee and test the water works for all a

          • Ram Kishore

            They have already brought in a replacement for Almiron from River plate. Atlanta have braced themselves for his departure

        • KRS1

          Where did you pick up this inside information?

          • Pezza

            They are allowed one Designated Player at a time, they’ve already got a new one signed so one has to go.

            I don’t have a source, it’s just an MLS rule

          • ATLUTD

            MLS teams are allowed 3 designated players. Salary for designated players does not apply against the teams salary cap. The rule is to encourage development of home grown talent. We will have four DP on roster if an Almiron trade does not go through. There are several options that Atlanta United has to avoid having four DP players on the roster, they can loan or trade one DP for the season (Barco) -or- Atlanta United can buy down the salary of a DP to comply with the salary cap rules.

          • Pezza

            Seriously? You can circumnavigate the salary cap by paying off the player in a lump sum to avoid paying them a salary, that seems a little wrong!

          • ATLUTD

            It’s a little more complicated than that. MLS teams have salary cap, target sllocatallocation dollars, and a few other barter/trade incentives. Allocation dollars are given to each team and those dollars can be traded or exchanged between clubs, they can be banked and used as trade incentive or to offset the expense of certain player categories (DP salary) ir transfer fees. This is a simple generalization, but to address your question…clubs can not simply pay s lump sum of cash transfer fees earned toward salary.

          • Pezza

            Realistically, Almiron is ready for a move up a level.

            Wee are led to believe Nufc and Arsenal are interested. Almiron will not get into Arsenal’s side immediately but will get into ours.

            Atlanta say they want £23m, Arsenal may be interested at a lower price with add ons for performance (i.e. he makes the grade) but Atlanta will only see £2-£4m immediately and then installments.

            Nufc could go for him on loan with an option to buy, he plays immediately and Nufc can get a good look at him. Nufc pay a loan fee of say £2m with the trigger in July being another installment of £4m with the balance over 3 more payments.

            Atlanta are no worse off lending him out to Nufc than selling outright.

            Almiron gets a chance to play at a higher level without the risk of finding himself relegated.

            Nufc get the chance to try before they commit to a player they have no idea whether he can step up.

        • ATLUTD

          We will loan someone else out (Barco) prior to underselling Almiron. Salary is not an issue.

          • Pezza

            As one your designated players, sent you limited as to what you can do? You can possibly tell us how it works.

            From our pov, paying $18m for a player who has shone in the US is a huge risk bearing in mind how competitive our league is in comparison. A few months proving himself here will satisfy us and make Atlanta more than accepting Arsenal’s speculative interest.

      • KRS1

        They won’t, their Chief Exec has already said a loan deal isn’t happening. Not happening as you rightly say.

        • Ram Kishore

          Anything can happen. Many Chiefs have done that in media and have done things differently.

    • Toon Arnie

      Except the Atlanta Manager ! Come on, how gullible are you ?

  • Tommy

    Report yesterday that Newcastle were out of the running for Almiron.
    not that there was any hope of getting him anyway.

  • Mike

    Sorry Santa has been and gone

  • Paul Patterson


    Not a chance..

  • Jezza

    I’m sure we will make some moves to sign players in January. Give it till around the 24th or 25th when the Lascelles and Shelvey money is safely deposited in Debenhams bank account then Charnley will begin scouring the Championship for anybody who’s out of favour or surplus to requirements and might be available on loan.

    • Kenny

      Same schitt different window Jezza

      • Button Toon

        Let’s see mate.

      • Wezza

        That’s a troll. Even watch him play the paranoid card. Vermin!
        Pezza no doubt, he is trolling at the same time. Vermin!

        • Toontaff

          Ah, Pezza v Wezza – he’s Einstein with a W……..and a h……..

          • Wezza

            He is a tool.

    • Paul Patterson

      Debenhams? Nah, we’ll be signing two players. Mark Spencer and Hech Emm Vee..

    • Duh

      Not sure we would get much for those 2 right now

      • Button Toon

        Jezza doesn’t know much about football mate. We’ll not sell them two no way.

        • Wezza

          What is it like talking to aliases?

        • KRS1

          You aren’t exactly an expert if you think Colback is the answer.

    • Button Toon

      There’s no way we’ll sell Lascelles or Shelvey.

      • KRS1

        If we got a bid Ashley would sell all day long.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Jaden Brown free transfer to Huddersfield. Why would NUFC not be interested in that?

    • Damon Horner

      Don’t know much about him mate. Is he first team ready? I reckon that’s important for us right now.

      • mentalman

        All interviews about this transfer from Huddersfield have been with the academy manager so I’m assuming its one for the future, like ourselves I’m not sure if this is the sort of transfer they should be thinking about at this time.

        Having said that a properly run club can probably manage to deal with signings for the academy and first team simultaneously

        • Damon Horner

          Good to know.

          We’re definitely out of the ordinary when it comes to development academies.

      • Stephen Paylor

        Real quick, solid work rate good going forward and solid at the back. Would be playing Premier league football if it wasn’t for Spuds having two better options who are top internationals. Would even now be an upgrade going forward than Paul Dummett. 3 years from now he will be worth 30 million plus. Also is English which may become important post brexit.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Another Sky exclusive!……….wow……

  • tom

    I like the idea of cairney for shelvey swap

  • Button Toon

    N’Soki looks a good prospect. I would avoid that Almiron though. He’s playing in the MLS at 24. No thanks.

    • ATLUTD

      Please go ahead and “avoid” Almiron. There is no reason for him to leave Atlanta United to play for a second tier European club with a 3rd world budget. Atl Utd fans will be ecstatic to have him for upcoming CONCACAF Champions League play and our owner doesn’t mind opening his pocket to pay what Almiron needs. Eventually, we will respect Almiron’s desire to play in Europe, but it will be a deal that works for both Almiron and the club.

    • ATLUTD

      Up-voting your own post… brilliant.

  • Albert Stubbins

    More lies.

  • Button Toon

    Colback scores two and Darryl Murphy scores for Forrest. Along with Mitrovic causing chaos for Fulham. Rafa, hang your head in shame. 3 players that could have and should have been in out squad this season :(

    • Wezza

      We still don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. They may have been pushed to generate cash – which had happened countless times.

    • ZinUru

      Absolute tripe from a Ashpologist, Murphy good honest pro, colback not good enough mitro lazy as hell half the player of Rondon.

    • Rabid Dog

      Haha you so funny…..

      2 championship players, with Murphy, by his own admition was bought in to do a specific job in the championship and the other who’s creating chaos in the relegation zone….

    • Tony English

      Colback scores in a lower division and suddenly he’s a world beater…numpty….what about Ivan Toney, he’s been banging them in, do you reckon he should be leading the line for us in the prem? How did Mitro do today? Cause much chaos did he?

    • Toontaff

      Colback………..LOL! Engerland international…….well, almost!

  • Wezza

    Rafas comments already debunk this obvious KBA PR – pushed by Sky “FCB Mouthpiece” Sports.

    What kind of club has a manager who doesn’t know his budget now the transfer window has opened?
    Or maybe he does know it is ZERO.
    A few people on here still think there will be some kind of spend. Honestly I urge you to look back in history and also look at every other window recently. Do not get your hopes up!
    Trust me there will be ZERO spend. The fakeover already took care of the January spend lie!

    Expect more PR lies such as this pushing top players to try and get NUFC fans hopes up – only to dash them. Fool me once shame on me fool the people hundreds of times?

  • Tweed Mag

    Has Sky Sports reported on anything that has turned out to be true with regards to transfers/takeover before the event?

  • Shipcote Willy

    ‘Newcastle boss is desperate to bring in a striker, a left-back and a number 10.’ This is a lift from August window and he never got them then either. Sky is Ashley’s media of choice to spread his lies and is never challenged about anything. Anyone who thinks Ashley is going to spend probably believes in the Tooth Fairy and Santa. One thing is certain all the bottom clubs will be doing everything they can to bring in players and boost their survival chances while Ashley will be happy to roll the dice.

  • FatParosite

    Downie & Graves take the Murdoch shilling so suck the chods of paying customers. So SkySports is a home of willing liars, hardly news is it?

  • Andrew

    Very quiet as usual on the signings.
    Will need to stop reading these articles as it’s always the same. We need X player in X position.
    I’m not holding out any hope of anyone coming in if we don’t have someone signed within the first 2 weeks of January as any later than this would mean we were never really looking as other teams are already making signings. Same old same old.

  • mactoon

    Guess what…

    Ashley won’t sanction any transfers In the January window and Rafa won’t have any money to spend.

    Could I actually get paid for writing articles like the ones written by the major tabloids and Sky (without any facts so based on opinion) ???

  • Toontaff

    We had far more chance of getting Nasri——–but, apparently he’s now off the drugs……..

  • pedrodelgardo

    17th place on the lowest spend possible – the aim of the vermin oaf.

  • James

    Haven’t even read this article because I don’t believe anything sky sports has to say. Back in he day I would take their word as the holy grail but now believe nowt on there


    I don’t think Atlanta United ever seriously considered Newcastle as a potential suitor for Almiron. Newcastle might have been speaking with Almiron’s representatives, but Darren Eales (GM of Atlanta United) has enough Premier League experience to know that discussing anything more than a $10 million transfer fee with Newcastle is a fruitless conversation. If Newcastle made a formal offer of less than $30 million for Almiron, Eales would have stopped taking any future calls from your front office.

  • Andy Mac

    As always Bread and circuses for the Toon faithful. Except we’ve run out of bread and the circus is just a single fat clown ! 🙄

  • Emprex

    ain’t it funny how they start these bs claims and then offer you odds to bet on it… I’m sure that’s called fraud..

    i wonder if you can bet on them not signing anyone and not being sold in 2019?

  • X2

    Is this the most cynical Newcastle supporters have ever felt about potential signings? How come The Mag isn’t talking about the (ha ha) four parties in takeover talks? You know, the same takeover talks that lead The Mag to call for the Wolves boycott to be called off?

  • Geordiegiants


  • NUFCDan

    Atlanta’s GM ;
    “I have seen some laughable things in the press, clearly we are never going to loan one of our players out and we are certainly not going to let them go for the ‘chump change’ that I have seen in some reports.”
    “If it’s a proper, serious offer then it’s something we would consider, but not for the laughable figures that I have seen mentioned in the press.”
    So is Ashley going to break the clubs transfer record taking a punt on a player from a league that is about the equivalent of League 1? He probably wouldn’t break the clubs transfer record if Messi was available FFS. Never going to happen.

  • Carl Marks

    When it comes to our transfer activity,I see we’ve left the blocks with scintillating speed NOT
    Dis anyone else notice,a few days ago on teletext/red button,where they print excerpts from the sports pages,re football news that the chances of NUFC paying £20 for Almiron were slim(they’d missed the “million” part out) or had they??
    Perhaps,they were being accurate and the chances of SD the mass marketing exercise,masquerading as Newcastle United Football Club were ever going to spend £20 on a player were slim??
    Even the media are joining in on the “let’s all laugh at Newcastle United Football Club”
    where will it end?
    Our “good neighbours” from just down the A19 having a whip round to raise £300 million to buy NUFC?
    *Wouldn’t it be awesome,if thousands of our fans showed the same passion,when it comes to boycotting matches/buying official merchandise,as the contributors to this blog?
    Obviously happier to “talk the talk” rather than “walk the walk”
    No thanks,for prolonging this nightmare unecessarily!!

  • Colin Brumwell

    Have we not had enough cheapo buys from France, and the stats on Almiron hardly get your pulses racing