Silas Wamangituka in interesting Newcastle United according to reports from France.

Having turned 19 only three months ago, Telefoot are describing his progress as ‘meteoric’ in recent months.

He arrived from his native DR Congo as a 17 year old and was with French amateur team Olympique Ales last season.

However, he was then signed by Paris FC, who are currently fourth in Ligue 2, to play in the reserves this season on a trainee contract.

Having instantly impressed though, the striker was quickly offered his first professional contract and signed it.

Paris FC are chasing promotion to Ligue 1 and the last couple of months have seen Silas Wamangituka promoted to the first team and he has rewarded  then with four league goals and being named Ligue 2 player of the month for December.

The striker of Paris FC, already author of 4 goals this season in Ligue 2, knows a meteoric rise. At only 19, he is now interesting Ligue 1 clubs and several major European clubs.

The 6ft 2 forward has helped Paris FC go unbeaten in the last five matches and the striker has four goals and an assist in his last six starts.

Telefoot report that their information is that his form has already attracted the attention of clubs in both Ligue 1 and other major European leagues.

Both Lyon and Lille are said to have sent scouts to watch the now 19 year old Silas Wamangituka, as well as Newcastle United, Schalke and Fiorentina.

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    Lol, who? Syrus Whatshisface?

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      Paris FC (second Div)……they have home crowds which average 3,072…… the author is doing a ‘wind-up’.

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        Is Carr still in France.???

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    So now if someone from Newcastle watches a game a player is linked. Come on the MAG you are being silly.

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          Knowing our talent spotters he’ll probably be a better cricket player……….

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    Now there’s a surprise!
    ANOTHER player that nobody has heard of!!

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    Is this NUFC Scouting for boys? Quite worrying

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    I bet he looks at least 59, knowing the Congo paper rounds………….

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    Once again I was ‘scouting’ Holly Willoughby today. She was on the telly (for any authorities that may be reading this) and I had the same thoughts. That IF she ever splits with her partner, IF she wants to give up her showbiz lifestyle, I might consider putting my bid in, in the hope of us getting together.
    Until then, like Newcastles transfer policy, it remains a redundant point..

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    Roald Dahl couldn’t come up with this level of imagination.

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    If he weighs less than twenty stone you’ll never get his name on the back of his shirt and no doubt the large one will take this into account when he offers thirty pieces of silver for him.

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    Mr Porter sticking with his agenda of massaging the Ashley PR machine with Mag in full support publishing his weekly fairy-tale drivel

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    I heard we had a promising 19 yr old on our books? At least we know we are getting. Which is nowt in the transfer window.

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    Must be the most unrewarding job (or easiest) being an Nufc scout as there is no outcomes