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Rio Ferdinand on Sunday once again provokes Newcastle United fans – Must read responses from journalists and fans

2 years ago

Rio Ferdinand is at it again.

On Saturday, BT Sport had inexplicably given him yet another platform to talk garbage about Newcastle United and Mike Ashley.

This despite a clear conflict of interest as the former player has business interests with Mike Ashley, including Sports Direct exclusively selling Ferdinand’s clothing range.

The only doubt was whether Rio Ferdinand was deliberately telling lies on behalf of Mike Ashley, or whether he is just incredibly thick, or indeed a combination of the two.

Sunday morning certainly looks to have seen him push opinion towards this all being deliberate from him, rather than accidental stupidity.

Despite being put right by a combination of BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey and a host of journalists and Newcastle fans, Rio Ferdinand has chosen to repeat some of his nonsense and wind Newcastle supporters up even more.

No doubt Mike Ashley and Keith Bishop thinking this is another PR stunt success…

Some great replies from both journalists and fans (Newcastle and other clubs’).

Rio Ferdinand via his Twitter account (9.42am Sunday morning):

“Newcastle United fans good morning to you all!!

“Ya clubs turning a profit, no debt, oh & playing in the PL! Terrible!”

George Caulkin (The Times):

‘Morning Rio. NUFC turned a profit in the summer transfer window after your business partner Mike Ashley said “every penny” generated would be given to Benitez.

The club was £144m in debt in their last accounts. The team is in the bottom-3 of the Premier League. Anything else?’

Luke Edwards (The Telegraph):

‘I’d happily take the time to explain this to you and I’m not a fan.

I’m sure George Caulkin from The Times would join me.

Won’t take long. It would educate you.’

Jonny Sharples:

[Extremely duran duran voice]: ‘His name is rio, and mike ashley sells his brand.’

Tino’s Fur Coat:

‘Whatever gear you took in 2003 must’ve been some strong stuff.’

Howard Linskey:

‘No debt, apart from £130m Mike Ashley insists nufc owes him because he lent it to the club he is sole owner of.

Don’t let facts or your sports range clash of interest get in the way of your story.

Just ask Ashley where all the TV, shirt & advertising money has gone?’

Rob Danson:

‘Aye, nice big profit for us to sit on as we stare up at the rest from in the relegation zone, f…ing happy days ehh…all know your game.’

Dayne Weir:

‘Come on, no debt?

We owe Mike Ashley over £150m which he’s failed to reduce even after “turning a profit”.

No investment has been made in the club, we are desperate for new players, facilities upgrade etc.

If this was Man Utd you’d be spitting feathers about it.’

James Camp:

‘Turning a profit. But I Thought Ashley invested his own money for transfers. Going back on ourselves we see.’

Jonathan Roberts:

‘Even as a Sunderland fan i think it is reasonable to ask where this profit is going.’

Unibrow Mario:

‘How much did Ashley pay you to write this tweet?’


‘If Man Utd were turning a profit and in the pl but had a net spend of £6m over the last 2 years and in relegation zone would u be happy?’

Nathan Fox:

‘Our net spend is actually £6m over the last decade, an average of £600k spend a year.’

Chris Holt:

‘Why would any supporter want their club to be profitable? 

Fans want money on the pitch not in the bank!  Especially when there’s so much scope for improvement.’

Gareth Coffey:

‘Clueless, there is debt to Ashley, the money the club is generating is not being used to invest in the club, 2relegations in 11 yrs (likely to be 3), hiring Joe Kinnear twice, being proven in a court of law to have lied and that’s just off the top of my head without even trying.’

Brad Dale (Man Utd fan):

‘If I was a Newcastle fan I wouldn’t be happy either, a club that size should be more ambitious. End of.’

Taylor not Besty:

‘Rio man, you’re telling lies and people keep proving that what you are saying is rubbish. Just do some research, it’s easy!’

Oscar Coyle:

‘It’s not just NUFC fans berating your comments though is it, it’s the wider footballing community.. I don’t understand how you can actually believe what you are saying.’


‘Dear BT Sport – I’m fine with pundits being a bit biased because they’ve a historical and emotional tie to a club. It’s how we all are.

But being biased for financial reasons? No. Sack him, or very least don’t let him cover NUFC again.’


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