Rio Ferdinand is at it again.

On Saturday, BT Sport had inexplicably given him yet another platform to talk garbage about Newcastle United and Mike Ashley.

This despite a clear conflict of interest as the former player has business interests with Mike Ashley, including Sports Direct exclusively selling Ferdinand’s clothing range.

The only doubt was whether Rio Ferdinand was deliberately telling lies on behalf of Mike Ashley, or whether he is just incredibly thick, or indeed a combination of the two.

Sunday morning certainly looks to have seen him push opinion towards this all being deliberate from him, rather than accidental stupidity.

Despite being put right by a combination of BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey and a host of journalists and Newcastle fans, Rio Ferdinand has chosen to repeat some of his nonsense and wind Newcastle supporters up even more.

No doubt Mike Ashley and Keith Bishop thinking this is another PR stunt success…

Some great replies from both journalists and fans (Newcastle and other clubs’).

Rio Ferdinand via his Twitter account (9.42am Sunday morning):

“Newcastle United fans good morning to you all!!

“Ya clubs turning a profit, no debt, oh & playing in the PL! Terrible!”

George Caulkin (The Times):

‘Morning Rio. NUFC turned a profit in the summer transfer window after your business partner Mike Ashley said “every penny” generated would be given to Benitez.

The club was £144m in debt in their last accounts. The team is in the bottom-3 of the Premier League. Anything else?’

Luke Edwards (The Telegraph):

‘I’d happily take the time to explain this to you and I’m not a fan.

I’m sure George Caulkin from The Times would join me.

Won’t take long. It would educate you.’

Jonny Sharples:

[Extremely duran duran voice]: ‘His name is rio, and mike ashley sells his brand.’

Tino’s Fur Coat:

‘Whatever gear you took in 2003 must’ve been some strong stuff.’

Howard Linskey:

‘No debt, apart from £130m Mike Ashley insists nufc owes him because he lent it to the club he is sole owner of.

Don’t let facts or your sports range clash of interest get in the way of your story.

Just ask Ashley where all the TV, shirt & advertising money has gone?’

Rob Danson:

‘Aye, nice big profit for us to sit on as we stare up at the rest from in the relegation zone, f…ing happy days ehh…all know your game.’

Dayne Weir:

‘Come on, no debt?

We owe Mike Ashley over £150m which he’s failed to reduce even after “turning a profit”.

No investment has been made in the club, we are desperate for new players, facilities upgrade etc.

If this was Man Utd you’d be spitting feathers about it.’

James Camp:

‘Turning a profit. But I Thought Ashley invested his own money for transfers. Going back on ourselves we see.’

Jonathan Roberts:

‘Even as a Sunderland fan i think it is reasonable to ask where this profit is going.’

Unibrow Mario:

‘How much did Ashley pay you to write this tweet?’


‘If Man Utd were turning a profit and in the pl but had a net spend of £6m over the last 2 years and in relegation zone would u be happy?’

Nathan Fox:

‘Our net spend is actually £6m over the last decade, an average of £600k spend a year.’

Chris Holt:

‘Why would any supporter want their club to be profitable? 

Fans want money on the pitch not in the bank!  Especially when there’s so much scope for improvement.’

Gareth Coffey:

‘Clueless, there is debt to Ashley, the money the club is generating is not being used to invest in the club, 2relegations in 11 yrs (likely to be 3), hiring Joe Kinnear twice, being proven in a court of law to have lied and that’s just off the top of my head without even trying.’

Brad Dale (Man Utd fan):

‘If I was a Newcastle fan I wouldn’t be happy either, a club that size should be more ambitious. End of.’

Taylor not Besty:

‘Rio man, you’re telling lies and people keep proving that what you are saying is rubbish. Just do some research, it’s easy!’

Oscar Coyle:

‘It’s not just NUFC fans berating your comments though is it, it’s the wider footballing community.. I don’t understand how you can actually believe what you are saying.’


‘Dear BT Sport – I’m fine with pundits being a bit biased because they’ve a historical and emotional tie to a club. It’s how we all are.

But being biased for financial reasons? No. Sack him, or very least don’t let him cover NUFC again.’

  • Paul Patterson

    What do you expect from someone on MA’s payroll? He’s a paid idiot . .

  • Albert Stubbins

    He’s not exactly covering himself with glory here is he? Sounds too much like Moscow 72 for it to be a coincidence!!

  • JohnnyH

    Have a word with Uncle Les about having a set of principles and living by them.

    • morryJR

      Can’t believe they are related.

      • Phil Yare

        same here. like chalk and cheese. or a lovely great looking bloke and a complete ugly c**t in this instance

    • Phildene

      Think Les Ferdinand is Rio’s cousin, not his uncle -according to Google. Agree with your comments.

  • Billmag

    He’s such a Dumb [email protected]@k isn’t he.

    • pedrodelgardo

      He’s not thick but he is a selfish business man who thinks he needs more money and is willing to make a fool of himself in an effort to get that much needed money. Thick no, greedy grubby little man yes.

      • Billmag

        Well I disagree with you mate anyone that comes on a national TV station and spouts rubbish without doing his homework is in my opinion a thick Dumb [email protected]@k.

        • Kneebotherm8

          He’s a self serving,thick Dumb [email protected]@k….

        • deadtrail 74

          Should st least be dropped by sky for any future toon games. However he has ignited the debate again and as someone else said it gets the real story of Ashley’s Neglect of 11 years out to the wider football community.

          • Billmag

            That’s true.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Yes,he is a self serving,greedy twt who needs to keep his Ashley @rse licking comments to himself.
        He’s obviously brain dead if he believes it’s not clear as day to 99.9% of the population as to exactly why he’s defending his paymaster Ashley…… fckn embarrassing individual he is….

  • Paul Patterson

    Has anyone seen the Richard Keys rubbish? Now there’s an idiot . .

    • Anita kick up the Hoop

      It’s a weekend of media coordination by the Ashley camp, Ferdinand, Sherwood, Keys .. payment from mr Barnes gleefully accepted

    • Toontaff

      I wonder who’s doing their jobs in all those villages……………

    • Phil Yare

      keys makes a baboon look like the apex of human evolution.

  • Polarboy

    In fairness it’s great that this is getting so much publicity. If this was Ashley’s idea of PR it’s spectacularly backfired once again. Rio’s done us a favour in a strange way. The more the real numbers surrounding our club get out there the better.

  • Policy Research NE

    Lads & lasses, come on the learned Rio has spoken, against Cardiff let’s get a new banner sorted giving Mike that overdue ‘thank you’ – poor bloke spending every last penny on us and the least we can do is show a bit of gratitude… ;)

  • GlasgowMag

    I’m really past all this [email protected]!! If anyone actually believes these idiots just go to your local hospital and they will guide you on the area where you can get help, in real terms you can volunteer to get sectioned!! The only way forward is for this workhouse owner to be forced out if you believe otherwise I refer to my last!! Ashley out!!

    • Paul Patterson

      No wonder young people are crying out for ‘safe spaces’ in todays society. They are well needed with all the rubbish that get posted and sometimes believed . .

  • Wezza

    Did anyone say also the club employs a PR agency to lie and fool the media and fans?
    I can’t believe this fact gets overlooked!

    • Leazes.

      Mark Douglas said he doesn’t know what Keith Bishop does…..

      1. Keith Bishop is 49% of Keith Bishop Associates (KBA) the other 51% is Michael James Wallace Ashley.

      2. PR agencies target the News Media and other forms of broadcast media using apparent genuine accomplices to make ideas stick.

      Still waiting to heart from Mark Jenson on why the plug was pulled….. he even managed to beat the chronicle to it. They use headline grabbers as well as drip feed techniques….someone got through to Jensen.

      Where is the Fakeover/Takeover?

      In the minds of those who planned it, and acted it out….. and unfortunately for us its also in the mind of Mark Douglas who is loath to admit that he’s susceptible to a PR con…..he’s a good friend to the club hierarchy.

      • Wezza

        Spot on Leazes. Apparently Justin Barnes doesn’t have a role. Although chief p**s on and fool the fans, can’t really be given a job title or it’d give the game away.
        Spot on with Douglas.

  • Tweed Mag

    The credibility of BT’s punditry has been highlighted – Ferdinand made a complete fool of himself and Joe Cole sat there like a noddy dog, making no contribution at all.

    • Ken

      Yes and the co commentator was Chris Sutton ex Chelsea and he will be co commentator on Tues ex Blackburn.

  • Rich Lawson

    He gets a much easier ride in the media than he deserves because of his wife’s untimely and tragic death. I live in W.Yorks’ now and the the stories of his time with Leeds, showing his arrogance and unpleasantness in day to day life off the pitch are legion.

    • Sickandtired

      £30 million he cost, 17 years ago. More than Ashley allowed to be spent on the entire team so far this season, 2018. What a [email protected] Rio is.

    • FatParosite

      Let’s not forget this man cheated on her more than 10 times. So despite the BBC whitewash of him, trusting him with anything other than used toilet roll is an issue. He’s thick and lies for money.

      • Phil Yare

        here here. i have more respect for a wankstain

  • Carverlier football

    What a cockwomble

  • Carverlier football

    Maybe he thinks because he looks exactly like the most notorious propogandist in history he has to somehow live up to it…

  • magpiefifer

    He’s thick and thick-skinned – and in Ashley’s pocket!!

    • Phil Yare

      but thin lips like some kind of deformed sea creature

  • Jonas

    Ofcom should be hearing about this, pretty sure its against the rules albeit Jake did mention his vested interests which maybe negates it. But the PR campaign against NUFC and its fans needs highlighted for the scandal that it is.

    Glad someone pointed out he is out of step with football fans in general where there are supporters of all clubs that see what Ashley is, just as we do with Venky’s and the Oyston’s, including Manchester United fans.
    Not to mention people outside of football that have some idea of how SD operates.

    Get him on the Blackburn – Newcastle match so he can tell us all how good a job both Ashley and Venky’s are doing in one.

  • Sickandtired

    Being a [email protected] for Ashley. Wow, how far can a person sink?

    • X2

      Yeah, that is low. Really low. I used to like Rio, pity he’s soiled his reputation so badly just for a few coins from Ashley.

  • Foggy

    Drug use has addled his brain as well as being thick to start with. Gazza makes more sense than he does even on his bad days. Surprised he didn’t do the interview in a dressing gown with a fishing rod.

  • HarryHype59

    Rio is obviously on the Bishop pay roll!

  • Phil Yare

    i can’t believe its taken this much time for people to dislike him….with the charm of a skidmark and the appearance of a deformed duck with a mouthful of spit, I think how on earth is he related to les ferdinand??? (handsome, great guy, great player)
    his talents include trying to be a gangsta and selling s**t tracksuits – says everything about the duck man

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    He should not be in the studio ever again when Newcastle United are on BT or any other show he may work for in the future.
    Any T.V channel should think twice about having someone on their shows who clearly is not impartial in his views.

  • Down Under Mag

    Bishop clearly trotting out the usual suspects to try and drum up some positive publicity for his client M. Ashley ahead of what will be a sure fire $h!te storm come the end of the window and we haven’t spent a penny, likely have sold Shelvey and Benetiez is on TV saying how he doesn’t know what to do under these conditions.

    Stay tuned, Dennis Wise to be seen in the media in the next few days to go over yet more tried and tested manure in search for some sympathy (and a backhanded payment) from his pal Mike.

    The best bit though is now even non-NUFC fans and media around the country are starting to realise the rubbish being spouted and calling them out on it. Long may it continue to backfire!

  • Toon Arnie

    Ferdinand is a spiteful plank who is fed stuff from Bishop to feed to the weak minded and doesn’t really understand what he’s saying. He’s embarrassed himself twice on BT now so he hasn’t really done Ashley any favours. He gets dismantled every time he talks about Newcastle.