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Rio Ferdinand deletes embarrassing Twitter message and now claims just a ‘Fishing Trip’ for Newcastle United fans

2 years ago

Rio Ferdinand lit the fuse on Saturday with his ludicrous comments on Mike Ashley and Newcastle United.

Then gloriously he has seen it all blow up in his own face.

He even then had the shame of seeing Richard Keys being the only one to come to his defence, the equivalent of somebody throwing you a life jacket made of lead when you are drowning.

With each successive move, Rio Ferdinand has made the matter worse.

His shameful appearance on BT Sport on Saturday (watch the clip below) followed by this Twitter message:

Rio Ferdinand via his Twitter account (9.42am Sunday morning):

“Newcastle United fans good morning to you all!!

“Ya clubs turning a profit, no debt, oh & playing in the PL! Terrible!”

After being universally savaged by respected and not so respected journalists, Newcastle fans and also supporters following every team from Sunderland to Manchester United, he has done the only thing any self-respecting coward can do.

Ferdinand has now deleted the above message from his Twitter account.

You would almost think he had a deep connection with Mike Ashley judging by the PR advice he has followed…

Whilst taking down that message and trying to pretend it never happened, Rio Ferdinand has instead put this one up…

For those not up with their social media, Rio Ferdinand is using the multiple fishing rods to signify that this whole thing has actually just been a ‘fishing trip’ all along, intending to reel in the fish (Newcastle fans) for laughs/’banter’.

Getting them to ‘bite’, the whole thing being just one great big laugh, his comments not meant to be taken literally/seriously.

Well maybe instead of multiple fishing rods and multiple fish, Rio should have posted a picture of multiple shovels to help him with this ever deeper hole he is digging for himself.

The ‘fishing’ message has had over one and a half thousand replies to it already and the hundreds that I waded through, 99.9% of them were slaughtering Ferdinand, many of them telling him he should hold his hands up and tell the truth and apologise, rather than humiliating himself further.

These are just a handful of the responses to the Rio Ferdinand ‘Fishing Trip’ message:

Brian Quinlan:

‘I’m a Man U fan and u were a legend in my eyes unitil u disrespected not just Newcastle football club but all their supporters and the city because u have financial gains ur relationship with Ashley.

U can laugh this off but u hurt ur legacy today with a lot of people yesterday.’

Alex Baty:

‘Ah the fishing rod emoji. The last bastion of the desperate man.’

Johnny Sharples:

‘Rio Ferdinand to launch new range of FIVE™ Fishing Rods. Available exclusively from Sports Direct.’

The Man Utd Way:

‘Rio, you are a legend here but you really should hold your hands up and apologise for what you said about Newcastle.

 Even I can see, as a great club, they are being held back by their greedy owner.

They deserve better & as a respected voice with a platform, you should know better.’


‘Idea for a TV show, me and Keysie host a chat show to share our out of touch views and opinions on football. Its got a twist though Lynne, it’s all a joke, when we get called out for being idiots we say it was just banter.

We could call it Through the Keys-goal.’


‘His PR team are having a mare.’

Matthew Graham:

‘If only you went to as much effort to make one of your drug tests you wouldn’t have been banned for 8 months.’

Sam Douglas:

‘Haha surely your job isn’t to get people to bite but to provide expert analysis & insight to football fans? Losing credibilty with every nibble, shame really.’

The Realist:

‘If you were fishing then i assume BT Sport will not be asking you back in future for wasting their time on a supposedly serious subject that you are saying you made light of.

Sometimes its best just to admit when you have had your pants pulled down and take your medicine.’

Ben Hartland:

‘You’ll be on BeIN Sports with those other clowns by next season.’



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