Richard Keys has now joined the party.

The disgraced former Sky Sports presenter joining in the attack on Newcastle United, Newcastle fans and Rafa Benitez, as well as all common sense, truth and logic.

Rio Ferdinand really got the ball rolling on Saturday, Mike Ashley’s business associate giving a laughable attempt at punditry on BT Sport.

The same as his last appearance when he talked about Newcastle United, Ferdinand either willingly told untruth after untruth about what is actually happening with Ashley and the club, or he was happy to speak from a position of total ignorance.

Rio Ferdinand following that up with another ridiculous go on Twitter, backing up Mike Ashley once again and having a go at the Newcastle fans (see here).

Richard Keys then piling in on the back of that by applauding Rio Ferdinand (see below).

Keys as we know has a long record of form and this time states that 18th place in the Premier League is Rafa’s fault because he ‘picks the team’, whilst he questions ‘Why should it always be Ashley’ to blame.

When somebody owns the club and insists on a profit rather than net spend on players, that undermines everything else, making the manager’s job all but impossible.

Saying it is Rafa who is to blame for where Newcastle find themselves…on that basis it was Panama’s manager’s fault they didn’t win the World Cup, or David Wagner’s fault that Huddersfield are bottom and not top of the Premier League. You can only work with what you have got.

As for the Richard Keys solution to the situation, he says that ‘If Rafa loves Newcastle as he says’, why doesn’t he buy Newcastle United with his own money.

This is definitely fact being stranger than fiction, if somebody had claimed Richard Keys had said this to somebody in a conversation you would think it was too far-fetched.

I think it is very difficult now to believe this is all coincidence.

Mike Ashley suddenly appeared back at a Newcastle match yesterday, which coincided with Tim Sherwood talking absolute nonsense and saying Ashley deserved credit, then we had Rio Ferdinand yesterday and this morning, now Richard Keys…

You might think well this is a great PR strategy from Mike Ashley and Keith Bishop, getting media people to talk such absolute rubbish that a six year old (chimpanzee) could immediately pull to bits.

However, what else is there that could be scripted but nonsense, if you were trying to defend Ashley’s running of Newcastle United?

If these next 24 hours see Richard Keys follow up his Twitter shout out with more of the same on beIN SPORTS and Dennis Wise pops up on Sky Sports, we will have conclusive proof that this isn’t just coincidence.

With clearly no NUFC takeover happening and no signings coming in as we reach the midway point of the January window, this level of Mike Ashley PR nonsense matches his running of Newcastle United as a football club.

Richard Keys via Twitter:

“Well said Rio Ferdinand.

“If Rafa loves Newcastle as he says – spend some of his own money.

“He’s got enough.

“Management is about teamwork – why should it always be Ashley?

“Buy it. It’s still for sale.

“They’re in the bottom 3 and Rafa is responsible.

“He picks the team.”

  • DeadToiler

    The man is a fool.

    • Sickandtired

      Replace the F with a T.

  • disqus_XQXm6KjMkq

    This sounds more & more like a Donald Trump White House episode.

  • Policy Research NE

    That is a new one – ‘use some of your own money or buy it’? This is beggars belief. Either these statements are made to deliberately provoke, as they have done, as these pundits want to be seen to be offering a different opinion; or simply it is the dark arts at work. A bit of both I think.

  • pedrodelgardo

    His face looks like a punch bag to me, it’s saying “go on you know it will be worth it” but you know you wouldn’t be able to stop. Disgusting individual, I can tell his breath stinks just by looking at him.

    • Peaky

      I bet his breath stinks of Fatty’s starfish….!!

  • Toon

    I think he is taking the p*ss, try not to bite

  • jarra

    Ashley is clearly throttling and murdering the club and its status with the aid of the media and some ‘They-Live-esque’ robotic puppets.
    Before he come we were a top 4 club, our turnover was once the top 5 in Europe. We had a ground that would be paid of in his regime whilst others had not built their own ground, which gave us a massive financial advantage.
    He has absolutely crushed the brand of the football club. You can see that with Sport Direct client Rio claiming we are a yo-yo club. Behaving as if we were a yo-yo before Ashley arrived. After 11years it is almost like this is all out of spite. After 11 year you can actually see Ashley’s spite revealing itself everyday…

    • Jonas

      it was bizarre logic, that is to say he was losing the argument so produced ‘yo-yo club’ as if that makes it okay. So an owner can do anything at his West Ham – relegated under various owners because their a ‘yo-yo club’

      Until Ashley relegated Newcastle – we hadn’t been relegated for 20years and relegated once in over 30years, hadn’t even been near a relegation battle in the PL (a bad season was 13th and a cup final).
      He must think its just coincidence. Sick mind.

  • Tweed Mag

    Not worth getting interested in Keys. The competition between pundits now is at a an all time level and the only way to get attention is to be provocative or say stupid things.
    Keys is so bad his attempts backfire.

    • Leazes.

      Thing is Ferdinand has 10m followers on twitter…. you have to entertain them somehow…. the world has become a very dangerous place with this medium of targeted politics….. it can drip feed lies to a lot of people as Dominic Cummings has shown.

      • Tweed Mag

        Ferdinand was hung out to dry on Twitter last night, then again this morning when he came up with another flippant comment. His 10m followers might see him in a different light. It is a double-edged sword this social media lark.

        • Cockneytrev


        • Kneebotherm8

          He’ll be seen as taking his 30 pieces of silver……….what a fckn dimwit…….he must think we’re all off a banana boat…….

          • BigHairyDog

            He’s a client of KBA, say no more!!!

          • Kneebotherm8

            They’re all pssn in the same pot..

  • Wezza

    Stupid comment from Keys. I bet this has Somethinf to do with KBA.
    What him and Ferdinand don’t say is that the club employs a PR agency to lie and fool the media and the fans. Fact!

  • Sickandtired

    Ferdinand and others don’t seem to mind other clubs not being ran as a ‘business’ and therefore spending money (debt) which allows them to compete.
    But I suppose, that wouldn’t have lined his own bank account as much as it did, would it?

  • Paul Patterson

    Sometimes people need protecting for their own safety. The same people should have the platform to speak in public taken away from them, that includes their Twitter accounts.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re an ex footballer who missed a drug test and is a business associate of Ashley, or a disgraced ex-Sky presenter. Or the President of The United States ..

    • Peaky

      Wasn’t gammy top lip Ferdinand also involved in that tape many years ago with Dyer & Fat Frank…???

      • NUFCLX

        Yes Tit lip was the cameraman also seem to remember him taking out a gagging order after accusations of having affairs with 10 different woman. Put that together with his drug test fiasco and you can see he is a great role model, he could almost be Fatmans son.

  • Mrkgw

    Another misinformed ignoramus whose views are completely irrelevant. Was once a decent presenter but how shows his true colours. Waster of space.

  • Big Hairy Man

    The question is does anyone take seriously the biased views of the Rafa-hating, hairy-handed sex pest?

    • Paul Cannell

      Strange user name.

  • Peaky

    Thought it was a long time since we’d heard from Cabbage Patch Heed….

  • Sickandtired

    latest Tweet:
    Rio Ferdinand

    @NUFC fans good morning to you all!! Ya clubs turning a profit, no debt, oh & playing in the PL! Terrible!

    Someone needs tell him what the £144 million on the accounts is then, if not debt.

    • Tweed Mag

      He is not only thick, but arrogant too. The replies he is getting from people with brains are priceless.

      • Sickandtired

        I think he is proof that if he could not have played football, then his intellect and mental capacity would only have landed him a job in one of Fatty’s stores.

    • Policy Research NE

      The bit I don’t get is he played at a time under Fergie when SBR had NUFC top 4 – and visits to SJP were a tough fixture for the Man U. He can’t honestly believe what he’s saying

      • Sickandtired

        Signed the year the Glazers took over. Despite making a fortune, and the club signing superstar after superstar, they are in 1/2 billion of debt. He’s a F’n hypocrite of the highest order.

        • Leazes.

          Aye spuds are a billion in debt…. any comments from Rio?

          • Sickandtired

            Doubt it, unless he finds a way to get paid off them.

    • jarra

      He is disgusting. A rubbish clothing catalogue, a paid shill who is paid to hammer the brand of NUFC. His ‘shade’ is transparent.

      • Sickandtired

        He’s a hypocrite is what he is. He earned £115,000 a week at ManU yet the club has almost 1/2 a billion of debt.
        Brains of a rocking horse.

        • jarra

          I wouldn’t even pisth in his Rio’s sweat shop sports direct clothing line joggers if I was freezing cold in the north pole.

          It is transparent Ferdinand, and Keys are hair raising and being paid to do some pre-emptive ground work. Something is in the works I’m guessing. The way he is hammering the brand of NUFC on live TV is disgusting. Where are NUFC’s commercial team at this time? Where is someone lobbying for NUFC behind the scenes here? We don’t have a commercial dept, we have the tea boy, Charnley.

    • Ba ba.

      He’s banned loads of people this morning the helmet

      • Sickandtired

        And the club made £20 mil profit. Aye, Rio, but it went to Ashley not the team.

    • porciestreet

      Rio Ferdinand is thick…!
      Hes too dumb to have a proper future so he talks schyte for whoever buys him a beer..!

    • Tomb

      The difference is that some of these experts lol, think we should be greatful and view being in the premier league as a success however we are all old enough to remember a pre Ashley era when we actually did pretty well before he rescued us out of the goodness of his heart

  • Rich Lawson

    Ludicrous comments from loathsome individuals. Does Rafa (or Shearer,Ant&Dec etc) have £300+ mil’ in the bank ? Of course not.Might as well ask Rafa to buy the players he needs out of his Post Office account. A man with no personal dignity at all continually spouts nonsense on the classiest manager in the Prem’.

  • GlasgowMag

    Richard who???????

    • Kneebotherm8

      Head ……..normally referred to as Dck……not Richard…

  • Kenny

    Just another troll, ignore the piece of schit

  • Albert Stubbins

    I cannot for a minute seriously contemplate the opinions of a man who’s heed resembles that of a cabbage patch doll!!

  • Ba ba.

    He’s off his 🤪 .. Look at the photo man.
    What I would like to know is what he has against rafa and Newcastle United .
    I’d love to bump into him for a little chat.
    On a side note even fans of other clubs are attacking rio and keys… Which is nice 👍

  • Colin Brumwell

    Maybe Ferdinand has promised to fixhim up with an 18 year old as a reward

  • Leicester Mag

    A proven disgraced liar supports court proven liar. Bound to make this a valid view then! Ffs really !? Even the most niave fan can surely see the club’s narrative here and tell they are being manipulated. Does this not anger you? Cynically taken for the being the lowest wit and intelligence can’t you see he’d respect a 🐶💩 more than fans ? Only one answer Stop Ruckin Going!

  • Kenny

    Just had a toby around twitter, both this Tossa & Rio have unleashed Hell,
    good enough for them.

    • deadtrail 74

      Hope when you say hell they are both getting a kicking?? Maybe this sort of negative publicity is what Ashley wants after he had the chief executive of Debinams removed.

  • Steve Smith

    Monkey hands and duck face. Take nothing they say seriously. Their egos have taken a battering because they’ve made themselves look stupid in public.

  • Carverlier football

    What a cuntpuffin

  • deadtrail 74

    Monkey Hands must have ran out of his daughters friends to turn in to Lesbians.

  • porciestreet

    Why is that dispicable dimwit Keys always so anti-Rafa.
    I smell deformation of carachter.
    Carefull Keys , youll end up with nothing…with a bit of luck…Tw4t..!

  • Lostprofit DBC

    He can pull every PR stunt going, he can annoy the fans, he can even lie about immediate plans but there’s one thing he can’t avoid. It will be his club being relegated, his money lost and his opportunity with a great manager gone. The only trouble is that he will enjoy it, worth every penny in his twisted mind.

  • Jonas

    Considering what happened to his club Coventry with bad (but not deliberately so) ownership you’d think he’d have some sort of empathy with fans of other clubs ran dreadfully.

    That he doesnt again proves he’s not a footbal fan, football perrson or a decent human being.

    Would love to know his, Rio and co’s opinions on the treatment of Jonas and Ashley’s being hauled before a select committee for ‘Victorian working practices’ at SD – just to see derranged minds in action trying to reason it away somehow.
    Or maybe they all just know that they’re c***s.

    Even pre perv-gate on TV and cradle-robbing-gate in his private life you’d be hard pressed to find a football fan who doesn’t think he was a w**ker.

  • Wor Lass

    keys is a busted flush, borderline paedo who is shamelessly clickbaiting and you muppets are playing right into his dirty little hands. Ignore the perv.

  • Doug Sweeney

    Key’s – he’s a disgraced football pundit who cheated on his wife with his daughter’s best friend. For some reason he feels the need to express his opinions on Rafa who is someone Key’s isn’t fit to breath the same air as.

  • Albert Stubbins

    How pin cushion heed. You say you love Coventry so put your own fat hands in your pocket. You’ve got plenty money. No didn’t think so. Wrangun!!

    • Kneebotherm8

      Coventry city fans can’t abide him either,apparently……….the dckheed is universally seen as a ……..dckheed…

  • robbersdog

    Didn’t Keys leave his wife for one of his daughter’s friends? The dirty old b*stard!

  • Dillon Tovak

    The ramblings of a maniac. Is he an alcoholic or something?

    • KennyS


    • KennyS


  • KennyS

    Message to the Mag..
    Please do not post anything else from these people, we should rise above the lesser lower lifes and hangers on who live off the scraps thrown to them by evil dictators masquerading as wealthy fornicators and demon obese parasites… sorry I meant fat Ashley!

  • Carl Marks

    It’s getting extremely congested,with all those tongues licking Ashley’s ars*hole –
    I suppose it’s one way to declare to the world,that you don’t possess a molecule of self respect.
    I’m taken no lectures from a c**t who devastated both his wife’s and daughter’s lives in one foul swoop!
    As for the backstabbing bimbo who fell for his money and fame,
    Has it dawned on you yet,
    a) That he underwent a charima bypass operation?
    b) If he’s prepared to shat on his wife with you,then he’ll do the same to you??

  • Tomb

    Its a personal thing Key seems to have a dislike for Benitez he also heavily criticised Guardiola two years ago and has stated he has no time for the so called elite managers hence he calls them out regularly shouldn’t be taken seriously