This looks like a pivotal weekend for Newcastle United in their relegation fight.

Sadly, with an away game to Chelsea it looks as though any potential positivity will only come in other matches.

Since 1986, Newcastle have only the one win in the league at Stamford Bridge and I don’t quite see anybody in this current squad capable of reproducing those brilliant, one of them outrageous, Papiss Cisse strikes, nor the stellar form he enjoyed in those first few months on Tyneside.

There are key matches happening elsewhere this weekend and it could be touch and go as to whether Newcastle United end this round of fixtures in the bottom three.

This is how the Premier League currently stands:

newcastle united

Recent form/results have seen Crystal Palace pretty much pull out of trouble I feel and turn it from a two from six to a two from five, to go down with Huddersfield.

The numbers of clubs down at the bottom and relatively lower points, has given some people I think, a bit of a false sense of security.

Last season, after everybody had played 21 games, you had West Brom on 15 points, Swansea 16, Crystal Palace 19 and Newcastle United only above Palace on goal difference with 19 points as well. A year ago, Rafa’s team would have already been bottom three if they had only had 18 points.

Game 22 last season saw Newcastle travel to Stoke and win an absolutely massive relegation clash 1-0, game 22 this time is the trip to Chelsea.

This Saturday afternoon at 3pm, you have Burnley v Fulham, Cardiff v Huddersfield and Leicester v Southampton.

Burnley and Cardiff will be favourites to win their games and only need a point each anyway to go above Newcastle United.

As for Southampton, life under their new manager has definitely seen the bounce effect, their last five PL games seeing them score three against both Arsenal and Huddersfield as they picked up six points, whilst they added another point with an excellent goalless draw at Chelsea, ironically.

They play a very unpredictable Leicester side who have managed to lose at Newport and at home to Cardiff in their last three matches. If Southampton win at Leicester I feel that would be an absolutely savage blow for Newcastle and quite probably see us in the bottom three by the time our 5.30pm kick-off comes around.

Once you drop into that relegation zone then it can become very difficult to climb back out.

A defeat for Southampton could be huge and whatever happens at Stamford Bridge, Newcastle could go into next weekend’s key clash with Cardiff, knowing they could open up some daylight before then Man City at home and Spurs away.

Going into the Chelsea game in the bottom three and then getting a bit of a pasting doesn’t bear thinking about, ahead of Cardiff at home.

How we could do with some help in the transfer market…

Premier League fixtures this weekend:


West Ham v Arsenal (12.30pm)

Brighton v Liverpool (3pm)

Burnley v Fulham (3pm)

Cardiff v Huddersfield (3pm)

Crystal Palace v Watford (3pm)

Leicester v Southampton (3pm)

Chelsea v Newcastle United (5.30pm)


Everton v Bournemouth (2.15pm)

Tottenham v Man Utd (4.30pm)


Man City v Wolves (8pm)

  • Paul Patterson

    Suddenly, the Cardiff game becomes a ‘must win’ game . .

    • Peaky

      Yes…and it won’t be easy..

    • Squintytoonarmy

      Rest assured Warnock will have them up for it and our home form atrocious. Wasn’t the Southampton at home last season a similar scenario – just hope the result is the same

  • HarryHype59

    Am I the only one who thinks this club doesn’t deserve to stay up? The lack of investment and aspiration shown in yet another window is embarrassing.

    It time to make way for a club whose owners want to compete and entertain, rather than just siphon off the TV revenue.

    • Paul Patterson

      It’s the only club in the league that actively doesn’t try. .

      • Lostprofit DBC

        Very true and the national media turn a blind eye. A truly unique situation with an owner who doesn’t care about the sports side.

      • Billmag

        Two relegation’s and possibly a third and a couple of near misses in 11 years prove that.

      • Steven05

        Just the league? Or EVERY league?

        It’s not a football club anymore, it’s not even a ‘sport’ club

        R.I.P NUFC

    • Mike

      go down how much is the club worth then Mr Cashley?

    • Lord

      It’s for this reason, I am surprised Sky still gives Ashley support, although I see that slowly changing with the likes of Neville even raising an eyebrow.

      Sky don’t handover £100m+ a year to clubs so the owners can cream off the top. If we stay up, we may well see Sky turn a bit on Ashley. We’re terrible for their ‘product’.

  • Squintytoonarmy

    Chelsea away 1986 won 3-1 with I think 2 Andy Thomas goals. Remember being there after a week in the Dam, overnight ferry from Hook of Holland train direct into London. Everyone up the fences when the 3rd went in. We were just as rubbish then but more expected. Shame we now have a billionaire owner, a world class manager, decent stadium yet are a zombie of a club.

    • Lostprofit DBC

      Yes didn’t they have Ken Bates then? Their discontent got national news coverage regularly. Then they got RA. Howay Sky, BBC and ITV, do the decent thing. I’ve never seen them win there or at Man Utd……..etc etc

      • Squintytoonarmy

        Yep it would have been Batesy. They were as rubbish as us then- our fanbase always been bigger. Nufc track record away to the big teams I think is shocking

  • GlasgowMag

    I think Rafa has already accounted for us being dragged into the relegation zone during this period, the same as the start of the season!! Rafa will not panic as once he gets the bigger teams out of the road then our season will begin again!! My prediction Rafa will just keep us up by a whisker then will walk with his head held high!! Either way I agree with Harry down below we don’t deserve to be in this division our lack of ambition and the utter greed of our workhouse owner is an embarrassment to us all!!

    • Dave Pattinson

      Of Rafa does as you say, which I think he will, it’ll leave us with Ashley & co choosing some other poor sucker desperate for work. It’ll be yet another season of struggling to avoid the drop, minimum investment and no enjoyment for fans. Why does Fatboy hate us so much?

      • Carl Marks

        because we refuse point blank to lick his a*se
        It’s too congested up there anyway,with Charnley and Bishop wearing their tongues out!

    • Carl Marks

      the word “cu*t” had to be invented to describe him

  • Lostprofit DBC

    The reality hit home for me 12 years ago! Don’t subscribe to watching the league develop. Get to 35 points and you will probably be okay. Pig of a fixture list, top 6 games are write offs this season but not last?

  • Kenny

    Last season we brought in Dubravka, Kenedy & Perez & Diame hit their only period of form in 4 yrs. not going to happen this year & if the teams at the bottom start spending then we are down

  • Leazes.


    I noticed in your Bio your philosophy for/on behalf of United fans….. its the same as the Chronicles political view….

    Staff Writer – We don’t ask for much, a few decent players and some entertainment.

    Well you know its the demanding fans who actually keep a club on its toes! Its no coincidence that the successful clubs are those with demanding fans.

    The reason the charge is levelled at United fans so regularly by London and Lancashire press is to keep us on the back foot and actually deny that we want success for our club… the chronicle is apologetic….

    [sarcastically]….we don’t wan’t anything here like…. just entertainers…. the odd number nine and a good run in the cup!

    It works doesn’t it….if your protectors are apologetic from the start then you are onto a hiding to nowt….. imagine it wasn’t football but boxing and the local press come out with stuff like….

    [sarcastically]….we don’t wan’t anything but a good try…. I’ll take a darned good thrashing so long as he come’s out of the corner…. do you see what I’m getting at?

    Relinquishing a sporting contest in the name of entertainment and you really are beat….. you have lost the prime function.

    That is where this club is at….. lost it mojo…

    Mark Douglas yesterday attempted his sorry excuses for United saying that we couldn’t attract players because like it or not the old working class game has gone to where the money is London Brighton and Bournemouth….

    ….that’s what happens when you have no heart for the club and city you represent you let it die while making pathetic excuses and downplaying any expectation or demand for professional positive endeavor by those running the show.

    We have fans with their faces in the gutter…… reading the bloody chronicle as it slips slowly sideways down the drain.

    Make demands of them!….endeavor to be better…. and try to win!

    Never mind ‘we don’t ask much’…..

    ……ASK MUCH!

    • Wezza

      Spot on Leazes one of your best posts.

    • Paul Patterson

      I don’t know the guy, but I think he’s more getting at the fact that the top four lot are unreachable in the short to mid-term (certainly without a takeover- ha!)
      In the meantime, just attempting to function as a football club and aiming for a bit more than keeping our heads above water would be a delight.

      I take your point about ‘professional positive endeavour’ as our club board (- ha!) consists of Charnley checking into his office at St James’s twice a week to see if the pens are still straight on his desk.

      The whole set up is as stripped back as it possibly could be. A local cricket club will have more directors than we do . .

      • Leazes.

        Its been a constant position of the chronicle for as long as I remember….. downplaying ambition and normalising struggle and failure along with excuses and detraction for each regime.

  • Wezza

    We most likely will stop there as well. If this doesn’t ignite a protest then surely no Jan spend will?

    • graham18

      Forget about january spend.The FCB will not open his wallet

    • Carl Marks

      On a serious point!
      Do any of you genuinely believe that thousands and thousands of our fans will wake up from their self induced coma,and finally do what they should have done years ago,
      to rid our club of the Cockney Parasite – refuse to renew season tickets and buy official merchandise – ie “cut off his oxygen supply”?
      Personally,I can’t see it happening due to the fact that they appear to have been beaten into submission.

      I hope and pray I’m proved wrong!!
      “Cometh the hour –
      cometh the man/woman(and child)??

      • mactoon

        I did that back in 2013 after falling out of love with football due to Ashley sucking the enjoyment out of my Saturday afternoon. It really needs every season ticket holder to walk away to show to the general public and the Premiership/FA how bad an owner Ashley is.

        Make a statement.. When this all blows over and Ashley still owns the club, no players have been bought and Rafa has walked away..

        Do you still want to be part of it?

        • Carl Marks

          Thanks for your reply to my post!
          I’m actually at the stage now,
          where all I can do(as a coping mechanism)is to laugh at and take the p*ss,because,
          as sure as the sky’s above my head and the ground’s below my feet,the necessary amount of supporters required to send an emphatic message to Ashley like,”You’ve pis**d us off for the last effing time – we weren’t born into this world to line your pockets and give you a helping hand to destroy our football club”
          is,JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!
          and the shameful lack of a fightback,has driven me to feel identical to the way you feel –
          I’m genuinely four zillion percent peed off,with taking an interest in shell of a football club!!!!!!
          In short,I’m peed off with feeling peed off 24/7!!!!

  • mactoon

    Sadly our league position reflects what Ashley has reduced the club to, from competing to barely surviving. Continuous lack of investment on the playing side has now seen clubs like Watford, Wolves, Bournemouth, Brighton and others pull away from us so we aren’t even competing for the ‘second group’ of teams outside the top 6.

    I can’t say we don’t deserve to be in the Premiership because the fans deserve better, but if it happens Ashley only has himself to blame. He has no interest in Newcastle United as a football club and the Premiership and FA really should take a look at themselves for allowing this to happen. There has to be something they can do to address clubs that are not run with the spirit of the game in mind.

    God forbid where we would be without Rafa’s efforts and when he finally walks at the end of this season I fear things will only get worse.

    • Carl Marks

      Well said –
      couldn’t agree more!

  • Carl Marks

    Why can’t a boat of Japanese whale hunters sail up the Tyne and harpoon the FCB?
    Even Greenpeace would probably turn a blind eye

  • Carl Marks

    It’s not a case of “reality hits now”,
    more a case of,”so what if the club finds itself in a relegation battle,I’ve achieved what I set out to do –
    use the club as a massive advertising hoarding for SD and make myself a lot richer(and it’s worked spectacularly!)”
    Open your eyes – look at the amount of evidence!
    When a football club is being run as a football club and find themselves in a relegation dogfight,they panic and “splash the cash”
    Ashley is deliberately and therefore consciously “fiddling while Rome(NUFC) burns” !!!!

  • JohnnyH

    Dropping into the relegation zone this January worries me more than previous dire end of season relegation battles……..
    We’ve got problems all over the pitch with cover for injuries, suspensions or players just not performing.
    Not only is the lack of depth in the squad obvious, I think they’re picking up on Rafas frustration.
    Even if the FF chucked a few million at it, I think we’re still doomed.