Rafa Benitez has now refused to talk about the takeover and transfer window these past four or five press conferences.

Asked instead if he thinks his squad as it stands ‘have enough to survive’, the Newcastle manager had a stark but honest reply.

Rafa Benitez saying about Mike Ashley’s failure to back him: ‘Is it an ideal situation? No. We know that, the fans know. The majority know the situation.’

As usual, the manager states that the only way for Newcastle to stand a chance of surviving is unity as a team and upping the workrate further.

Rafa declaring: ‘This year it is even more important because you can see everybody was spending more money. So the only way to compensate for this difference in investment us to stick together and work even harder.’

Time and again the manager as stated that he would see what happens in this January 2019 transfer window before making any decision on his Newcastle future.

How anybody can believe he will sign any contract extension is quite beyond me.

Rafa Benitez asked the question at his pre-Chelsea press conference:

‘I know you don’t want to talk about the January transfer window but do you feel you have enough currently for the team to survive?’

Rafa Benitez:

“I think we saw last year we can do it but if we want to do it this year, we have to ensure everybody is united.

“We cannot be wasting energy about: ‘Oh the tactics, Oh the substitutes, Oh the signings, Oh this player is good and this player is bad.’

“We have what we have and we are where we are.

“We have to support our players and we will try to improve them as much as we can.

“We have to analyse every single game, the game plan has to be perfect for each game – even if it is good, sometimes you can still lose.

“We have to keep going and do things in the way we did last year.

“If it is not enough we will try to do something more, keep fighting until the end.

“Is it an ideal situation? No.

“We know that, the fans know.

“The majority know the situation and they understand the only way now is to support the team.

“This year it is even more important because you can see everybody was spending more money.

“So the only way to compensate for this difference in investment us to stick together and work even harder.”

  • Kenny

    The highlight of my weekend will be watching Vera tomorrow night, sad but true.
    you see some great scenes of the real Northumberland.

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      and Durham.. they like their film locations out by Edmundbyers and Blanchland too

      • Kenny

        Aye, there some great places up here some people never see.

      • Guest

        Just in from an afternoon walking the dog around Derwent reservoir then lunch in edmundbyers.
        Freezing but good for the soul.
        Feel really chilled, literally
        Northumberland , the lakes, the dales, North yorks. This isn’t a bad place to live

  • Paul Patterson

    ‘.. the only way to compensate for this difference in investment is for us to stick together and work even harder.’

    The Ashley business model in full force. Spend as little as possible and get as much as possible out of substandard materials.

    Eventually it will fail. It has twice already..

    • Kenny

      If we stay up it will only delay relegation until next year,
      without Rafa we`ll end up like the Mackem`s

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      Exactly….. the sweat shop approach

  • Hughie

    We will go down, and Ashley couldn’t care less. The £94 m tv money plus £40M parachute payment should allow Ashley to have most of his £130M loan repaid and more easily able to sell the club at a much lower price. Shelvey, Dubravka, and a few others will raise further funds. He wants his money back and by not spending in this window keeps the club in very comfortable profit with a significant reduction in wages in the Championship boosting his position, and helping to buffer the huge loss in tv revenue in the 2019/20 season. Shocking scenario but very likely.

  • Kenny

    Was just going to read a bit of the ronnie but the articles headlines were linking Nufc with players from AC Milan & PSG, needless to say i didn`t bother.

  • Cockneytrev

    Just saw Rio Ferdinand on BT,, how much is he getting paid off Ashley? And joe cole needs to have a look at some facts before making sweeping comments,,,
    Ashley out!!!

    • Lord

      Funny that he says about giving credit to Ashley for ‘getting Rafa in’. Same as idiot Sherwood. Bishop PR reaching out to patsies to spin the same old line?

  • Kinmont Willie

    He gets his money back (and more) when he sells the club surely, the cash he has pocketed over the last 11 years has bought him HoF etc and very soon Debenham I expect. Many suggest he loathes NUFC fans, and I go along with that, but surely once he has finished his complete downgrade of the club and brought all the supporters to ‘heel’, and finally sold up, even a man as vindictive as Ashley will smile as he fondly remembers all the gifts we bestowed upon him during his tenure

  • Leicester Mag

    Now in bottom 3 will we get out ?

    • Patience Dowswell

      We are doomed. We won’t beat Cardiff, that’s for shizzle…