Martin Dubravka is a target for Juventus according to a transfer window story currently doing the rounds.

I have no doubts he could play regularly at a Champions League competing club but the Newcastle United goalkeeper is going nowhere at the minute.

Martin Dubravka turns 30 on Tuesday and after a career playing in the Danish, Czech Republic and Slovakian leagues, he is not going to give up playing first choice in the Premier League to be a number two in Serie A, even if the story had some substance.

Plus, even Mike Ashley (probably.,,) wouldn’t be stupid enough to sell the keeper at this point, as it would be basically buying a first class one way ticket to the Championship in May.

You know you have a very good goalkeeper when you rarely think about him, this is summed up by the fact that when he made that error against Man Utd we were all so shocked.

These are the current stats for clean sheets in the Premier League:

martin dubravkaAs you can see, Martin Dubravka is quite amazingly sixth in the list.

His six clean sheets represent six of the 10 matches where Newcastle United have avoided defeat this season. A team that has so few (15) goals in them (only Huddersfield have scored less) is massively reliant on the goalkeeper, and his defence, for any points.

When you add on Dubravka’s four clean sheets in 12 PL games last season, it means 10 clean sheets in 33 Premier League matches in total. Quite astonishing when playing for such a poor team.

I think that without Martin Dubravka this season so far, Newcastle would definitely be in the bottom three now and pushing Huddersfield for rock bottom.

That is how important he is.

Despite such a laughable lack of investment in the squad, the keeper has helped ensure that only three clubs outside the top four, have conceded less goals than Newcastle.

This season, Newcastle United have leaked 29 goals in 21 matches and when you include 11 in 12 matches last season, it means his current record is 40 goals conceded in 33 Premier League matches.

In 2015/16 Leicester won the PL title conceding 36 goals in 38 matches, whilst the following season Chelsea conceded 33, for Martin Dubravka to have stepped up to the Premier League with such a poor team and conceded only 40 in 33, it is more than impressive.

He is one of the very few quality players that Newcastle have now got and one of those that potentially Rafa Benitez could build a side around, if given the chance.

If nothing changes with the running/ownership of the club then I have no doubt neither Martin Dubravka or the manager will be here in August and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame them.

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  • Wezza

    15M offer comes in the club would force Martin out!

    • Blackburn1066

      could do, Just because NUFC has become a second rate club, ( ash out )

  • Paul Patterson

    He’s a quality keeper. Rafa tried with Sels and got it right with Dubravka. To anyone who questions Rafa’s signings, use them two as perfect examples.

    Given the right budget, he’ll get more right than wrong. Even Alex Ferguson signed a couple of duffers in his time ..

    • Kenny

      I doubt that Rafa wanted Sels he came from a league Carr was scouting
      now we have the dipstick that was 2IC to Carr in the job

  • TeessideMag

    “In 2015/16 Leicester won the PL title conceding 36 goals in 38 matches, whilst the following season Chelsea conceded 33, for Martin Dubravka to have stepped up to the Premier League with such a poor team and conceded only 40 in 33, it is more than impressive.”.

    Imagine what we could achieve if we invested in the top end of the pitch

    • Vodkamagpie

      Yes, like muto 10mil, or Murphy 12mil, gayle 10mil

      • Paul Patterson

        Gayle was bought for (and served very well) a purpose. Too many people bring up the amounts Rafa spent that summer, but he was building for a Championship season NOT a Premier League one. You don’t eat dessert before your main course.
        And I’m not convinced the other two were his first (or second) choice signings.

        • Martin Rooney

          So Rafa was in charge of transfers at one point of his career at nufc but not at another? A lot, I feel most, buys have been poor four of his first 11 four of them were here before him and he’s spent 143m on purchases loan and agent fees he could have had a lot more quality and his style his football isn’t entertaining.
          It won’t get better by giving him 200m

      • Ken

        Makes a total of 32 million which is a lot less than a top goal scorer would cost. Plus the 3 you quote were bought over different transfer windows

      • Jewell Ahmed

        Those are all peanuts in the current market.

      • MadMag83

        Championship clubs are spending that sort of money!

  • JohnCornwell’sHair

    He is top class, no question.

  • Kenny

    Be playing in Turin next season,
    Rafael gone, another mug in place, Oh yes he`ll be gone Ok.

  • Peaky

    This lad could well be Debenhams new fixtures & fittings…

  • Lager Arm

    I watch Juve a lot and they’re still struggling to replace Buffon so I don’t think Dubravka would be signed to be 2nd choice, they’re not keen on any of their current keepers and I’m sure he could do a helluva job for them

  • Mr_Kinnear

    A silly fee and he’s gone. NUFC have a history of grabbing the cash. Pays off a bit more of the loan.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Anything more than 15 million and the big guy would cash in.

  • MadMag83

    I wouldn’t put it past the NUFC hierarchy to sell Dubravka, pocket the fee and put Elliott in goal after they’ve just told him he’s surplus to requirements.