A report on Friday morning claims that Mike Ashley has given interested buyers ‘extra time’ to purchase Newcastle United.

The Chronicle report that their information is that Ashley had been asked by some of the bidders for additional time to make an acceptable offer.

The newspaper dates this potential sales period back to 3 December, when out of the blue Mike Ashley appeared on Sky News and said a sale of the club was imminent and that it was possible, but not likely, a sale could be complete by the end of December.

Like all newspaper claims on the Newcastle United takeover, you pay your money and make your choice on what you believe.

This Chronicle report, like the vast majority of others, simply looks to be guessing at what might be happening behind the scenes, if anything…

Peter Kenyon of course was first reported to be putting investors together to buy the club back in September, four months ago.

More recent reports then claimed Kenyon was still £100m short of the asking price, all a bit dubious that any journalist could/would know such detail, when not a single one can say who any of the other supposed bidders actually are (apart from vague references to Gary Cook supposedly trying to do a similar thing t Kenyon in terms of trying to generate investors), nor indeed who would be putting the money up for the alleged Peter Kenyon bid.

Plus of course, the only reason anybody might be thinking of something imminent happening or there being deadlines needing ‘extra time’, is purely down to Mike Ashley himself.

His appearance on Sky News 32 days ago when he claimed a deal was at such an advanced stage.

The vast majority of Newcastle fans now treat the takeover claims with the same respect as any chance of NUFC breaking their 14 year old club transfer record this month.

Mike Ashley claims the club has been up for sale for over 11 years now, right back to 2008 when he forced Kevin Keegan out and the fans rebelled.

Difficult to believe that he is serious about selling the club when he still owns it over 11 years later and a deal supposed to be close when Newcastle United are once again deep in relegation trouble.

This extra time might need extending by a year or five…

The Chronicle:

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley is believed to have been asked for extra time to negotiate the sale of the club by some of the groups involved eyeing a takeover.

It is now over a month since Ashley appeared on Sky News to state he wanted to sell United “before” the January window opened.

Sources close to the deal have suggested that there has been dialogue in the first few days of the new year, but the satisfactory offer Ashley is looking for is yet to land on the table.

That said, Ashley is believed to have granted the groups their request for more time to get their bids in place and, as it stands, he has not shut the door on any of the four parties involved.’

  • graham18

    sick of hearing about it,sick of reading about it,sick of watching about it

  • TheFatController

    Do we still get people commenting on here that Mike is entitled to ask for many 100s of millions, and because all the potential buyers don’t have any money it’s their fault they won’t offer a reasonable price ?

    Or have they now read the first line of any economics book which will state ‘the value of a commodity will be determined by supply and demand in any given market ‘ ….?

    Because absolutely no one, it seems, thinks that they should pay mike Ashley handsomely for the chance to do all the work making the club profitable and of increased paper value.

    I tend to agree with them. Earn it, Mike, don’t demand payment for a potential you couldn’t be bothered to work at realising, you will come across like a spoilt child.

    • Steven05

      Like I’ve said before (and got shot down by the likes of you know who), if he had ran the club 50% of the way it should have been ran, he could have actually made a bigger profit from it

      His neglect is his own downfall regarding a sale. Or then again, what sale…

  • Squintytoonarmy

    They’ll be asking for a penalty shoot out next

  • DZA

    Another excuse for Ashley not to spend in the window.

    The sheep will keep following when the fans should be boycotting.

    • Viru leckworth

      I really believe the boycotting will happen if/when Rafa throws in the towel.

      • Steven05

        Too late

  • Gareth Marshall

    When is the day actually going to come? It has to happen eventually I suppose.

    I’m so demoralised and demotivated about NUFC it feels like we’ve been been at rock bottom for a long long time now. Deep sigh.

  • mactoon

    That should take us nicely to the end of the transfer window. Groundhog day anybody?

  • wheyayeman

    Dear Mag, do yourself and us a favour and don’t even print this garbage. We all know it’s complete bollards.

  • 5floorshigh

    ‘extra time’ why ? is there a dead line by which MA has to sell the club by ? absolute ridiculous story and once again a Mag writer feels the need to give it more spin by repeating the garbage on here…write something with substance or shut up !

  • Viru leckworth

    It’s only hope over common sense that keeps us reading these manufactured reports,

  • Jonathan Drape-Comyn

    The article includes:

    “Yet the price for a sale could now include add ons for any players that are purchased in the next month.“

    What are Ryder and Douglas doing in the office?

    • 1957

      Not being reporters, historically they just find other outlets articles and reuse them without thinking too deeply about it. They perpetuate the sale story together with NUFC are bidding for someone so often you might think they are in cahoots with the club’s publicity machine.

      They clearly don’t make the possible link that if a bidder couldn’t find the money now, they aren’t going to do it with the price going up due to player purchases… although its not worry big Mike won’t buy.

  • GlasgowMag

    This story is following previous years!! When the end of January comes about Bishop will use the media to announce Mike is trying his best but no acceptable formal offer has been put forward!!! Lies, lies and more lies just to put the gullible of the scent of no money being spent again on transfers and to stop the demonstrations!! The club is not for sale never has been Ashley out!!!

    • Wezza

      Spot on and the big clue to what happens with the money is right there. Why wouldn’t he allow the club to spend ITS OWN money? Why go to all these lengths? It’s FCB that gets every penny!!

  • Paul Patterson

    Ashley/Bishop spins a yarn and the media report it.

    It’s all designed to get through the transfer window without spending.


    • Ron

      Paul – I often agree with what you say – this time it was if I said it myself.

      100% right – never was a sale, probably never an enquiry either.

      • FatParosite

        Not a chance….. Instead you will get the savaging by a dead sheep namely a Chris Waugh probing that errs on the side of job saving pragmatism. A sycophantic puff piece that Eldon Square house calls cutting to the core but ends up announcing Ashley as the second coming.

        • Ron

          Ashley’s second coming! The picture that conjures up – aagh

      • Kneebotherm8

        Bluster,smoke and mirrors, total bull 💩………we’re all being led up the garden path……

  • Wezza

    Haha. Yes they have until Feb 1st.
    KBA PR.
    Does anyone else think what else could be a PR move?
    This removal of and binning of Leazes Flags COULD be a move to entice the fans into some sort of protest, thus blaming the fans for the failed fakeover.
    It is hard getting into the minds of sick people but this is exactly what KBA would do. Disgrace.

    • Rabid Dog

      2 more weeks. Announcement saying takeover not possible but that’s good as it gives the investors more time to secure money. Hopeful completion of sale happens end of season…..

      • Mr_Kinnear

        We can but dream

  • Mike

    wot happens if it goes to penalties after extra time?

    • Wezza

      Golden goal time.
      Seriously, nothing, just no January spend!

  • JohnnyH

    KBA spin keeping the myth going into the transfer window.

    I’d like to think the rage will continue but we all know, if we scrape through this next month of tough games, it’ll be happy days again amongst the ‘loyal supporters’.

    Nothing will change. 🐑

  • Kenny

    The Chron, once had a 24 hour ban on twitter for telling Ryder what a [email protected]@t he is
    well worth it

    • Sickandtired

      That’s like getting banned for saying Santa is fat… ;-)

  • 1957

    Big Mike must think it’s April 1st everyday when he occasionally gazes out over SJP’s full seats during games. I bet the boys at the Chronicle and the Monk all got good Xmas gifts for all their hard work over the year supporting his regime.

  • Jewell Ahmed


  • joe mac

    one of raffas targets just joined a big club!

  • FatParosite

    Typical comical giving free licence to Bishop to pump raw effluent into the media stream. Your days are numbered too, second floor of Eldon Square.

    • Sickandtired

      Ryder and Douglas write nothing, and come up with nothing factual, ever. This will be someone else’s story, or maybe from a blog, which they are regurgitating.

  • Mxpx

    Reports are the deadline is the last day of the summer transfer window

  • Sickandtired

    Extra time? There isn’t a deadline in place as far as anyone knows. Another BS story and one I really do suspect is purely designed to carry us through the transfer window as an excuse for another no spend.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Extra time………till 31st Jan…

  • Big Al 1967

    Jesus, do people really buy into this garbage? Unfortunately yes.

    • Toon Arnie

      Other than Moscow and Pezza who are beyond help I don’t think anybody really believes that deep down.

  • Peaky

    One of my New Years resolutions……don’t bother reading anything with the headline Newcastle Utd and takeover/sale in the same sentence….simply not going to happen.

  • Tweed Mag

    The day after the open letter. Well, well, well. The Chronic falls for it again.

  • Mirandinha9

    Let’s get one thing straight. The fans did not ‘rebel’ when Keegan was forced out in 2008. There was a protest at the subsequent Hull game and then we had the early departure of fans at the ground at the home game to Tottenham in about 15/16. They are the only true mark of protests in Cashley’s 11 years. The brave and resilient ‘Geordie nation’ (albeit predominantly working class in nature) that I witnessed throughout the 80s who were always prepared to state their cause, has long gone now – replaced by a set of fans who are more affluent, but, far less formidable as well as being far more complicit in dancing to whatever tune Cashley plays. That’s half the problem.

    • Tweed Mag

      Spot on.

    • Toon Arnie

      Yeah you’ve captured that perfectly. The club has lost it’s soul.

    • Stephen Paylor

      The reality is that back in the 80s the fans made up far more of the clubs revenue and because of this had much more power. Ashley is not overly bothered about the fans unless they are causing problems for Sports Direct which we are seemingly not.

  • Carl Marks

    “Potential buyers ask for extra time”
    aka Beached Whale says,
    “Take as long as you want,this transfer window,the next transfer window,the one after that,and so on”
    Providing said Beached Whale with a perfect excuse for not signing any players.
    Our Head of Recruitment must have the cushiest job in the world!!

  • Leicester Mag

    This is going so long it’s a wonder it’s not written in the book of revelation likely to be concluded around the same time the world ends or Old Nick gets out his snow mobile.

    • Carverlier football

      The club will be sold either to one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse or to Fenrir…

      • Leicester Mag

        Bad enough with one Hos!

  • Mr_Kinnear

    Media are just making up reasons why the deal was not completed last week. They all fell for it and now they look foolish. Ashley has made the details,of his imaginary, sale know for some time. So why would any bidder need extra time. They all would have been told.

  • Lord

    I feel like Bill Murray waking up to Sonny and Cher every day; except that I’ve woken up in Jan 2018 and read The Mag takeover stories for the umpteenth time.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Extra time?……just blow the fckn whistle ref……..we’ll have the replay next December……

  • Malcolm Fisher

    MMMMMMM and here was I thinking everything was going smoothly, silly me.

  • MadMag83

    Sounds more like clarification from Ashley that he won’t be spending in January. Either that or The Chronicle is concerned the takeover talk is petering out and felt the need to reinvigorate fan interest to keep those papers selling and generate website clicks.

  • Blackburn1066

    NUFC is not for sale if it was you would no nothing till someone stuck the sold sign up.

  • Toon Arnie

    Ha ha what a load of sh*te !! When does this extra time finish – January 31st ? At that point they’ll revert to being time wasters.

  • Stephen Paylor

    So Bournemouth with their 10,000 fans have no fewer than 4 strikers that are better than our best forward. Just let that sink in, we can’t even compete with Bournemouth. No disrespect to them as they are a very well run club but check where they where when Ashley took over NUFC. My how this business genius has delivered for his investment.

    • Martin Rooney

      I don’t think you’d have been jumping with joy if nufc had bought them when Bournemouth did. Is their manager better in how he has developed them.
      P.s. Solanke is not better than Rondon

      • Superdooperhooper

        At least Bournemouth show ambition. But then they’ve got 5 times as many supporters as Newcastle United haven’t they ?Are you saying howe is a better manager than rafa?

        • Martin Rooney

          Yes they do appear ambitious, in the last four years though they have spent less on players than nufc.
          Not sure about comparing the twos management ability but definitely Howes football is more attractive to watch, without a doubt.

          • Superdooperhooper

            A small club like Bournemouth spend 19m on a player which is way beyond our record signing under ashley. Well I’m embarrassed even if you aren’t

          • Martin Rooney

            Embarrassed? How does what they do have any impact on us?
            They have bought an unproven kid I suspect that this is not a full £19m up front but matterless, if nufc had spent that in full right now on Dominic Solanke would you be Happy and would that solve the problems we have?

          • Superdooperhooper

            I’m embarrassed by the fact that Bournemouth have spent more on a player than we have. Aren’t you?

          • Martin Rooney

            We have very different mindsets, I find it embarrassing that football clubs use £19m recruiting footballers.
            What an utter waste

          • Superdooperhooper

            Yes we have. I see it as ambition you see it as waste. What would it take for you to boycott Martin?

          • Martin Rooney

            Just wouldn’t as I never have seen it as anyone else club just mine. We’ve not won the league in my 89 year old dad’s life being mid table of the top league is about where we have always been so we’re not doing worse of than most of before.

          • Mr_Kinnear

            Martin is that the limit of your ambition mid table. I assume that if NUFC were consistently top 4 then SJP would need to be extended. Additionall funds and revenue from all sorts of areas. Moneyy for better players and facilities. There might even be some exciting football. I Personally can’t see the point of being in a competitive league if you don’t want to compete. Obviously some fans are happy to make up the league numbers.

          • Martin Rooney

            Joe, no if you finish 8th-12th on average of a group of 20 you’ve certainly been in the competition. Some seasons you”ll be lower others higher e g pardews 5thnpisition. Unfortunately we just do not attractive the real money 25% of fans pay less than £15 a ticket our exec boxes only fetch 50% of the like of palace’s Watford and Around 20% the Manu arsenal Spurs etc. We don’t have the fan zone areas that arsenal man city have which bring in hundreds of hundreds of thousands each home game nor the casual tourist that all London and Manchester teams have who buy ticket strip coat mug and pens. We have no betting shops like bet Fred who spend millions with many or supermarkets like Tesco who spend millions with arsenal and Manu, we just spend fotunes in the cockney owned cars be betfred shops and the Tesco store that surround our club.
            It’s not going to change with a new owner unless that owner is us

          • Martin Rooney

            On reflection a parasite like Kenyon buying the club

      • Kev Newcastle England

        Ron.Don is slower than you

      • Will Venus

        Rondon is a West Brom player

        • Martin Rooney

          A bit pedantic. Dwight Gayle is an nufc player and has a better goal per game record than solanke.

  • Steven05

    Let’s ask the only person to rival Mike Ashley for my disdain, and also the man who clearly knows more than anyone – ladies and gentlemen, step forward the great Simon Jordan 🤮

  • Haitchdee

    Unfortunately no sale until there’s nothing of value left, so once the club hits the Northern premier league the Fat lad might sell. Hopefully his lifestyle will get him first, it’s getting difficult to even read the garbage thats printed about the Fat sack of C***.

  • KennyS

    How does Ashley conduct his business?
    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind the answer is blowing in the wind.

    • 5floorshigh

      yep ! that would be the ‘idiot wind’

    • Mr_Kinnear

      It seems he does it by leaking info via the media. Not sure if that is the best way to becoms a billionaire. Maybe the media are making things up.

  • HarryHype59

    Zzzz…not this again!

  • Martin Rooney

    Utter bolarks there was deadline

  • pedrodelgardo

    Smoke and mirrors from the court proven liars, meat and drink for the modern click driven media. What a world we live in.

  • Will Venus

    I have just watched the Sky Sports interview again from 3 December and Ashley was definitely lying. I clearly saw him opening his mouth

  • Tweed Mag

    Sky News and the Chronic peddling the story again. Will they still be interested on February 1st?