Rafa Benitez has made enquiries to sign both Kenny Lala and Valentin Rosier according to media in France.

France Football are reporting that Newcastle have approached both Strasbourg and Dijon to ask about potential deals in January.

Both players can play right back or right wing back, whilst Valentin Rosier can also play on the left.

Newcastle United currently have an ‘interesting’ full-back combination, with Paul Dummett who is a steady defender but gets dizzy if he even crosses the halfway line, whilst DeAndre Yedlin bombs up and down the right hand side and is at times Newcastle’s biggest attacking threat, but is suspect in defence.

With expectations of a takeover and/or significant spending on players in January fading fast, it would be no surprise to see Rafa Benitez forced to look for bargains to bolster his options at full-back.

Manquillo isn’t Premier League quality, whilst on the other side neither Ritchie or Kenedy are happy playing left wing back.

Kenny Lala would more fit the bargain aspect as he played most of his football at a lower level before a free transfer from Ligue 2 Lens to Ligue 1 Strasbourg in summer 2017.

He has been first choice these past 18 months but his contract is due to be up this summer after only signing on for two years initially.

Going forward he has been especially impressive this season, with three goals and six assists from the right wing back position. Playing alongside former Newcastle keeper Matz Sels, Lala has helped Strasbourg to seventh, only four points off fourth.

It is only these last 18 months when Valentin Rosier has also become a Ligue 1 regular.

However, he is only 22 and seen as a player with a lot of potential, with Dijon having knocked back an offer from Lille in the summer.

If he was sold, then he would undoubtedly cost more than Kenny Lala. However, with Dijon third from bottom and in big relegation trouble, that could potentially sway the club into considering a sale if they could use that money to strengthen elsewhere.

Valentin Rosier also has a former Newcastle player as a teammate, with Mehdi Abeid having scored three goals from midfield for Dijon this season.

  • thesilentmonkey

    bargain bucket

    • East Durham Mag

      Shitebucket more like

  • Kenny

    F##king laughing stock of football.

  • Peaco

    Is Carr back?

    • Leicester Mag

      Yup Alan 😉

  • Leicester Mag

    Only Newcastle could scout La la, afterall Monk et all have been living there for the last 5 years +

  • Peaky

    Meanwhile Chelsea have just signed Pulisic for £58m…what a fuckingjoke we are…

    • Kenny


  • mentalman

    Yedlin our biggest attacking threat, yet stats show Dummett makes more dribbles and crosses and Ritchie does more than the two combined

    • Ram Kishore

      Wow..Dummet has more dribbles than Yedlin. That’s interesting.

      • toonterrier

        He should be allowed to put a hankie in his pocket unless its not his gob that’s dribbling.

    • New Durham Mags

      Yedlin attacks the space behind and catches out opposing full backs with his pace and gets played a long ball into him so probably doesnt dribble as much IMHO, Which could explain that stat !
      or they mistaken Dummy for Cafu :)

  • robbersdog

    Kenny Lala and Valentin Rosier.


    • Peaky

      😂🤣…”Oh What A Night,Late December Back In 63”….nice one..👍👍

  • NUFCDan

    Charnley “Are you willing to let us have these players for free?”
    Clubs “No”
    Charnley “Sorry Rafa we just couldn’t get them over the line”

  • Kneebotherm8

    Not another potential signing(s) ffs……

  • Albert Stubbins

    he’s got ankle/knee problems after all the motorbike accidents mind- bound to fail the medical!!

  • Carl Marks

    Before I die(whenever that may be)
    do you think we’ll ever sign another player that I’ve heard of previously,
    instead of those that sound like they come from the lower divisions of the Albanian Football League?!!
    Seriously,if a Martian,with no knowledge of the club whatsoever landed today,he/she would think we had a global fan base of 4 humans,
    2 canaries,a cat called Sebastian a mouse called Jeremy and an annual turnover of twenty two pence(pre tax)
    What an overwhelming display of ‘intent'(yet again)by the club hierarchy,guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine of the opposition!
    Anyway,why are we scouting in France,when there’s a Poundland nearby?
    There’s a poster in my local Poundland,
    “Our Biggest Ever 50p Sale”
    That’s our recruitment sorted for the next few transfer windows!

  • Down Under Mag

    Smells a bit like Carr still has his fingers in the pie!!