Rio Ferdinand may have been a very good player for Manchester United.

However, as a person he is somewhat lacking.

As a pundit…well hopefully this weekend will have convinced BT Sport to ditch him as soon as possible.

Watch out for a free transfer very soon to join the disgraced Richard Keys beyond these shores.

Amongst the nonsense spewed out by Ferdinand in support of Mike Ashley and against Rafa Benitez, Newcastle fans and anybody else with any credibility, the former Manchester United player backed up his laughable comments by claiming Newcastle United are a ‘Yo-Yo club’.

Rio played all of his football in the Premier League era and funnily enough, Newcastle United were never relegated in the PL era, until Mike Ashley bought the club.

If Newcastle are still in the bottom three in May, it would be three relegations in ten Premier League seasons under Mike Ashley.

So I suppose Rio Ferdinand is proved right, in a way. Newcastle United have been a Yo-Yo club this past decade…but then it goes/against/undermines his whole argument supporting Ashley. NUFC have become a Yo-Yo club only under Mike Ashley, they weren’t before that.

In 115 years of Newcastle United history before Mike Ashley arrived in 2007, the Magpies were relegated four times, an average of once every thirty years or so. Not the most efficient of Yo-Yos…

These relegations were in seasons:





It isn’t as though Newcastle United were always a club fighting relegation either, not a club leading some kind of charmed life.

Indeed, those last two relegation summed up how self-inflicted the poor running of the club was in bringing about unnecessary disaster from nowhere.

In 1976/77 Newcastle finished fifth in the top tier, only to end up 21st of 22 in 1977/78 and relegated.

Then in 1987/88 NUFC ended up eighth in the top division, only to somehow be rock bottom 22nd in 1988/89.

It is all a bit reminiscent of Mike Ashley’s first, though not last, relegation in 2009/10, managing to relegate a team that should never have gone down, thanks to his running of the club, forcing Kevin Keegan out and employing the likes of Dennis Wise and Joe Kinnear.

Newcastle have become a real Yo-Yo club thanks to Mike Ashley, two relegations and two promotions in these past 10 seasons. In addition, in 2012/13 Newcastle stayed up only on the day of the last away match of the season when winning 2-1 at QPR, this after being fifth the previous (2011/12) season. Then in 2014/15 it was only a last day of the season win over West Ham that ensured survival, Jonas Gutierrez leading us to safety before Mike Ashley binned him.

It is only Mike Ashley, in the entire history of Newcastle United that has turned the club into one that is fighting relegation or promotion pretty much every single season.

Ironically, Manchester United acolyte Rio Ferdinand should be looking a bit closer to home for a club that was more Yo-Yo than Newcastle United pre Mike Ashley.

Thanks to Andy Kerr (NUFC fan and presenter on beIN SPORTS) for this tip-off:

These are the Manchester United relegations that happened before 2007:






Yes Rio, Manchester United were relegated more times in their history than Newcastle United, before Mike Ashley got his claws into NUFC.

Newcastle United weren’t ever a Yo-Yo club and they are only one now, solely because of Mike Ashley.

If Ashley sold the club, then even if there was no additional investment from new owners and it just used the funds that the club and fanbase could generate, I would be amazed if there were any relegations in the foreseeable future.

There is something seriously wrong at St James Park and it starts and ends with Mike Ashley.

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  • Kenny

    We all know the scumbags that brief for the Fat Rat & i think most of football does as well, they don`t do themselves any favours at all.

    • Sickandtired

      And when Glazers bought ManU in 2003, that resulted in 1/2 billion of debt. NUFC when Fatty took over had debt of £78 million.
      2 relegation’s, a third looking likely, and 3 near misses too. I’m unsure of what part of Fatty being a genius businessman football club owner Rio thinks we are missing?

    • Leazes.

      Denis Wise hasn’t appeared yet….

      • Kenny

        No doubt he will.

        • Leazes.

          I don’t think he ever left….. I think he has given Ashley advice on undermining the club.

          • Kenny

            Sometimes i think that about Carr

          • Leazes.


          • Glockas

            I know a lad who’s from the same area as him and knows of him. Apparently he does sort tickets out for his mates who drink in the monky arms. The lad reckons he’s really weird though. And once rang his wifepissed from a strip club and asked what his postcode is??? Must’ve had his card declined or something.

          • Kev Newcastle England


          • Albert Stubbins

            Add lambeeeeezze to that as well.

      • graham18

        He will do sometime or other stating “Mike has done an excellent job at NUFC”.Infact I think the little pr#ck has already said this.

  • Sickandtired

    “When they went down, he spent £50m of his own money to get them up. Thank you, that should be.”

    Err, no. Just no. He last ‘spent’ (loaned through St James Holdings so added to debt) £33 million for relegation 2. He immediately used £18 million of that to repay himself first. £15 mil went to club running costs, of which we know he has now repaid himself again at least £10 million.

    Facts, Rio. facts. Try learning some.

    • Policy Research NE

      Spot on but facts must not have been included in his press briefing for NUFC. MA has financially assisted in terms of cash flow (to avoid any extra interest from the banks eg on a loan or overdraft), but nothing has been gifted to NUFC. Every penny he has put into NUFC he has worked to recover or expects back via the sale – the net result when/if he leaves will be that he won’t have lost a penny. In fact, if we take asset transfers and intangibles (eg SD advertising) then he would have done v well out of the club.

      • Sickandtired

        Yup. Throw in the fact he’ll have been repaid twice for some of the money loaned and he’ll have done very well when or if the club ever sells (let’s not forget merchandising and club land too).
        I’m pretty sure no amount of facts would actually change Ferdinand’s tune by the way.

        • graham18

          Ferdinand would not understand this because basically he is thick as f#ck

        • Wezza

          Use parachute payments to purchase new players.
          Disguise as loan
          Increase debt.
          Finish 10th.
          Take TV money.
          Disguise as wages.

          Etc etc.

        • Pezza

          He’s still out of pocket. If he gets £300m for the club, he had made £23m over 12 years on what is now a £277m investment. He could have got more from the post office.

          The club made a profit on the land and do better on merchandising than the FFS days.

      • Wezza

        He already as taken at least 300M for himself.

        • Pezza

          No he hasn’t. You do post some stupid remarks.

      • Pezza

        Not really. He can’t gift the club money, he can only lend it. He could have issued more shares but that would be stupid as he already owns 100pc of the club and the outcome is the same as a loan but it means paying tax on the money twice. He gets it back when he sells but to put this in perspective, he could have done better by putting his money in the post office.

        Not sure what the asset transfers are, can you explain?

        • Toon Arnie

          I’m glad you’ve finally seen sense and called out Ferdinand – good call.

          • Pezza

            It’s not really news. MA put £15m in to finance promotion.

          • Toon Arnie

            £70m incoming £55m outgoing – what was it he put in exactly ?
            Good to see you’ve broken ranks with Ferdinand though – small steps. You’re beginning to see the light Pezza, peeping through those Ashley blinkers at long last.

          • Pezza

            I wasn’t aware of formed a rank with Rio.

            The loan increase from Mike / Mike companiesin 2016/17 was £15m. It covered the promotion push.

    • Wezza

      I’d like to know what happened to the parachute payments – I think he disguised the “loan” to add more to the “debt” so he could take even more money and be seen as “generous” at the same time. A true ba****d is a fine word to call him.

      • Pezza

        You’re not the brightest of chaps, are you?

    • Toon Arnie

      The £50m was generated through selling the sinking ship players anyway ( more than £70m ) – Jenas corrected him on BT last time about that but he’s just repeated it again. It’s not just Pezza and Moscow who fall for this – there are a whole lot of gullible people in a nationwide audience.

  • Leazes.

    If you position the club in the bottom group then you will be relegated….. Ashley has lowered the value of the squad from 6th to 18th over 11 years.

    Accordingly …. he’s managed to find enough people willing to buy this product at very cheap prices……

    ……although why anyone in their right mind would think that watching your team get beat at home constitutes good value is beyond me.

    Downsized product with a quality label……

    • Rich Lawson

      Surely even the quality label has a use by date long out of expiry /

      • Leazes.

        the club badge….

        • Albert Stubbins

          A cheap sticker clagged onto even cheaper material with glue.

          • Colin Marr

            Clagged a good old Geordie word.

  • DeadToiler

    It just shows nothing is happening with a takeover or any signings if we are keep rehashing this story.

  • Alex

    Now, that’s a fantastic bit of trivia!

  • Toontaff

    Next…………Dennis the Pennis Wise claims Newcastle fans are ungrateful……….considering how Mike’s saved us from Champions’ League football, competing for cups and the like………….

    • Kenny

      His last tweet was about his good mate `Arry

  • Amersham Mag

    As i keep saying Premier League Fans, Manager and City…..
    Championship Club…

  • Paul Patterson

    We’ve flirted with relegation ever since he took over.
    Out of the twelve seasons he’s owned the club, bar that 5th place finish we fluked, we’ve either been recovering in the Premier League after promotion from the Championship, struggling against relegation to the Championship or actually in the Championship.

    • Wezza

      And all that time ran it on a shoe string. The moneys been pilfered from day one.

  • Mrkgw

    I despise What Mike Ashley has done to our club. Unforgivable case of pure spite on his part.

    • Wezza

      He has turned proper fans away and made it so they don’t enjoy watching the club anymore.

  • Kneebotherm8

    As a pundit…well hopefully this weekend will have convinced BT Sport to ditch him as soon as possible.
    Tell you what……..if BT Sport don’t ditch the self serving cnt then I’ll be ditching BT Sport………and hopefully a few follow suit……

  • Wezza

    This should put a stop to Monk insinuating it’s been worse under previous owners.

  • Cushty lad

    I remember about 15 year ago a mate of mine said come and watch live footy at mine. We were sitting having a beer & chatting before match when suddenly his wife dropped her northern echo & screamed out my god who is he?? He is so ugly! Yep no other than Rio Ferdinand. She passed away a couple of year ago bless her. But I always think of what she said when I see his ugly mug on tv!

  • Pezza

    In fairness, although we’ve only been relegated 4 times before Ashley, we’db been out of the top league for 1/4 of our history. We weren’t a yo-yo club as we didn’t get promoted very quickly before mike

    • Toon Arnie

      You’re copying Moscow again with this ‘Mike’ stuff. This whole role as Moscow’s apprentice doesn’t suit you – come on Pezza you’ve got more to give. Think for yourself and step out of Moscow’s shadow.

    • Toon Arnie

      Is this correct ? You embarrassed yourself with the all time Man City attendances vs ours and I hope you’ve done your homework this time.

      • Pezza

        It’s not exactly 1/4, it’s 32/115. In our 115yr pre Ashley history, we were in the top division for 83 years.

      • Pezza

        Hmm, the figures backed me up, they were closer than I thought but backed me up.