Newcastle 1 Blackburn 1  – Saturday 5 January 5.30pm

We asked a number of our regular writers to give us a brief instant reaction after the final whistle.

Newcastle drawing 1-1 in a dismal FA Cup third round game.

A reply nobody wanted…

Jack Lacey-Hatton:

“Gutted at how odd today feels.

“The 5:30 Kick off, the feeling that Rafa wouldn’t be able to play a strong enough team.

“I found the whole thing quite depressing, a sombre day to remind us how far both NUFC and the FA Cup have fallen in recent times.

“Hopefully by the time of the replay we have a new owner and some new signings to boot.

“A big ask I know.”

Nat Seaton:

“Really poor game.

“Obviously glad we are still in the cup but can’t see where we are going to score goals from in the reply, if we play with the same forward line.

“Pinch ourselves, we’re in the draw for the fourth round ;)”

David Punton:

“We didn’t lose a home game and we actually got awarded a penalty.

“Small mercies on an abject January day that will see us having to contest a replay at Ewood Park.

“Things have a very bleak feeling at Newcastle Utd these days and another home loss would have been a kick in the teeth.

“Benitez made the changes we all expected and it was dire.

“That we get another crack at reaching the fourth round is some comfort but the last 12 years FA Cup misery cannot be erased.”

Brian Standen:

“Very uninspiring first half.

“Some players not interested clearly – Hayden for example!

“Second half only a little better but out of jail with a fortunate equaliser

“Decent crowd with quite a large but quiet away following.

“Quite frankly disappointing day, some fringe players failed to take their opportunity.

“Live to fight another day.”

Jamie Smith:

“Utter crap game, no one wanted a replay and Blackburn’s timewasting at the end beggared belief.

“This match sees a lot of kids get to a first/rare match and it must be killing their enthusiasm to watch dross like this.

“Hayden just needs mothballed until sold as he doesn’t want to be on the pitch and Joselu was below even his standards.

“Shelvey and Perez salvaged the game.

“If Kenedy, Murphy etc had run at their defence like Perez did for the penalty we’d maybe have a 4th round exit to look forward to again, instead of inevitably crumbling in front of about 12,000 on a wet night at Ewood.

“Don’t think we were likely to win this cup anyway…”

Paul Patterson:

“The worst result we could possibly have got and I would include a defeat in that.

“Unless we win a couple of league games in the meantime, which is unlikely, a scratch side must be played in the replay.

“Just play the kids/fringe players.”

Toon Bano:

“Why Matt Ritchie even bothered to send us into a replay is beyond me.

“Why 36,000 showed up is beyond me.

“Why Mike Ashley is still here is beyond me.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 1 Blackburn 1


Newcastle – Ritchie 84 (Pen)

Blackburn – Dack 56

Possession was Blackburn 46% Newcastle 54%

Total shots were  Blackburn 7 Newcastle 19

Shots on target were Blackburn 3 Newcastle 9

Corners were  Blackburn 8 Newcastle 7

Referee: Kevin Friend

Newcastle United:

Woodman, Manquillo , Schar, Lejeune, Sterry, Ritchie, Longstaff (Perez 80), Hayden (Shelvey 57), Murphy (Atsu 75), Kenedy, Joselu

Unused Subs:

Harker, Clark, Yedlin, Rondon

Crowd: 36,440  (3,000 Blackburn)


  • Tommy

    You pay the money and go to St James do not come out complaining,
    you know precisely what will be on show, 3rd rate players not fit to wear the shirt,
    no pride, no effort, no skill.
    Blame Ashley as much as you want but as soon as you buy a ticket you are as good as condoning what he does. rant over.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Thats about right,mate. Nice to see Blackpool fans weren’t tempted to break their protests against their owners and didn’t turn up in droves to watch the Gooners. Maybe a lesson for us there somewhere eh?

      • Danimal

        Just checked and they’ve had plenty of coverage too, apart from one particular satellite tv outfit (strange that).

    • Ba ba.

      Took my nephew, son and his three pals today .. 👍

      • Tommy

        That is fine, you are not moaning are you & that should put then off for life.

        • Ba ba.

          There after season tickets next year.. They love it. 👍

          • GlasgowMag

            You are definitely a funny guy!! My 1st game was watching Supermac then I was hooked for life, so what part of watching the Hoss today did they enjoy so much that they want to come back for more!!!🤔🤔😂😂🤣🤣

          • Ba ba.

            Just the general feeling of being there… Sheared before the game, walking up to the Leazes end getting up the steps and seeing the lush green grass under the lights.. After that it was all doon hill.. But they enjoyed it anyway… My first game.. Fares cup Newcastle v bastia… And it was Johnny repp that hooked me… Ironic eh a opposition player… Story of my life… 👍
            Scored a cracking free kick soon as he hit it he wheeled away arms aloft.. Hwtls

          • GlasgowMag

            Shearer’s before the game???

          • Ba ba.

            Now called number nine bar back of the gallowgate….

          • GlasgowMag

            That’s right I wonder why he changed the name???

          • Ba ba.


          • GlasgowMag

            Nae no reason just another one for the list wonder why he employed Wise to undermine Keegan, Wonder why he employed Kinear, wonder why he employed Wonga as shirt sponsors, wonder why he doesn’t pay for SD bill boards around the stadium, wonder why all merchandise revenue goes through SD books, wonder where all the TV revenue goes, wonder why he employed a world class manager and then gave him no player revenue, wonder why 52 thousand turn up every week to watch [email protected] football!!! List is endless really but I need to go to bed now goodnight!! Ps If you really like throwing money away give it to the homeless!!

          • Ba ba.

            I agree and I wish he was dead… But the fact people attend is not the reason he’s staying is it you know that deep down… Tell me when he’s gone and he will go whether it’s tomorrow or in ten years and you super fans/martyrs who have stayed away apparently because of Ashley come back where will you sit….?… There’s 52 thousand of us mugsas you put it going now and seeming another 20 thousand boycotting…. Will we have to move to a new stadium?
            I’ve sat through bad times average crowds 18k…you know 80s early 90s when we averaged 18k… The days before it became sexy… I’ve seen die hard lads not being able to get in because you had to buy a season ticket to get in when all of a sudden an extra 20 k wanted to be black and white daft….. I suspect many of these “I’m not ganning until fatty is gone” fans are the same who knocked off in the 80s and returned in the sexy Premier league years….. Not saying its you but that’s the feeling among the lads and lasses going now, thick and thin support the team christ they need us now more than ever.
            Thing is you constantly hear the stay aways having a go at season tickets holders but how do you tell somone like my Dad at 82 you have to stop now because some tool on twatter says you have to.. Maybe instead of posting derogatory remarks about fans attending you and your “stay away” pals should take direct action… Demonstrate, create picket lines before the match, talk to fans in the bars and clubs convince them not to go be proactive instead of hiding behind a keyboard.
            We all know Ashley is to blame and the running of his club is nothing short of criminal but I think you miss my point if people want to attend its there right like in life itself you should not be dictated to by other people….

          • GlasgowMag

            I’m glad you agree and I am not dictating to anyone but guys like yourself are part of the problem. If you really want to get rid of this Leach then the only way in my opinion is empty stadiums. TV money is what runs the
            premiership and this is certainly the tool to hit him where it hurts. Live TV game St James Park empty, Sky or BT would go ballistic because it would effect their brand as nobody likes watching football with no atmosphere. All the bad publicity would also effect his other love SD so until this happens he will be here forever!! My dad is now deceased but no way in the world he would put up with this [email protected] he would be the first to join the picket lines as you have mentioned above. To also answer your question yes I have been in attendance this season at the demonstrations but what I cannot understand is the thousands that just walk by as if everything fine as if they couldn’t give a [email protected]!! Then there is the atmosphere inside the stadium ok the players or up against it because of lack of investment but most of you guys don’t even [email protected] sing
            anymore sometimes it’s like being in a morgue!! So go if you want but also like wise don’t have a go at the guys and girls who have decided enough is enough and are willing to do something about it other than sit on your season ticket pedestal and not even put up a whimper against this workhouse owner!!

          • Ba ba.

            I’ve never had a go at the fans who protest never… And I was shot down on here for wanting more direct action like West ham fans attacking the owners and pitch invasions….. I’d love nothing more than a few thousand of us on the pitch stopping the game…belive me I’ve been in plenty of bother over the years because of Newcastle United… I’d gladly take a lifetime ban if I could rid us of this cancer.
            Your no more a better fan than me for staying away and I’m no better for going… You just need to stop blaming fans attending… They won’t stop its pointless going on at then/us.

    • Ba ba.

      Oh I complained I’ve complained the whole 31 years I’ve sat in the east stand…. I’ve heard fans complain the keegan era and sbr era that’s what fans tend to do.. … I hate Ashley with a passion but he’s not stopping me doing something me my family and mates have done for generations . I did boycott the wolves game so I do feel I’ve done a litgle bit.
      What you have to accept is we the fans who attend don’t constantly have a go at the stay aways… Its your choice and I and many others accept that choice so can we just ease off the lads and lasses who still gan… 👍

      • GlasgowMag

        Your choice if you want to waste your money but this no comparison to the Keegan or SBR era!! In those eras at least we had a regime that invested in the team so we actually had a chance to compete on the field. It used to give me a sense of pride that we used to fill the stadium every week despite in my generation never actually winning anything but these days it now fills me with a sense of embarrassment!! I could go on forever explaining why you should not be financing this asset stripping leach but I will be probably wasting my breath!!

        • Ba ba.

          No carry on I’m all ears….. 👍
          Convince me and the other 50k plus fans who attend that it’s all our fault.

          • Toontaff

            I’m going to hide behind your BIG ears!

          • Ba ba.

            Really is that it… Hilarious stuff mate.

          • Toontaff

            It’s the way FCB operates – divide and conquer. I’m still going, but Jesus it’s hard watching that! Hence the hide quip!

          • Ba ba.

            I hate the fat c😔nt

    • Ba ba.

      Not the millions he gets off sky.and the free advertising . Damm those pesky fans Damm them all….

    • We’ll support you evermore

      I don’t complain and never have on here. Don’t care what you or anyone else says on here no one or nothing will stop me from going to the match whatever division manager owner players🖕

    • nufcslf

      Too f**king true.

  • Superdooperhooper

    Come on realist I said rafa would play a scratch side against Blackburn. You said I was talking nonsense. Reply please

  • Natturner26

    To be honest it isn’t Ashley’s fault we can’t beat Blackburn.

    • Danimal

      Are you sure?

      • Natturner26


    • Steven05

      Yes it is.

    • Dillon Tovak

      Good one 🙄

    • nufcslf

      The team is as sh*t as the club is run. All the fat c**ts fault and nobody else.

  • disqus_XQXm6KjMkq

    It was men vs boys today and the NUFC kids were lucky to survive. Just imagine if this were a Championship game, Rovers would have turned it on and spanked the Mags. So sorry to waste a few hours watching these out of shape, no confidence, and undisciplined lot stagger around on the pitch.

  • Toon

    Unless you have been asleep for 11 years why even bother paying the money to watch our uninspiring, uninterested championship squad go throughthe motions in a game they didn’t want to win or draw? 36,000 NUFC fans need to wake up

    • Toontaff

      Loads of kids went, with parents no doubt trying to encourage future generations of Toon fans – poor kids must be sickened!

      • Colin Brumwell

        I bet the kids went home and phoned Esther Rantzen