Miguel Almiron has for some time being claimed to be the top target for Rafa Benitez in this current transfer window.

With Newcastle United desperate for goals and creativity, the Paraguayan playmaker/number 10 has been constantly linked to Newcastle United.

Only rock bottom Huddersfield have scored less than NUFC’s pitiful 15 Premier League goals in 21 matches.

If any deal for Miguel Almiron was going to happen, most Newcastle fans assumed it would happen at the very start of January, especially as the claimed interest is now months old.

This is especially the case with Newcastle deep in relegation trouble and needing any new signings in as soon as possible to give them the maximum chance of playing enough games to positively help the situation.

With not a single player bought in January 2017 or January 2018 and Rafa Benitez limited to no more than £10m on any buy since promotion, buying Miguel Almiron sounded even more like fantasy.

Only for the Atlanta United President to then respond to claims that a loan deal with eventual £15m fee to be paid by Newcastle had been agreed, by stating the MLS club was looking for at least £24m for their star player.

Tuesday has now seen BT Sport quoting the Press Association, who say their information is that there are two more big ‘stumbling blacks’.

These being the fees that would be payable to agents, as well as Miguel Almiron himself allegedly asking for over £100,000 per week in wages.

The report adds that ‘sources’ on Tyneside have described the agent/player demands as ‘astronomical’.

I’m guessing that the vast majority of Newcastle fans will instantly assume that this story has come from Mike Ashley’s people.

Yet another PR move to try and make the failure to buy the quality of signings Newcastle need, down to greedy players rather than a refusal of Mike Ashley to back his manager.

Miguel Almiron turns 25 years old in February, is in his prime, is a very exciting player who as scored and made goals for fun in the MLS to be arguably the hottest property in their league, so with the transfer market these days, surely we all knew the finances of any deal would be more than for any player Newcastle currently have.

Jonjo Shelvey cost £13m three years ago and as been regularly and widely reported to be Newcastle’s top wage earner on £80,000 per week.

So if Newcastle were going to buy Almiron for £24m or more, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that his wages would be in line with that, a lot higher than Shelvey.

When the likes of Fulham, Bournemouth and others are spending £25m on single players, does anybody really think they will be on the same money as the bargain basement signings Rafa has been forced to make, such as £5m Joselu, £4m Manquillo and £6m Atsu???

It is funny how Mike Ashley is able to sell players such as Carroll, Cabaye, Wijnaldum, Sissoko and Mitrovic for £20m-£35m and yet it suddenly becomes ‘astronomical’ money when it comes to the idea of Newcastle paying that kind of money and commensurate wages for anybody.

  • mactoon

    The players club stated they wanted north of £24 million so this was always a non starter yet it is being reported again and again and again.

    and again

  • Kenny

    More Fake News, he was never, ever coming to Newcastle.

  • Tweed Mag

    Talk of signing him was just another diversion.

    • Shipcote Willy

      Spot on Tweed Mag. KB will have this planned out well in advance. He will have the sale falling through stuff ready to go now.

  • Paul Patterson

    His wages are irrelevant as to get as far as that stage, you have to agree a fee with the club, which won’t happen.

    This is the same regime that, when asked by Kevin Keegan to go and sign Sammy Hyypia in 2008 for £2m and £40k a week, bid £1m to stop the deal taking place.

    Fast forward 10 years and it’s still going on . .

    • Leazes.

      No they aren’t irrelevant ……there’s a cap in place that Ashley hasn’t told Rafa about.

      • Paul Patterson

        I agree, but what was happening to KK is still happening.
        They might as well forget about personal terms as they have no intention of doing the deal ..

        • Leazes.

          Still controlling the ‘Head Coaches’ with the finances, but what confuses people is the chronicles insistence on calling them ‘Managers’….. they aren’t….they called Pardew a Manager as well.

          Mark Douglas wrote a book on the basis that Benitez was now the man in control.

          How many players have left the club for more than our record transfer?

          • Paul Patterson

            Cabaye, (£20m) Wijnaldum, (£30m) Carroll, (£35m) Sissoko, (£35m) Mitrovic (£22m).

          • Leazes.

            You see even average players like Mitrovic command figures 50% more than our record 15 years ago…. for £20m you get a lumbering battering ram like Rondon.

      • Danimal

        I don’t believe Ashley will pay a transfer fee for a player ever again, let alone break the record. Sadly, that doesn’t mean I think the vile fat cancer is leaving any time soon.

        • Leazes.

          He’ll have to at some stage….. a club can only have so many loanees.

          • Danimal

            I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t bring in a single player in January, loan or otherwise. Ashley seems happy to watch his investment sink yet again.

          • HarryHype59

            It wouldn’t surprise me if the odious oaf, makes another profit in this window!

          • Jock Mcglock

            Do we have anyone worth owt?

          • HarryHype59

            Darlow and Lascelles could be sold for at least £25m.

  • Leazes.


    I believe the demand.

    If you or the Chronicle had bothered to look at what he was earning in Atlanta then you would have seen it for what it was…. a non starter!

    His wages are published and online…. he’s on about £64k per week with guaranteed bonuses.

    It doesn’t take much time or effort to scurry around the internet and pad out your articles with a few bits of data…. instead of cut-n-paste…


    • Pezza


      • pedrodelgardo

        Ashley was never going to cough up the fee or the wages – the target is 17th on the lowest possible spend – why would he?

        • Pezza

          If there is a sell in value and he can keep us up, of course he’ll pay.

          • arsmagic

            Never ever going to happen,cashley still on his hols and penfold not allowed contact him till he is back next week. Be ready for a list of lame excuses from PR and the compliant media outlets

          • Wezza

            I wish remenber where but a website compiled every club statement in past windows and the excuses are pathetic

          • Jewell Ahmed

            Almiron ticks both boxes, so why isn’t Ashley paying?

          • Pezza

            Hmm, he is costing £5.9m a year, he’s un-tested even at Championship level, we don’t know he’ll keep us up and his wage alone will take up 15% of the parachute payments and if he doesn’t help keep us up, he’s unsaleable costing £6m a yr.

            A loan with option to buy, however, to is boxes.

          • Jewell Ahmed

            He was proven in the Argentinian league and is easily the best player in the MSL. We don’t know he’ll keep us up, but the same could be said about anyone. Hell, we could sign Messi and Ronaldo, and there’s no guarantee they’d keep us up.

            I’m not saying Almiron is the answer either way, but it highlights this regimes blatant refusal to invest properly and to do everything on the cheap. No ambition whatsoever and clowns like you lap it up.

          • Pezza

            Not really the same legel

          • Jewell Ahmed

            How come everybody can sign players but we can’t? Is it only us that is bound by the FFP rules? This is what I don’t get. Do Bournemouth have a bigger income than us? What about Huddersfield and Watford?

            And by the way, Almiron was just an example as he’s the one people are banging on about. Like you I’d rather we get someone from Europe for that money, but the fact remains, the regime won’t spend it no matter where the player is from.

          • Pezza

            There is an

    • simonjames60

      MLS site says he’s on approx 29K a week

      • Pezza

        Facts getting in the way of Leazes’ lies

  • DZA

    Bishop lies to not sign anyone?

  • Kenny

    Pro soccer USA is reporting that the deal is dead. more reliable than the chron

    • Leicester Mag

      Difficult to think a way to benchmark the Chronic they set the bar lower than a limbo dancing dwarf

  • Mr_Kinnear

    This was always a non starter. I expect he did not want to sign for a club in decline.

  • Steve Smith

    The new Bas Dost. We’ll be linked with him every few months for the next 5 years.

    • csh

      We’ll always have Charlie Austin and Andy Carrol as backup too…

      • Peaky

        Pepe Reina must be due an airing…

        • Squintytoonarmy

          Sami Hyppia

  • Toontaff

    I can smell something……………..bulls……………poop………….

  • East Durham Mag

    Who could have guessed?

  • HarryHype59


  • 5floorshigh

    think we need one of them voting type poll things for ‘most pointless article of the week’…

  • Leicester Mag

    Of course 40/50K a week for a load of 🐎💩 makes so much more sense.

  • Shipcote Willy

    ‘Astronomical’ wages. I wonder who leaked that? Anyone believing Ashley would spend £20m+ on a player needs to urgently visit their doctor. The signing we really need is the odious owner signing over the club to someone interested in football but like all our hopes it will be dashed and he will still be here this time next year.

  • robbersdog

    Ashley will pay a transfer fee of £24m, the agent a few million quid and
    the player a salary of a hundred grand a week when pigs fly, hell
    freezes over and the queen is photographed in Ann Summers buying a giant vibrator.

    • pedrodelgardo

      That isn’t a vibrator mate – it’s my thermos flask.

  • Carl Marks

    Am I the only person that’s fed up with waiting for a concerted “Ashley backlash” to happen??
    A backlash that lasts longer than five minutes and sustained!!!

    • Mr_Kinnear

      It’s clearly not going to happen. Wait for the attendance of the first home game after end Jan. That will tell you all you need to know.

      • Carl Marks

        Based on past evidence,
        I can’t see the volume of supporters,that are needed to boycott matches,in order to send an emphatic message to £$hl€y changing – I hope they prove me wrong!!

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    We were never going to buy this player, not with a zero transfer budget. More smoke and mirrors by Bishop.

  • Blackburn1066

    More rubbish.

  • FatParosite

    I wonder whether this report is from Bishop’s lappy…??

  • KennyS

    Wish this fek!n season was over already … Rafa doesn’t sign means no players bought.

  • Wezza

    “£100,000 a week”

    That’s us priced out for sure!
    Then again we aren’t getting anyone in!

  • Carl Marks

    “Astronomical” is club hierarchy speak,for anything over twenty seven pence,per annum.
    Another day – another embarrassing lack of class,by the club hierarchy/vultures.