Watching Newcastle United, it isn’t for the faint-hearted these days.

I’m not sure whether it is worse to be going to the matches or looking from afar if you live away.

At least if you are still going to games you are having the pre and post-match pub time with friends, whereas if you are watching this shambles from afar, it must take some dedication to think right I’m going to sit all the way through this torture no matter what, rather than simply switching it off and having a normal life.

It is just absolute rubbish watching Newcastle United under Mike Ashley. All clubs might go through a tough period when you just have to get through a particular season and then regroup but this isn’t what we have at NUFC, it just feels like permanently hanging from a cliff with no chance of the situation improving, it is just a case of when, not if, you eventually lose your grip and fall onto the rocks below.

When it comes to individuals on the pitch then I blame no one really. Like the rest of you I will have a moan when something goes wrong and there are players who even in this desperate squad I wonder how Rafa keeps picking them – but it isn’t as though we have brilliant players who are being overlooked.

The lack of quality throughout the team is frightening. When a player does anything remotely decent our eternal optimists pounce on it as a reason for hope.

However, the simple truth is that whilst most of the Newcastle players have something about them, it isn’t nowhere near enough for what is needed.

The whole match David de Gea didn’t have a save to make, the stats show three NUFC shots on target but these were passbacks from Atsu (x2) and Shelvey. Remember, before Wednesday night only one club outside the bottom five had conceded more than Man Utd and their defence went into total panic even when the ball was simply played over the top and Rondon was vastly outnumbered

Atsu looked quite bright again but can’t shoot or cross the ball, not good news when he looked our best attacking threat last night. He quite literally can’t cross the ball at head height 90% of the time, he struggles to get it off the ground, whilst in terms of goals, he turns 27 next Thursday and has only scored two Premier League goals in his entire career.

Salomon Rondon has done ok for us but it is hardly a sign of a glittering career ahead at St James Park.when Rafa wasn’t even allowed to buy him, so our only half-decent striker is only on loan and turns 30 in September.

The Premier League table always looked a bit false going into Christmas as our ‘easy’ run of games ended and we had eight games to play which included five of the ‘big six’ as well as Watford and Wolves away, after which there will be only 12 games to go.

This tough schedule starting at the same time as there are loads of fixtures involving teams at he bottom playing each other. You then get the added knife in the ribs of relegation threatened clubs pulling off surprise wins, such as Palace winning at Man City and Wolves, Southampton beating Arsenal, Cardiff winning at Leicester and so on.

Many people claimed Rafa Benitez was going way overboard with his claims of it being a ‘miracle’ if Newcastle stay up but that is the truth. Huddersfield are useless and already down but which other team/squad is worse than Newcastle? Even at Huddersfield Rafa felt he had to play ultra defensively and luckily two moments of quality were enough to produce a winning goal, whilst if the home side had had any kind of quality up front Newcastle would have lost.

These last 10 Premier League matches, apart from Salomon Rondon scoring (five), there have been only two other Newcastle players to have scored (Perez and Clark), the only other goal in this period an own goal by Mee at Burnley. Remember as well that this run of games was mainly in our ‘easy’ run of matches.

Our plan is simply to defend all game and hope Rondon puts away the one decent chance that comes his way. Without his goals I think we would be like Huddersfield, down already.

Newcastle are now suddenly only two points above the relegation zone as you can see in this updated Premier League table:

newcastle united

There looks to be no imminent takeover of the club and certainly no imminent money to be made available for two or thee better players who might help Rafa and his squad.

The run of Premier League games until mid February is Chelsea (A), Cardiff (H), Man City (H), Spurs (A) and Wolves (A).  I 100% think that Newcastle need to beat Cardiff to stand any chance of not being adrift by a fair few points come mid-February.

A couple of quality creative and/or goalscoring signings could do wonders in changing this outlook and enable Newcastle to have a threat in most games remaining but that isn’t going to happen.

Looking at last night’s team, Diame and Hayden are never ever going to score, Ritchie rarely will, Atsu and Perez never look likely. With Ritchie playing as an extra defender it meant we had a front five (Diame, Hayden, Rondon, Atsu, Perez) that cost less than £18m. Do the maths.

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle United 0 Manchester United 2

Goals: Lukaku 64, Rashford 80

Possession was Man Utd 65% Newcastle 35%

Total shots were  Man Utd 16 Newcastle 14

Shots on target were Man Utd 7 Newcastle 3

Corners were  Man Utd 2 Newcastle United 1

Referee: Andre Marriner

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Schar (Muto 81), Lascelles, Dummett, Ritchie, Hayden, Diame (Shelvey 53), Perez (Kenedy 69), Atsu, Rondon

Unused Subs:

Woodman, Joselu, Manquillo, Lejeune

Crowd: 52,217 (3,000 Man Utd)

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  • Paul Patterson

    Man United didn’t have to be that good. When you can call upon Sanchez, Lukaku and Lingard from the bench you know you’re unlikely to get a result . .

  • South toon

    Can’t argue with that!
    I think the Fulham match is our decent into the championship, as we couldn’t even get a shot on target let alone beat them at home!
    Great effort last night but simply not good enough….what can you do when they bring on Lukaku and Sanchez that cost more than our team.
    But fair play to the lads for the effort

  • archiedog79

    I think it’s just malice with Ashley now. Even in his own perverted mind it makes no sense to run a business as he does. He both doesn’t care and hates the fans and club, and I think he’s prepared to take the hit to hurt everyone who he sees as having scorned him. He’ll liquidate us anyway so he couldn’t care less which league we play in

    • Wezza

      Yeah its pure maleovance by design. I couldn’t understand for ages people said FCB was incompetent! This has been the plan for years!

  • Dillon Tovak

    I agree Man U weren’t particularly good, they were there for the taking if we actually had any good players to punish them.
    Rondon is clearly a decent player and in the old days of two up top, with a Bellamy type around him he’d be a very dangerous premier league player.
    We have too many players that look like they’d be ok in a top team, like Diame when breaking up play, Kenedy’s technical ability, Shelveys passing range, Jamaals strength, Yedlins speed.
    But not enough all rounders, not enough players that are inarguably solid premier league players. Our players are fallible and have weaknesses that aren’t hard to spot or take advantage of.
    Even just £60m spent wisely could transform this team in vital areas, but why would Fat Mike do that? It wouldn’t get champions league football, so we might as well just finish 17th.
    Happy new year 🥳

    • Paul Patterson

      That’s the thing. I would argue further that just £40m would have made a massive difference . .

    • Sickandtired

      ManU were terrible and there for the taking by any side which can actually play football. See my comment above.
      Diame remains and enigma – he puts a shift in breaking up play, then immediately gives the ball away if he wins it. Every time.
      Kenedy once again doing nothing, at all, other than some attempted pretty turns.
      Yedlin runs fast and achieves little else.
      Hayden lost possession and gifted them goal 2 after also being largely skill-less.
      Lascelles seems utterly clueless since his return.
      Perez is a powder puff waste of a shirt.
      Ritchie unable to put a single decent cross into the box.

  • X2

    I don’t see the point of this article. What’s new?

    • X2

      Although the stats on Atsu were interesting. And a bit funny.

  • Wezza

    Everyone’s talking about Shelvey on Pigba – yes which was bad but they don’t make mention Pogba’s other challenges on Shelvey!!

  • Marcus Wilson

    I do live away. I do watch/stream. I don’t switch off. It is painful. But me and my son (he wasn’t even born in Newcastle, but he’s black and white) watch until the end. But I feel sorry for the 50+ thousand of you. Good on you. But, time to stay away now. Sad as it is, but it’s the only message that will get through.

  • Sickandtired

    Face the facts. We have a team of so called football professionals who can’t even seem to be able to do the most basic of football actions.
    Pass to each other. Cross the ball. Keep the ball.