There are two things we can be sure about with Manchester United fans.

They are happy that Jose Mourinho has left, as well as being impressed with life under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, so far.

It is three games and three wins, scoring 12 goals as Bournemouth, Cardiff and Huddersfield have all been comfortably dispatched.

Ahead of facing  Newcastle United though, there are splits that emerge in terms of how they see this latest challenge under the new boss.

Many Manchester United are simply wondering just how many goals their more attacking style will beat Newcastle by, whilst others do have words of warning and aren’t getting too carried away just yet.

There is an acceptance that Newcastle away is probably Solskjaer’s toughest test so far and they pick up on two big worries, the Man Utd defence and the threat of Salomon Rondon.

Despite comfortable victories, these last three wins have seen Man Utd concede in each, whilst only one club outside the bottom five have conceded more goals than them.

As for Rondon, he is looking better and better and at the same time, looks Newcastle’s only real threat.

The last nine Premier League matches have seen Newcastle score eight goals, Rondon with five and Clark and Perez the only other two NUFC players to score, Mee with an own goal when we beat Burnley.

Rather bizarrely, some Manchester United fans think Newcastle raise their game against them rather than the top four sides, such as Liverpool. It is claimed Newcastle threw the Liverpool game a week ago by leaving out the likes of Rondon, ignoring the reality that Rafa felt he had to rest his only decent striker so that he was 100% for Watford where Newcastle stood a cance of getting something – a quality Rondon goal followed that earned one point and it should have been three.

Obviously though, we would ‘love it’ if Newcastle United beat Man Utd tonight.

Manchester United fans commenting on their top Red Cafe message board:

Newcastle are dire though they are always up for it v us and we’ve made a right mess of our last few visits there. Have to win though and we will.’

‘Imagine how grim this fixture would have been if it was Mourinho versus Benitez? would have been beyond awful.

It feels great that we can look forward to football again.’

‘Absolutely buzzing for this. Such a great feeling to be looking forward to games again. Tough place to go but if we play like we have been we’ll score goals.’

‘Another different test and arguably a tougher one given the benitez defence factor and being away from home.

It’s another we need to pass if we’re serious though and I think we will, we’ll bounce into the spurs game off a stack of wins and then it gets real.’

‘Rondon is going to have a fun time against our defenders.. But if our attackers turn up, we should easily outscore them.’

‘These Geordies always have a tendency to turn up against us especially at St James’ Park.

If we play the same way we have done then we will get the win. Confidence is sky high at the club which is great to see.’

‘Should be another 1-3 or 1-4 win.’

‘I actually think we’ll lose this one, which will act as a bit of a reality check. 2-1, Rondon, Ritchie and Martial scoring.’

‘Get out!’

‘Rondon is going to have a field day against our pussies at CB.’

‘Let’s extend the sentence “It’s only Cardiff, Huddersfield and Bournemouth” by adding Newcastle into the mix.’

‘First real test for Ole. I think we’ll struggle particularly with Newcastle having an extra day’s rest. Probably a draw.’

Benitez will duly park the bus. It’ll be a challenge to break them down and at the same time not get done on the counter.’

‘Newcastle are the 2nd worst home side in the league this year. have dropped 23 points out of 30, -8 GD. Worst is Huddersfield with 25 points dropped at home

Have won 1 in their last 7. 1-0 away to Huddersfield.’

‘Got to get control and score early to calm that irritating ground down.’

‘This will be Solskjaer’s biggest test so far, trying to break down the Rafabus and not getting caught on the counter.’

‘Newcastle goal difference -12, I think we should be looking to increase that, substantially.’

‘We should win but the defence is a worry even against Newcastle.’

‘Rondon will eat Lindelöf alive. At least Bailly won’t be there.’

‘Absolutely hate Newcastle. Hope they get relegated soon. To them every game against United is a cup final. They will step up against us and bend over for other teams.’

‘I’m up in the North East and if I survive New Years Eve i’m going to this, and to be honest i’m more concerned about getting the last no.47 bus back into deepest darkest Gateshead after the match and keeping my gob shut, than the match itself.

Comfortable 0-2 or 1-3 win.’

‘We’ll win by 6 goals.’

‘Isn’t it nice knowing that we have a game against a team like Newcastle and expecting that we will at least try to kick their teeth in rather than expecting to go 1-0 before losing interest for the rest of the game and conceding a sloppy late goal.’

‘Newcastle are atrocious we should be winning this but they’ll play defensive so we may have to be patient.’

‘I’d like to see Mata start ahead of Lingard for this one as I feel his passing in the final third will be important in unlocking their defence. I think Fellaini instead of Matic could also be helpful in dealing with their direct long balls to Rondon.’

‘We concede from set pieces and we are reckless at the back, quite often playing suicidal football. Newcastle will look to exploit that. We should be improving in that area as best we can with the players we have, but for now let’s let it be what it is and hit them immediately with our lethal, fast football.’

‘Hope Fellaini starts to deal with their aerial bombing . I have no confidence in our defence to deal with Rondon.’

‘For those worrying about Rondon he’s only scored 5 goals this season.’

‘This will be a test because Rafa don’t like no Man United. BUT WE WIN.’

‘Make no mistake, they will be up for it.’

‘Another bunch of Game Raising C’s.

2 -2.’

‘That prick Benitez threw the game v the Scousers last week with his team selection and tactics but he’ll have them primed for us on Wednesday no doubt, the absolute weapon.’

‘Have a feeling our players will be up for this. Newcastle was the game where Pogba and Jose first had their major spat and was the turning point of our season last year. I think we will want to smash them.’

‘Newcastle have the 19th poorest home record in the league this season – only Huddersfield are worse and by two points – so we need to be getting at them from the off. For all the talk of Rafas defensive nous, they’ve been awful at the back this season.’

‘Seems like Newcastle have been using 5 at the back recently. Has Ritchie been playing at wing back? Surely thats a massive weakness if we manage to overload his side.’

  • South toon

    Last season I thought we’d beat them and we did, but I really have no idea what’s going to happen tonight, if we play like we did against Watford than it can go either way,but if the team that played Fulham turn up then our goal difference will take a battering……apart from our defense, Ritchie and Atsu (If he gets the nod over Kennedy, witch he NEEDS to) need to be on there game suplying Rondon on the counter!
    HWTL 💪👍

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Yeah keep ya mouth shut Manc on the last 47 bus…or I will fill it for you.

      • South toon


      • Wor Lass

        What you going to fill it with?

        • Kev Newcastle England

          My fist….IF he mouths off.

  • WildBill

    Good to hear Rafa ‘threw’ the game at Anfield last week. I thought for a minute Liverpool were better than us. Stand corrected. 👍👍

    • Kneebotherm8


  • Brian Standen

    Most irritating club in the UK, with the most over hyped fan base!
    FACT : they rarely sell out home games despite having the support of the world jetting in week in week out!
    Nothing to fear here!

    • We’ll support you evermore

      There away fanbase back in the Alex Ferguson days tbh was decent, they always had the good numbers when travelling away. Still do now for away following but totally different type of fan these days. They had some edge to them back then but not now. There away ticketing system is a stringent one aswell. Sure they have to collect tickets on the day of the game and show id, If caught selling them on 3 year suspension from home and away games. The times have changed and your proper fans at some club’s have dispersed unfortunately.

      • Brian Standen

        Had decent away fan base in 70s and 80s with definite edge
        Times have changed mostly for the better I guess

        • We’ll support you evermore

          Mostly for the worse imo, it’s the days of half and half scarves, pizza & popcorn now.

    • Wezza

      I really despise their foul mouthed fans. Will love it if we beat them but this is FCBs under invested NUFC.

  • Themoscow72

    Can we have the penalty we should have got at Old Trafford to even things up.
    Need to behind the team tonight from start to finish to get a win. Lets hope Perez gets a couple.

    • Brian Standen

      Not sure about Perez at the moment but needs our support, be good if the crowd is up for it tonight

    • Kenny

      He`ll get the match ball Monk

    • Wezza

      We won’t win Monk and it will have nothing to do with penalty decisions. Want to know why?
      Your mate Mike.
      You know fine well he pulls the strings and decides whether or not we go for a player or not. You call yourself a super fan yet won’t criticise the FCB for not allowing the club to spend its own money. You’re a troll.

  • Kenny

    Only trouble over the years i`ve had with fans are this bunch of scumbags & Chelsea. i`d kick the schitt out of them at the drop of a hat and i`d tell Slomo to clatter Bogpa within 30 seconds of KO

    • Peaky

      😂🤣😂 When I had my season ticket it was Leicester fans I had problems with….right bunch of single celled knackers…

    • Ba ba.

      Had a couple of run ins with man u fans… Bittersweet gets

  • Paul Cannell

    All together now…who the fxxx are man united

  • Ba ba.

    It’s decking cold tonight

  • Toontaff

    Deepest darkest Gatesheed = Monkseaton????????????